Starring: Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Jamie Dornan, Tim Minchin, Paul Anderson, Josh Herdman, Björn Bengtsson


Action-adventure directed by Otto Bathurst, the story follows Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton), a war-hardened Crusader, who returns to discover Sherwood Forest rife with corruption and evil. Teaming with a band of outlaws, led by the Moorish commander, Little John (Jamie Foxx), Robin takes matters into his own hands to set things right.


Best Quotes: 

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Sheriff of Nottingham: There’s been whispers of a thief. He’s got our commoners looking up, seeing hope.


Robin Hood: If I may, I propose a bounty. A thousand a week until he’s caught or killed.


Little John: [to Robin] I’ve never seen anything like you. You’ve stared death in the face, that’s why I chose you.


Will Scarlet: You’re not curious who’s under the hood?


Sheriff of Nottingham: He’s obviously well trained.
Robin Hood: You flatter him. He’s a smash and grabber, nothing more.


Robin Hood: Who do you think the thief is?
Maid Marian: He’s all of us.
Robin Hood: So you’re an admirer.
Maid Marian: He has his qualities. He’s not you.
Robin Hood: Are you sure?


Little John: [to Robin] You are a Crusader. Now you have to be a warrior. You wanted to steal, now’s your time.


Maid Marian: Was that supposed to happen?
Robin Hood: Yeah, of course.


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