Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Dakota Fanning, Damian Lewis, James Marsden, Emile Hirsch, Timothy Olyphant, Bruce Dern, Al Pacino, Tim Roth, Kurt Russell, Luke Perry, Scoot McNairy, Lena Dunham, Rumer Willis, Mike Moh



Crime comedy drama written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The story is set in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969, and focuses on TV actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), who’s had one hit western series and is looking for a way to get into the film business. His sidekick and stunt double Cliff Booth (Pitt), is also looking for the same thing. The horrific murder of Rick’s neighbor, Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), and four of her friends by Charles Manson’s cult of followers, serves as a backdrop as Rick and Cliff embark on an odyssey to make a name for themselves in a Hollywood that they don’t recognize anymore.



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[interviewing Rick and Cliff in the set of Rick’s TV show]
Allen Kincade: Hello, everybody. This is Allen Kincade on the set of the exciting hit NBC and Screen Gems television series, Bounty Law. Now, if you think you’re seeing double, don’t adjust your television sets because, well, in a way, you are. To my right is Bounty Law series lead and Jake Cahill himself, Rick Dalton. And to my left is Rick’s stunt double, Cliff Booth.
[turns to the men]
Allen Kincade: Welcome, gentlemen and thanks for taking the time to visit with us.
Rick Dalton: Well, it’s our pleasure, Al.
Allen Kincade: So, Rick, uh, explain to the audience exactly what it is a stunt double does.
Rick Dalton: Well, actors are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff. Say, Jake Cahill gets shot off his horse. Now, can I fall off a horse? Yes, I can. Yes, I have.
[the three men laugh]
Rick Dalton: But say I fall off wrong and I sprain my wrist, or I twist my ankle. Now, that can put an undue burden on production because now maybe I can’t work for a week. So, Cliff here is meant to help carry the load.
Allen Kincade: Is that, uh, how you’d describe your job, Cliff?
Cliff Booth: What, carrying his load? Yeah, that’s about right.
[Allen laughs]
Allen Kincade: Join me next week on the set of The Dick Van Dyke Show where I’ll be talking to those comical cut-ups Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie. Till then, this is Allen Kincade signing off from Hollywood.


[Rick meets producer Marvin Schwarz]
Marvin Schwarzs: Well, since I just finished watching a Rick Dalton f*cking film festival, I think I know who you are. Put it there.
[they shake hands]
Rick Dalton: Well, it’s my pleasure, Mr. Schwartz, and thank you for taking an interest.
Marvin Schwarzs: Schwarz not Schwartz.
Rick Dalton: Goddammit to hell. I’m sorry about that. My pleasure, Mr. Schwarz.
Marvin Schwarzs: Call me Marvin.
Rick Dalton: Marvin, call me Rick.


[referring to Cliff, who’s sitting at the bar]
Marvin Schwarzs: Oh, that your son?
Rick Dalton: My son.
[they both laugh]
Rick Dalton: No, that’s my stunt double. Cliff Booth, yeah.
Marvin Schwarzs: [to Cliff] Good to meet you.
[Cliff and Marvin shake hands]
Rick Dalton: We’ve worked together since the, uh, the last two seasons of Bounty Law. My car’s in the shop. He gave me a ride.
Narrator: [voice over] That’s a big f*cking lie. Rick got his driver’s license taken away for too many drunk driving tickets. Cliff drives him everywhere now.
Marvin Schwarzs: Sounds like a good friend.
Cliff Booth: I try.


[they sit down at the table in the restaurant]
Marvin Schwarzs: I want to send you greetings from my wife, Mary Alice Schwarz.
Rick Dalton: Oh, well, that’s nice. Thanks a lot.
Marvin Schwarzs: We had a Rick Dalton double feature in our screening room last night.
Rick Dalton: Oh, well, that’s both flattering and embarrassing. What did you see?
Marvin Schwarzs: Thirty-five millimeter prints of Tanner and The 14 Fists of McCluskey.


Rick Dalton: I hope the Rick Dalton double feature wasn’t too painful for you and the missus.
Marvin Schwarzs: Oh, no. Painful. Stop. What are you saying? Mary Alice loves Westerns. Our whole courtship, we watched Westerns. And we thoroughly enjoyed them.
Rick Dalton: Oh, that’s nice.
Marvin Schwarzs: Really good. And anyway, she goes to bed. I open up a box of Havanas. I light up. I pour myself a cognac, and I watch The 14 Fists of McCluskey. What a picture. What a picture.
Rick Dalton: Good picture, yeah.
Marvin Schwarzs: Got to be so much fun. All the shooting.
[mimes shooting a machine gun like Rick does in his movie]
Marvin Schwarzs: I love that stuff, you know, the killing.
Rick Dalton: A lot of killing. A lot of killing.


[we see a scene from Rick’s movie, The 14 Fists of McCluskey, as he sneaks up on some N*zi soldiers]
Rick Dalton: Anybody order fried sauerkraut?!
[Rick uses the flamethrower to burn the soldiers]
Rick Dalton: Burn, you N*zi b*stards!


[referring to Rick’s scene in The 14 Fists of McCluskey]
Marvin Schwarzs: That’s you operating the flamethrower, isn’t it?
Rick Dalton: Oh, you bet your sweet *ss it was. Yeah, yeah.
Marvin Schwarzs: It was you?
Rick Dalton: Yeah, let me tell you, that’s one sh*t-f*ck crazy weapon you do not want to be on the wrong side of. Boy, oh, boy. Now, I practiced with that dragon, uh, three hours a day for two weeks. Not just because I wanted to look good in the picture, but because I was sh*t scared of the damn thing, to be honest.


[we see Rick practicing with the flamethrower trainer]
Rick Dalton: Oh, sh*t. Alright, that’s too hot. Anything we could do about that heat?
Flamethrower Trainer: Rick, it’s a flamethrower.
Rick Dalton: Yeah.


Marvin Schwarzs: So, you’ve been doing guest shots on episodic TV shows the last couple of years.
Rick Dalton: Yeah, yeah. Uh, I’m doing a pilot for CBS right now. It’s called Lancer. I play the heavy. I did a Ron Ely Tarzan, and, uh, Land of the Giants, Green Hornet. I did that show Bingo Martin with that kid Scott Brown. And I got a FBI that airs this Sunday.
Marvin Schwarzs: You, uh, you always play the bad guy on these shows?
Rick Dalton: Yeah.
Marvin Schwarzs: And they have a fight scene at the end of them?
Rick Dalton: Well, not Land of the Giants, or FBI, but the rest, yeah.
Marvin Schwarzs: And you lose in the fights?
Rick Dalton: Yeah, of course. I’m the heavy
Marvin Schwarzs: Oh, that’s an old trick pulled by the networks. You take Bingo Martin, for example.
Rick Dalton: Mm-hmm.
Marvin Schwarzs: So you got a new guy like Scott Brown. You want to build up his bona fide. So you hire a guy from a canceled show to play the heavy. Then at the end of the show when they fight, it’s hero besting heavy. But what the audience sees is Bingo Martin whipping Jake Cahill’s *ss. You see? Then next week, it’s Ron Ely. The next week it’s Bob Conrad, wearing his tight pants, kicking your *ss.


Marvin Schwarzs: Now in another couple of years playing punching bag to every swinging d*ck new to the network, it’s going to have a psychological effect on how the audience perceives you.
Rick Dalton: Right.
Marvin Schwarzs: So, Rick, who’s going to kick the sh*t out of you next week? Mannix? The Man from U.N.C.L.E.? The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.? How about Batman and Robin? Ping! Pow! Chum! Zoom! Down goes you. Down goes your career as a leading man. Or do you go to Rome and star in Westerns, and win f*cking fights?


[after Rick’s had his meeting with Marvin and looks upset]
Cliff Booth: Alright, what’s the matter, partner?
Rick Dalton: It’s official, old buddy. I’m a has-been.
Cliff Booth: What are you talking about? What did that guy tell you?
Rick Dalton: Told me the goddamn truth is what he told me.
[Rick starts crying and puts his head on Cliff’s shoulder as he sobs]
Cliff Booth: Woh, woh. Hey.
Rick Dalton: I’m sorry about that. Sorry about that.


[as Rick is crying, Cliff puts his sunglasses on his face]
Cliff Booth: Here, put these on. Don’t cry in front of the Mexicans. What’s gotten you so upset, man?
Rick Dalton: Well, if coming face to face with the failure that is your career ain’t worth crying about, then I don’t know what the f*ck is.
Cliff Booth: Why? That guy in there turn you down?
Rick Dalton: No. He wants to help me get into Italian movies.
Cliff Booth: Well, then what’s the problem?
Rick Dalton: I got to do f*cking Italian goddamn movies! That’s the f*cking problem. F*ck this bullsh*t! Don’t matter whether I cry in public. Nobody remembers so f*ck that, anyway!


[to Cliff after they see Polanski in his car with Sharon drive off]
Rick Dalton: Holy sh*t. That was Polanski. That was Roman Polanski, he’s lived there for a month now. First time I seen him. Holy sh*t.


Rick Dalton: What did I always say? Most important thing in this town is, when you’re making money, you buy a house in town, you don’t rent. Eddie O’Brien taught me that. Hollywood real estate means you live here. You’re not just visiting, not just passing through, you f*cking live here. Here I am, flat on my *ss, and who do I got living next door to me? The director of Rosemary’s f*cking Baby, that’s who. Polanski’s the hottest director in town right now, probably the world! He’s my next door f*cking neighbor. Sh*t. I mean, who knows what can happen? Sh*t, I could be one pool party away from starring in a Polanski movie.
Cliff Booth: So you’re feeling better now?
Rick Dalton: Oh, yeah, yes. Sorry about all that.
Cliff Booth: Give me my glasses back.
Rick Dalton: [playfully] Come get them, f*cker.
[Cliff puts up his fist playfully to punch him]
Rick Dalton: Alright, alright, Audie Murphy, relax! There you go.
[Rick gives the sunglasses back to Cliff]


[learning his lines for his character on the new TV show “Lancer”]
Rick Dalton: Hey, where’s that chili pepper daughter of yours fiddle?
Rick’s Recorded Voice: She’s asleep.
Rick Dalton: Well, wake her the heck up, get her down here with her fiddle and her bow and entertain my guest.
Rick’s Recorded Voice: Si, señor, but please don’t hurt her this time. I beg you.
Rick Dalton: I ain’t going to hurt her. I just want her to play the fiddle. Now, go fetch her and tell her I’ll give her a fat five-dollar gold piece if she’ll play her little chili pepper heart out!


Cliff Booth: Hey! You’re Rick f*cking Dalton. Don’t you forget it.


Sam Wanamaker: Now, Rick, about your hair.
Rick Dalton: What about my hair?
Sam Wanamaker: I want to go with a different hairstyle.
Rick Dalton: Oh, what?
Sam Wanamaker: Something more hippie-ish.
Rick Dalton: Well, you want me to look like a hippie?
Sam Wanamaker: Well, think less hippie, more Hell’s Angel!


Rick Dalton: Say, Sam, Sam, uh, you got me covered up in all this, uh, this junk. Uh, how’s the audience going to know it’s me?
Sam Wanamaker: I hope they don’t.
Rick Dalton: Hmm.
Sam Wanamaker: I don’t want them to see Jake Cahill. I want them to see Caleb! I hired you to be an actor, Rick, not a TV cowboy. You’re better than that.


Cliff Booth: Hey, Randy.
Randy: Cliff. So you’re still with Rick.
Cliff Booth: Still here.
[referring to Rick, pointing to the trailer]
Randy: He in there?
Cliff Booth: Yeah, just knock.


[referring to Cliff]
Rick Dalton: Just look, just put him in the wardrobe, alright? What’s it going to hurt? Then if you need him, you got him, alright?
Randy: Then I got to have a conversation with that wardrobe assistant, and, man, she’s a f*cking b*tch. I just don’t…
Rick Dalton: Look, look, Randy, I’m asking you to help me out, man. If the answer’s no, the answer’s no. Not no with excuses.
Randy: Hey, man, this ain’t a f*cking Andy McLaglen picture, you know? And I can’t afford to hire a bunch of guys who smoke cigarettes and sit around talking to each other all day, on the chance that I might use them. I got a four man team here, Rick. If I need more than that, I got to get it approved. And, you know, I got to look after my dudes.
Rick Dalton: Hey, and if your dudes were a better match for me, I’d say, “Okay, you got me.” But that’s not the case, and you know it. He’s a great f*cking match for me.
Randy: Yeah, yeah. I know.
Rick Dalton: Hey, you could do anything you want to him. Sh*t, throw him off a building, right? Light him on fire. Hit him with a Lincoln, right? Get creative. Do whatever you want. He’s just happy for the opportunity.


[referring to Cliff]
Randy: Rick?
Rick Dalton: Yeah.
Randy: I don’t dig him. And I don’t dig the vibe that he brings on a set.
Rick Dalton: What, is there some old beef between you two?
Randy: Come on, man.
Rick Dalton: What?
Randy: The dude killed his f*cking wife.
Rick Dalton: Oh, come on, man. You don’t believe that old sh*t, do you?
Randy: Yes, Rick, I do. And I work with my wife, and she believes it. She doesn’t want his creepy *ss around.


Cliff Booth: My name’s Cliff. I’m Rick Dalton’s stunt double.
Bruce Lee: Stuntman?
Cliff Booth: Yeah.
Bruce Lee: You know, you’re kind of pretty for a stuntman.
Cliff Booth: That’s what they tell me.


Bruce Lee: So, did I say something funny, stuntman?
Cliff Booth: Yeah, you kind of did.
Bruce Lee: What’s so funny?
Cliff Booth: Look, man, I don’t want any trouble. I’m just here to do a job.
Bruce Lee: But you’re laughing at what I’m saying, but I’m not saying anything funny. So, what do you think is so funny?
Cliff Booth: What I think is, you’re a little man with a big mouth and a big chip. And I think you should be embarrassed to suggest that you’d be anything more than a stain on the seat of Cassius Clay’s trunks.
Bruce Lee: Brother, you’re the one with the big mouth. And I would really enjoy closing it, especially in front of all my friends.


Bruce Lee: But my hands are registered as lethal weapons. That means we get into a fight, I accidentally kill you, I go to jail.
Cliff Booth: Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. It’s called manslaughter. I think all that lethal weapon horsesh*t is just an excuse so you dancers never have to get in a real fight.
Bruce Lee: Okay. How about a friendly contest? No punching in the face. Two out of three. Who puts who on the ground first. Nobody tries to hurt nobody, just who ends up on their butt.
Cliff Booth: That’s a great idea, Kato.


[as he’s preparing to fight Cliff]
Back Lot Crew Member: You know, Bruce, that guy’s kind of famous.
Bruce Lee: That guy? For what?
Back Lot Crew Member: Killed his wife and got away with it.
Bruce Lee: That guy?
Back Lot Crew Member: That guy.


Randy: Hey! What’s up, babe?
Janet: What’s up, Randy, is that your loser a**hole, wife killing, buddy boy here, was beating the sh*t out of Bruce!
Randy: What?
Cliff Booth: Hey, Randy.
Randy: Cliff! What the f*ck, man?
Bruce Lee: Let me just say, nobody beat the sh*t out of Bruce. It was a friendly contest. He barely touched me.
Cliff Booth: I think that dent in the car says something different.
Janet: Oh, my God! What the f*ck did you do to my car?
Randy: What the f*ck did you do to her car?
Cliff Booth: Well, I threw this little prick into it, but I did not know it was her car.
Janet: Get the wardrobe off, get your sh*t, and get f*cked!
Randy: Janet!
Janet: What?
Randy: I will handle this.
Janet: Then, f*cking handle it, Randy!
Randy: Cliff, get the wardrobe off, get your sh*t, and get off the lot.


[at the theater ticket booth]
Sharon Tate: One, please.
Bruin Box Office Girl: Seventy-five cents.
Sharon Tate: What if I’m in the movie?
Bruin Box Office Girl: What do you mean?
Sharon Tate: I mean, I’m in the movie. I’m Sharon Tate.
Bruin Box Office Girl: You’re in this?
Sharon Tate: Mm-hmm. I play Miss Carlson. The klutz.
[pointing to a photo from the movie]
Sharon Tate: That’s me.
Bruin Box Office Girl: But that’s the girl from Valley of the Dolls.
Sharon Tate: Well, that’s me, the girl from Valley of the Dolls.
Bruin Box Office Girl: Really?
Sharon Tate: Really.


Bruin Box Office Girl: Hey, Ruben! Come out here.
[the theater manager comes through]
Bruin Box Office Girl: This is the girl from Valley of the Dolls.
Movie Theater Manager: Patty Duke?
Bruin Box Office Girl: No, the other one.
Movie Theater Manager: The girl from Peyton Place?
Bruin Box Office Girl: No, the other one.
Sharon Tate: The one who ends up doing dirty movies.
Movie Theater Manager: Oh.
Bruin Box Office Girl: She’s in this movie.
Movie Theater Manager: Oh.
Sharon Tate: Sharon Tate.


[saying his line as his character on his new TV show “Lancer”]
Rick Dalton: To my wife and all my sweethearts. May they never meet.


[to himself in his trailer]
Rick Dalton: Dammit, Rick, you screwed up the f*cking lines! You embarrassed yourself like that in front of all those goddamn people!


[to himself]
Rick Dalton: You’re drinking all night. F*cking drinking again, eight goddamn f*cking whiskey sours.
[stars sobbing]
Rick Dalton: F*cking bullsh*t. You’re a f*cking miserable drunk. F*cking remember your f*cking lines. I practiced them! And now I don’t look like I goddamn practiced them!


[to himself]
Rick Dalton: You’re sitting there like a f*cking baboon, “Blah-blah-blah. Duh-duh-duh. Duh-duh-duh-duh.” f*ck! Eight f*cking whiskey sours. I couldn’t stop at f*cking three or four, I have eight?! Why? You’re a f*cking alcoholic, I drink too much! Every f*cking night, huh! Every f*cking night! Every f*cking night! That’s it. That’s f*cking it! That’s f*cking it. You stop drinking right now, alright? Promise yourself you’ll stop f*cking drinking.
[he takes a swig of whisky from his flask, then realizes what he’s doing and throws the flask out of his trailer]
Rick Dalton: Dammit!


[to himself]
Rick Dalton: You’re going to show that f*cking crew. You’re going to show that goddamn Jim Stacy. You’re going to show all of them on that goddamn f*cking set who the f*ck Rick Dalton is, alright?
[looking at himself in the mirror]
Rick Dalton: Let me tell you something. You don’t get these lines right, I’m going to blow your f*cking brains out tonight. Alright? Your brains are going to be splattered all over your goddamn pool. I mean it, m*therf*cker. Get your sh*t together.


[after Cliff picks up Pussycat, who’s hitchhiking to Spahn Ranch]
Pussycat: Are you some old cowboy guy that used to make movies there?
Cliff Booth: Woh!
Pussycat: What?
Cliff Booth: I’m surprised how accurate that description of me really is. Some old cowboy guy who used to shoot movies at Spahn Ranch.
Pussycat: You used to make Westerns at the ranch back in the old timey days?
Cliff Booth: Well, if by the old timey days you mean television eight years ago, yeah.
Pussycat: You an actor?
Cliff Booth: No, I’m a stuntman.
Pussycat: Stuntman. That’s way better.
Cliff Booth: Why is that way better?
Pussycat: Actors are phony.
Cliff Booth: Oh.
Pussycat: They just say lines that other people write and pretend to murder people on their stupid TV shows. Meanwhile, real people are being murdered every day in Vietnam.


[as Cliff is driving Pussycat to Spahn Ranch]
Pussycat: Want me to s*ck your c*ck while driving?
[Cliff looks at her and thinks for a moment]
Cliff Booth: How old are you?
Pussycat: What?
Cliff Booth: How old are you?
Pussycat: Wow, man. First time anybody asked that in a long time.
Cliff Booth: What’s the answer?
Pussycat: Okay. You want to play kiddie games? Eighteen. Feel better?
Cliff Booth: You got some ID, you know, like a driver’s license or something?
Pussycat: Are you joking?
Cliff Booth: No, I’m not. I need to see something official to verify that you’re eighteen, which you don’t have, because you’re not.
Pussycat: Talk about a bring down bummer, dude. That’s you.
Cliff Booth: Yeah.
[she lies down and puts her head on his lap as he drives]
Pussycat: Obviously, I’m not too young to f*ck you. But obviously, you are too old to f*ck me.
Cliff Booth: What I’m too old to do is go to jail for poontang. Prison’s trying to get me all my life, they ain’t got me yet. The day it does, it won’t be because of you. No offense.


[after Rick delivers a powerful performance on the set of Lancer]
Trudi: That was the best acting I’ve ever seen in my whole life.
Rick Dalton: Thank you.
[as she walks off, Rick tears up; to himself]
Rick Dalton: Rick f*cking Dalton.


[to Cliff, referring to Manson]
Pussycat: I think Charlie’s really going to dig you.


[after dropping Pussycat off at Spahn Ranch, he visits its owner George Spahn]
Cliff Booth: I’m sorry to disturb you.
George Spahn: Who are you?
Cliff Booth: It’s Cliff Booth. Just stopped in to say hello and see how you’re doing.
George Spahn: John Wilkes Booth?
Cliff Booth: Cliff Booth.
George Spahn: Who’s that?
Cliff Booth: I used to shoot Bounty Law here, George. I was Rick Dalton’s stunt double.
George Spahn: Who?
Cliff Booth: Rick Dalton.
George Spahn: The Dalton brothers.
Cliff Booth: Rick Dalton.
George Spahn: Who’s that?
Cliff Booth: He was the star of Bounty Law.
George Spahn: And who are you?
Cliff Booth: I was Rick’s stunt double.
George Spahn: Rick who?
Cliff Booth: It don’t matter, George. We were colleagues from the past, and I just wanted to make sure you’re doing okay.


George Spahn: I’m not doing okay.
Cliff Booth: What’s the matter?
George Spahn: I can’t see sh*t! Would you call that “the matter”? The man can’t see sh*t, okay?
Cliff Booth: I’m sorry about that. I was told.
George Spahn: Squeaky sent me to bed.
Cliff Booth: Would that be the little redhead out front?
George Spahn: What the f*ck is the matter with you? First, you wake me up, and now you’re pretending that I didn’t tell you I was f*cking blind! How am I going to know what the hell color the head of the girl is that’s with me all the time?
Cliff Booth: Oh, fair enough, George.


George Spahn: I don’t know who you are, but you touched me today. You came to visit me. Now I got to go back to sleep. I got to watch FBI tonight, and I watch it with Squeaky. She gets all pissed off if I fall asleep.
Cliff Booth: What happens if she gets pissed off, George?
George Spahn: Nothing. I just don’t like to disappoint her.


Cliff Booth: So you gave all these hippies permission to be here?
George Spahn: Just who the f*ck are you?
Cliff Booth: I’m Cliff Booth. I’m your stuntman. We used to work together, George. I just want to make sure that you’re okay. That all these hippies aren’t taking advantage of you.
George Spahn: Squeaky?
Cliff Booth: Yeah.
George Spahn: She loves me. So s*ck on that.
Cliff Booth: You take care, George.
[Cliff leaves the house]


[after Cliff has talked to Georg Spahn and is walking to his car]
Pussycat: This was a mistake, you should leave!
Cliff Booth: Way ahead of you.
[Pussycat gets up on top of a car and yells]
Pussycat: George isn’t blind! You’re the blind one!


[at Spahn Ranch Cliff sees a knife in his front tire; to Clem]
Cliff Booth: You do that?
[Clem laughs]
Cliff Booth: You know, that’s not my car. That’s my boss’s car. And if something were to happen to my boss’s car, well, I’d get in trouble. But lucky for you, he’s got a spare.
[Cliff gets the spare tire and tools from the boot and drops them on the ground]
Cliff Booth: Fix it.
Clem: [laughs] f*ck you.
[Cliff walks over to him, punches him hard in the face twice as the women at the ranch yell and scream at him]
Cliff Booth: Ladies.
[the women start walking over to him]
Cliff Booth: Come one step closer and I will knock his teeth out!
[they stop, he turns to Clem and kicks him over to the car]
Cliff Booth: Fix it.
Clem: Can I just get a rag to wipe my face first?
Cliff Booth: Nope. Tire first.


Narrator: [voice over] So these last four Italian flicks, after nine years together, would be Rick and Cliff’s final rodeo. Cliff doesn’t have a clue what he’s going to do. The only thing the two men know of for sure, tonight, Rick and Cliff will have a good old-fashioned drunk. Both men know once the plane touches down in El Segundo, it’ll be the end of an era for both of them. When you come to the end of the line with a buddy who is more than a brother, and a little less than a wife, getting blind drunk together is really the only way to say farewell.


[as he lights up and starts smoking an acid laced cigarette]
Cliff Booth: And away we go!


[as the Manson Family show up in their car outside Sharon’s gate and Rick hears them]
Rick Dalton: The hell do you think you’re doing bringing that noisy hunk of sh*t around here at midnight? This is a private road, alright? Who are you? And who are you here to see, huh?
Tex: Nobody, sir. We just got lost and a little turned around.
Rick Dalton: Ah, horsesh*t. F*cking hippies came up here to smoke dope on a dark road, huh? Next time you want to try that, fix your f*cking muffler!
Tex: Look, we’re really sorry we disturbed you.
Rick Dalton: Look, chief, you don’t belong here. Now take this mechanical a**hole, and get it off my f*cking street!


[after being yelled at by Rick, Tex stares at him and cocks his gun]
Rick Dalton: Hey! Dennis Hopper! Move this f*cking piece of sh*t.
Tex: Alright, well, just give me a moment to turn it around.
Rick Dalton: Well, drive it backwards, numbnuts, but f*cking drive it and drive it now!
Tex: Okay. Okay. Stop yelling. Hold your horses. We’re leaving.
[Katie stares at Rick]
Rick Dalton: The hell you looking at, you little ginger hair f*cker? Hey, come around here again, I’m going to call the f*cking cops!
[Tex backs up their car]
Rick Dalton: Dirty f*cking hippies.


[after Manson Family members Tex, Sadie, Katie, and Flower Child break into Rick’s house and find Cliff high on acid]
Cliff Booth: You are real, right?
Tex: We’re as real as a doughnut, m*therf*cker.


Cliff Booth: Oh, I know you. I know all three of you. Yeah, Spahn Ranch! Spahn Ranch, yeah. Wooh!
[to Katie]
Cliff Booth: I don’t know your name, but I remember that hair.
[to Sadie]
Cliff Booth: And you, I remember your white, little face.
[to Tex]
Cliff Booth: And you were on a horsie! Yeah. Uh, you are…
[as he points his gun at Cliff]
Tex: I’m the devil. And I’m here to do the devil’s business.
Cliff Booth: No, it was dumber than that. Something like Rex…
Sadie: God, shoot him, Tex!
Cliff Booth: Tex!


[referring to the Manson Family that he and Rick have killed]
Cop: What did these perpetrators do?
Cliff Booth: Perpetrators? They were hippie a**holes. Two of them burst through the front door there, and the guy hippie said he was the devil. And he said, “I’m here to do some devil sh*t.” It’s not verbatim.
Cop: Some devil sh*t?
Cliff Booth: Yep.


[as Cliff is being carried to the ambulance]
Rick Dalton: What hospital you going to, Cliff? I’ll meet you there, huh?
Cliff Booth: Ah, you don’t want to meet me in no hospital. Why don’t you take care of your lady?
Rick Dalton: Hey, she just took five f*cking sleeping pills. She’ll be asleep till Columbus Day.
[to the paramedics]
Rick Dalton: You guys will probably have to come out here again just to wake her *ss up.


Cliff Booth: Hey, I’m not going to die, I may get a limp but I ain’t going to die, it’s not my time yet, man. Alright? No use waiting in some waiting room. Why don’t you go lie naked with that fine creature? Come visit me tomorrow. Bring bagels. You want to do something for me, check on Brandy. She may be a little shook up after that. She may want to sleep with you.
Rick Dalton: Are you kidding me? She’s sleeping with Francesca right now. You might never get her back.


[as the ambulance is about to drive off to take Cliff to the hospital]
Rick Dalton: You’re a good friend, Cliff.
Cliff Booth: I try.


Jay Sebring: Hello? Hey. I’m Jay Sebring, I’m a friend of the Polanskis. You’re Rick Dalton, right?
Rick Dalton: Yeah. Yeah, I’m Rick Dalton. I live next door.
Jay Sebring: Oh, I know. I tease Sharon that she lives next door to Jake Cahill. If she ever wants to put a bounty on Roman’s head, she just has to go next door, right?
[Jay laughs]
Rick Dalton: No sh*t?


Jay Sebring: What the f*ck happened?
Rick Dalton: Oh, these f*cking hippie weirdos, they broke into my house.
Jay Sebring: What do you mean, like trying to rob you?
Rick Dalton: I don’t know what the f*ck they wanted. Were they robbing me? I don’t know. Were they freaking out on some bummer trip? Who knows, but they tried to kill my wife and my buddy.
Jay Sebring: Jesus Christ, are you serious?
Rick Dalton: Yeah, I’m f*cking serious. My buddy and his dog killed two of them, and, uh, sh*t, I torched the last one.
Jay Sebring: Torched?
Rick Dalton: Yeah. I burned her *ss to a crisp.
Jay Sebring: How did you do that?
Rick Dalton: Believe it or not, I got a flamethrower in my tool shed.
Jay Sebring: From The 14 Fists of McCluskey?
Rick Dalton: Yeah! Yeah. That’s the one. It still works too. Thank God.


Jay Sebring: Is everybody okay?
Rick Dalton: Well, the f*cking hippies aren’t. That’s for goddamn sure. Yeah. But I’m fine. You know, uh, my wife’s fine, we’re just, uh, a little shook up, is all.
Jay Sebring: Oh, my God, that’s terrifying.
Rick Dalton: Yeah.


[they hear Sharon over the house gate intercom]
Sharon Tate: Jay, honey, is everything alright?
Jay Sebring: Everything’s okay now, honey. Uh, but the hippies broke into the house next door.
Sharon Tate: Oh, my God. Well, that’s terrifying. Is everybody okay?
Jay Sebring: I’m talking to your next door neighbor about it right now.
Sharon Tate: Rick Dalton?
Rick Dalton: Yeah! That’s me.
Sharon Tate: Oh! Well, hello, neighbor. Everybody okay?
Rick Dalton: Yes, yes, Sharon, everybody’s fine.
Sharon Tate: Are you okay?
Rick Dalton: Yes, I am, thank you for asking that.


[over the intercom]
Sharon Tate: Rick, would you like to come up to the house for a drink and meet my other friends?
[Rick looks over to Jay, who gives him the thumbs up]
Rick Dalton: Yeah, sure. Thank you.
Sharon Tate: Oh, hooray! Great, I’ll buzz you up.
[the gate opens, Rick enters, he walks over to Jay, they shake hands and start walking up to the house]


[last lines; as Jay and Rick walk over to Sharon]
Sharon Tate: Hi, Rick.
Rick Dalton: Oh, hi.
Sharon Tate: It’s so nice to finally meet you.
Rick Dalton: Nice to meet you.
[she hugs Rick welcome]
Sharon Tate: How are you?
[she introduces him to her other guests as they enter her house]


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