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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the EIGHTH installment in the Star Wars saga (not counting the spinoffs). Wow… eight movies. This is a long series. Anyway, the first two Star Wars movies the Disney company has made have been pretty good so far. The Force Awakens was a very fun movie and introduces some great new characters. Rogue One was fine…. That’s all I can say really: it was a pretty mediocre film. Now, whenever the first seven Star Wars movies finish I always think: “Wow, that was epic. “This feeling of I just watched something big and grand. Even the prequels I get that feeling despite me really disliking them. This one I didn’t. Not that I thought it was bad – I actually really liked it. But I didn’t get the same feeling I do after I watch any of the other Star Wars movies. Now again, I didn’t think it was a bad movie – I just didn’t feel anything at the end. I think that’s it: I feel like the ending wasn’t emotional. I felt sort of emotionless. I don’t know really what to think of this movie. Once again, it’s a good movie, but I think it’s just that there were some serious problems with the movie that really brought down the quality of the film.

First, some of the awesome parts that I loved. AGAIN, SPOILERS. F***ing Yoda comes back! That scene where he comes back as force-ghost was amazing. This time he was like the Yoda in the Originals, not the boring one in the prequels. Not only was it a good fan-service moment, but it also served the story greatly. I loved it and it was my favorite part of this movie. I also liked the part were General Leia started flying in space. When they blew up the bridge I was like: oh f*** they just killed Leia! Then, her hand starts to move…, then John Williams goes all out and blasts that her beautiful theme in our ears…. Then she freaking flies to the ship! Now I can see why one would dislike this scene: it looked a little goofy and it was kind of weird that force-users can fly now. But one has to admit that it was pretty awesome.

I also loved some of the scenes with Rey and Luke. The best scenes were on that island actually. I really like Kylo Ren as well and I thought it was cool how Rey and he had this weird force connection. I really liked any parts that had to do with the Jedi, but I felt like the other stuff sort of dragged. I’m not sure about the chase story. It’s just so slow and a little dumb. Why didn’t Ellie Sattler (I know that’s not her name in the movie but I don’t remember what it was) just tell Poe the plan?! It’s fair enough if he mutinied. Then Leia tells him that he’s an idiot for mutinying. What…? I’d mutiny in that situation! Who knows that lady from Jurassic Park that puts her hand in dinosaur crap could be doing something completely crazy. Besides the dumbness of all in that subplot, I did think it was okay. Stupid, but okay. I also like Poe’s arc in the end.

Now let’s get to the now famous casino subplot. A lot of people have complained that it was unnecessary and kind of sucked. I actually sort of liked it. My main problem was that the casino looked too much like Earth. I thought for a second the movie changed into Casino Royale. It just didn’t feel very alien or other-worldly. Other than that it was okay. I liked how it sort of fitted in with the theme of the movie. I especially like that line from DJ is talking to Finn and Rose on the ship. I think that’s going to be something they explore in the next movie: the difference between good and evil. Speaking of DJ, I still don’t quite know what I think of him as well as a lot of the other new characters. Sometimes I got into his character, sometimes I really didn’t. Same with Rose and Ellie Sattler. Some parts I liked with them, but overall they weren’t very well developed characters. Not Phantom Menace bad, but if they were very far from perfect. Also, I didn’t like that scene where Finn is about to sacrifice himself then Rose saves him. It was really great moment when Finn was flying towards that cannon.

Then she kind of ruined it. She then says “we shouldn’t be fighting the ones we hate, we should save the ones we love.” WHERE THE F*** DID THAT COME FROM????????? It was a lesson that came out of nowhere! Imagine if in that final shot in Finding Nemo after Marlin has learned to faces his anxiety with the moral being don’t let your anxiety control you some random guy said “also: don’t do drugs…” They had no build up! The thing is though is I like the quote. It’s a good moral. But wait, Finn was trying to save the ones he loved by blowing up the cannon. He was saving the ones he loved! He wasn’t doing because he hated the First Order. Additionally, if Finn did crash into the cannon then it would’ve stopped it from breaching the Resistance base. Then what would’ve the First Order done? That was probably the only way they were getting into the base. By stopping Finn she was jeopardizing the survival of the Resistance! Of course, the Resistance did survive. But what if they hadn’t? The fall of the Resistance would’ve been completely her fault!

The special effects were really good. Most of the action was pretty good. The cinematography was some of the best I have ever seen in a Star Wars movie. I mean Jesus! It was such a beautiful movie. The score by John Williams, like The Force Awakens, was above-average. Usually, if a movie has a mediocre score then I’m okay with it. But this is John Williams! The music in episode 1-6 the music is amazing. Here, as well as The Force Awakens, it feels like background music. I only remember a few moments from this soundtrack, but on the other hand, there were so many rememberable melodies and themes in the other movies. This is the guy who made the Imperial March! And the thing that p***ed me off the most is that he played the Force theme so many times! Good god! The Force theme (the one that plays when Luke looks at the twin suns) wasn’t played that often in the other movies and whenever it did it always gave me chills. After the seventh time they played it I got SO tired of it. There were a few standout moments though, like when Tie Fighter Attack plays in the Millennium Falcon chase. I also liked Rose’s theme and there were some nice melodies every so often.

Probably why I got a little bored in this movie was because I’m getting a little tired of Star Wars. You see it everywhere now and I’m just sick of it. I want a break from it but since it’s everywhere I can’t. Also, there were so many problems with the movie. There were some things that really got on my nerves and some really dumb moments. I DID like it a lot and would recommend it and will re-watch it many times like some of the other movies. Thanks for reading.

Here’s where The Last Jedi is placed in my Star Wars ranking:

The Empire Strikes Back
A New Hope
The Force Awakens
Return of the Jedi/The Last Jedi
Rogue One/Revenge of the Sith
The Clone Wars
Attack of the Clones
The Phantom Menace

Rating: 4/5



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