Starring: Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Thandie Newton, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Joonas Suotamo, Paul Bettany



Space western adventure spin off from the Star Wars franchise directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and Ron Howard. It’s not yet known how the credits will be divided for the finished film as Howard took over the shoot three-quarters of the way through. The story is centered on young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich). Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover), in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga’s most unlikely heroes.



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Lady Proxima: So you expect me to believe that you walked away with nothing!
Han Solo: Well, I ran away with my life. I think that’s something. I mean, to me, that’s a lot.
Lady Proxima: I trusted you with a simple task, and all I’m hearing are excuses.
[Moloch hits Han in the stomach]
Lady Proxima: There must be consequences for disobedience or else you never learn.
[Moloch hits Han again]
Han Solo: You know what, I don’t think I’m ever going to learn.
Lady Proxima: What did you say?
Han Solo: I said, next time somebody hits me, I hit them back.


Han Solo: This is where I sign up to be a pilot, right?
Imperial Recruitment Officer: If you apply for the Imperial Navy, but most recruits go into the infantry.
Han Solo: I’m going to be a pilot. Best in the galaxy.


Imperial Officer: You there, come with us.
Han Solo: Who, me?
Imperial Officer: We have a few questions to ask you.
Han Solo: How long is that going to take?
Imperial Recruitment Officer: Depends on how good you are at following orders. Why, have you got somewhere to be?
Han Solo: Yeah, back here, as soon as I can.
Imperial Recruitment Officer: Don’t hear that much. What’s your name, son?
Han Solo: Han.
Imperial Recruitment Officer: Han what?
[Han doesn’t reply]
Imperial Recruitment Officer: Who are your people?
Han Solo: I don’t have people. I’m alone.
Imperial Recruitment Officer: Han…
[thinks for a moment]
Imperial Recruitment Officer: Solo.
[looking at his computer]
Imperial Recruitment Officer: Approved. Proceed to transport ID 83 for the Naval Academy at Carida. Good luck, Han Solo. We’ll have you flying in no time. Your Empire needs you.


Han Solo: [to Beckett] Look, I came up running scams on the streets of Corellia. I was boosting AV-21 s when I was ten. I’m a driver, a flyer, and hey, you said yourself. I got to get out of here. Right?
Rio Durant: What’s a fancy flyboy doing down in the mud?
Han Solo: Well, I got kicked out of the Imperial Academy for having a mind of my own, but I’m a great pilot, and I got to get home.
Rio Durant: This guy is nuts. No one goes back to Corellia.
Han Solo: I got a reason.


Han Solo: So what’s your name, anyway?
[Chewbacca roars his reply]
Han Solo: Chewbacca? Alright, well, you’re going to need a nickname, because I ain’t saying that every time.


Han Solo: Look, I waited a long time for a shot like this. I’m not about to screw it up, alright?


Rio Durant: So what’s your sob story, flyboy?
Han Solo: Who, me?
Rio Durant: You’re after something, I know the look. What is it? Revenge?
Val: No, it’s not revenge. Look at him. If it’s anything, it’s a girl.
Rio Durant: A girl! Tell us about the girl, Han. Is she nice? Does she have sharp teeth?
Han Solo: There was a girl. But, uh, I got out, she didn’t. I swore to myself I’d become a pilot, get a ship, go back and find her. That’s what I’m going to do right after this job.
Rio Durant: How do you know she’ll still be there?
Han Solo: I just know.


[referring to Chewie]
Rio Durant: What was he saying?
Han Solo: He said the Wookiees were enslaved by the Empire, taken off Kashyyyk. He’s searching for his, uh, I don’t know if he said tribe or family.
Tobias Beckett: What’s the difference?


Tobias Beckett: He knows me, not you. If you come with me, show your face, if they don’t kill you, you’re in this life for good.
Han Solo: You find some way to square this, we still get our money?
Tobias Beckett: Maybe.
Han Solo: For me, it’s worth the risk.
[turns to Chewie]
Han Solo: How about you?
[Chewie roars his reply]
Han Solo: That’s yes.
Tobias Beckett: Sorry I punched your face.
Han Solo: Happens more often than you think.


Qi’Ra: I’m glad you got out.
Han Solo: How did you get out?
Qi’Ra: I didn’t.


Qi’Ra: You look good. A little rough around the edges, but good.
Han Solo: You too.


Qi’Ra: What should we drink to?
Han Solo: Let’s drink two and see where it goes.


Dryden Vos: I admire anyone who can crawl their way out of the sewer. Especially, a sewer as putrid as Corellia.


Dryden Vos: The canisters will explode before you get there, so you’d need an incredibly fast ship and a brilliant pilot.
Han Solo: We’ll find a ship. We’ve already got the pilot.
[he points to himself]


Tobias Beckett: Do you got a line on a ship?
Qi’Ra: I know a guy. And I know just where to find him.


Qi’Ra: [referring to Lando] It’s a long shot, but it’s worth a try. He’s the best smuggler around. He’s slipped through the Empire’s fingers more times than anyone else. He’s attractive, too. Sophisticated, with impeccable taste and charisma. Not to mention his prodigious…
Han Solo: We get it.
Qi’Ra: But he’s retired. Says he’s a sportsman now.
Han Solo: All we need is his ship.
Qi’Ra: Well, he’ll never part with it. He loves that ship. He won it playing Sabacc.


Han Solo: I heard a story about you. I was wondering if it’s true.
Lando Calrissian: Everything you’ve heard about me is true.


Lando Calrissian: L3! Let go of the mean man’s face. We’re leaving.
L3-37: They don’t even serve our kind here.
Lando Calrissian: Now.
[drops the man and walks over to where Han, Chewie and Qi’Ra are waiting]
Lando Calrissian: Who are these guys?
L3-37: We’re taking them to Kessel.


Han Solo: If she doesn’t want to fly, I’ll be your co-pilot. I don’t mind.
Lando Calrissian: No, no. It’s okay. She’s definitely going.
L3-37: Why? Because you’re my organic overlord?
Lando Calrissian: Because I’m your captain, how about that? I actually would have her memory wiped, but she’s got the best damn navigational database in the galaxy.
[speaks louder so that L3 can hear]
Lando Calrissian: Could use a fresh coat of paint, though!
L3-37: Landonis, you do not want to press that button with me.


Lando Calrissian: I don’t like it. I don’t agree with it. But I accept it.
Han Solo: You’re getting the hang of this, Lando.
Lando Calrissian: Yeah.


Lando Calrissian: [to Han] You might want to buckle up, baby.


Tobias Beckett: Look. I like you, kid. We got a good thing going here. Me, you, Chewie.
Han Solo: Yeah.
Tobias Beckett: Right? The makings of a solid crew. But it does not work with Qi’ra.
Han Solo: It worked with Val. You trusted her.
Tobias Beckett: You want know how I’ve survived as long as I have? I trust no one. Assume everyone will betray you and you will never be disappointed.
Han Solo: Sounds like a lonely way to live.
Tobias Beckett: It’s the only way.


Lando Calrissian: You need anything?
L3-37: Equal rights?


Lando Calrissian: L3, what did you do?
L3-37: I found my true purpose, Lando. That’s what I’ve done. I’m so glad we took this job!


Han Solo: I got a really good feeling about this.


Han Solo: Since when do you know how to fly?
[Chewbacca roars his reply]
Han Solo: A hundred and ninety years-old! You look great!


Han Solo: Just did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.
[Chewbacca roars his reply]
Han Solo: Not if you round down, buddy.


Lando Calrissian: I hate you.
Han Solo: I know.


Qi’Ra: Okay, outlaw, you can tell yourself that, but I might be the only person in the whole galaxy who knows what you really are.
Han Solo: Yeah. What’s that?
Qi’Ra: You are the good guy.
Han Solo: I am not the good guy. I am definitely not a good guy. I’m a terrible person.


Tobias Beckett: I’m leaving. If you’re smart, you’ll come with me.
Han Solo: I thought you didn’t believe in running.
Tobias Beckett: I prefer it to dying.


Tobias Beckett: If by some miracle you make it out of here, find me on Tatooine.
Han Solo: What’s on Tatooine?
Tobias Beckett: Heard about a job, big shot gangster putting together a crew. That’ll be the one.
Han Solo: The one?
Tobias Beckett: My last score. Yeah, I still got some debts to pay before I can head back to Glee Anselm and get into the valachord.


[Qi’Ra makes contact with her boss, and Maul appears in hologram]
Maul: Yes?
Qi’Ra: I regret to inform you that Dryden Vos is dead, murdered by the thief he hired to steal the coaxium shipment, his friend, Tobias Beckett.
Maul: Is that so? Where is the shipment now?
Qi’Ra: Gone. Beckett took it. Slaughtered the others. I alone survived.
Maul: One man couldn’t have done this alone.
Qi’Ra: I wasn’t there, but if I had been, perhaps I could have saved him.
Maul: [chuckles] Bring the ship and come to me on Dathomir and you and I will then decide what to do about the traitor, Beckett, and his accomplices.
Qi’Ra: I’m on my way.
[Maul fires up his lightsaber]
Maul: Qi’ra, you and I will be working much more closely from now on.


[Han and Lando are playing a rematch in Sabacc for the Falcon]
Lando Calrissian: You really have it bad for the Falcon, don’t you?
Han Solo: It’s mutual, trust me. She belongs with me.
[Lando goes to cheat with the card he has up his sleeve, but sees it’s missing as Han has stolen it]
Han Solo: You got everything you need there, pal?
[Lando lays down his cards]
Han Solo: Not bad. Not bad. You know, if you’d only had this little green sylop, you would’ve beaten this.
[Han holds the card he’s stolen from Lando and lays down his own cards, winning the game]
Han Solo: Fair and square, baby. Fair and square.


[last lines; as Han and Chewie are in the Falcon leaving for Tatooine]
Han Solo: Beckett said he heard about this very big gangster putting together a job.
[Chewie roars his reply]
Han Solo: No, I’m telling you, it’s going to be great. When have I ever steered you wrong?

Total Quotes: 34


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