Starring: Tessa Thompson, Nnamdi Asomugha, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Regé-Jean Page, Aja Naomi King, Eva Longoria, John Magaro, Lance Reddick, Jemima Kirke, MC Lyte, Alano Miller, Erica Gimpel, Tone Bell, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ron Funches



Amazon Prime’s period romantic drama written and directed by Eugene Ashe. Set in  late 1950s New York, the story centers on Sylvie (Tessa Thompson), who dreams of a career in television and spends her summer days helping in her father’s record store, and Robert (Nnamdi Asomugha), a saxophonist, who spends late nights playing as a member of a jazz quartet. When Robert takes a part-time job at the record store, the two begin a friendship that sparks a deep passion in each of them unlike anything they have felt before. But as the summer winds down, life takes them in different directions, bringing their relationship to an end. Years pass, and in a chance meeting, Sylvie and Robert cross paths again, only to find that while their lives have changed, their feelings for each other remain the same. Copyright Notice: It’s easy to see when our quotes have been copied and pasted, as you’re also copying our format, mistakes, and movie scene descriptions. If you decide to copy our movie quotes please be kind and either link back, or refer back to our site. Please check out our copyright policies here. Thanks!


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Chico: Got to cop me some new kicks. Soles on these are so thin, if I stepped on a sandwich, I could feel the mayonnaise.


Sylvie: Daddy, that fan is broken. That’s why it was out on the street.
Herbert: See, now, now, that’s what you said when I found that TV set you’re watching too. And it had a perfect picture.
Sylvie: Yeah, with no sound.
Herbert: And what did I do?
Sylvie, Herbert: Found another TV that only has sound.
Herbert: Right. That’s right. Know what you call that? Call that ingenuity.
Sylvie: That’s called cheap is what it’s called.


Robert: How much is the discount if you work here?
Sylvie: We’re not hiring.
Robert: Well, this sign says you are.
Sylvie: You see, my fiancé is over in Korea, and my mother won’t allow television inside the house, so I have to come here to daddy’s store every day to watch my shows until Lacy comes home and we get married, and I can finally have a TV of my own.


Herbert: What’s your name, boy?
Robert: Robert. Robert Halloway, sir.
Herbert: Well, Mr. Robert Halloway, sir. You’re hired. Come back tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM.
Robert: Yes, sir.
Herbert: [to Sylvie] Baby, you need to find something else to do this summer besides watching these TVs all day.


Sylvie: Favorite song from senior year of high school.
Mona: “C’est Si Bon,” Eartha Kitt. Favorite song to mess around to.
Sylvie: I am not answering that.
Mona: Well, if Aunt Eunice hadn’t caught you messing around with Lacy, you wouldn’t be getting married in the first place.


Mona: Tell me about this new boy at the store. Is he cute?
Sylvie: I didn’t really notice. That much.


Robert: You still play?
Herbert: No, no. Once I started a family, I gave all that up. No, this record store is my only tie to music now. Yeah, I tried to teach Sylvie. But, you know, she got in her head she going to make TV shows one day. I mean, can you imagine? Colored girl making TV shows?


Robert: Listen, fellas, I can’t stay too late, alright?
Dickie Brewster: Why? What you got going on?
Chico: Well, Bobby took a day job at the record store so he can put the make on this babe, and she’s engaged.
Robert: Hey. I took it because we ain’t making no dough at the Blue Morocco. That’s why I took it.


Sylvie: [after they get locked in the store’s basement] Hey, you’ve got a French light.
Robert: What’s that?
Sylvie: A French light. It’s when you light a cigarette and it only lights up halfway. Supposed to mean you’re going to fall in love.
Robert: Well, you have one too. What’s that supposed to mean?


Sylvie: [to Robert] Oh, this is my cousin Mona.
Mona: Mona Lisa. Like the painting.


Robert: [after inviting Sylvie to hear him play] So what’s the verdict? Am I any good?
Sylvie: Well, you’re right, you’re no Bill Haley. But I do think you’re about as good as any tenor player I’ve ever heard. With the exception of John William Coltrane, but I’d say you’re gaining on him.
Robert: I don’t think I’ll ever catch the Trane, but thank you.
Sylvie: Well, thank you for being good. I’d be awful embarrassed if you weren’t.


Sylvie: Is that your girlfriend?
Robert: Who, Connie? No. We just work together. Kind of like we do, only she’s not engaged.


Sylvie: Well, I do think I ought to be going home.
Robert: Before you do, may I have the pleasure of this dance, Miss Johnson?
Sylvie: I really shouldn’t.
Robert: Come on. You mean to tell me you’re going to turn down a dance with the next John Coltrane?


Robert: [as Robert walks Sylvie home] I never met a girl who knew as much about music as you do. I bet the only thing you know about more than music is television.
Sylvie: Oh, don’t get me started. I’ve seen just about every episode of everything. Well, I never met anyone who could play music the way you do. What’s the one thing you love about it the most?
Robert: The way it makes me feel.
Sylvie: Oh, that’s me.
Robert: Yeah. Never found anything to make me feel like that.


Robert: You know, where I’m from, when a fellow walks a gal home from a date, there’s usually a good night kiss involved. But I guess this wasn’t really a date, huh?
Sylvie: No. Well, not officially. But you asked me and I came, so I suppose it is rather date-like.
[Robert quickly jumps the steps to come to her]
Sylvie: Been practicing that?
[she kisses him quickly]
Sylvie: Good night.
[she turns to leave, but then turns back and kisses him again]


Sylvie: [holds up an album] Hey, what’s your favorite song on this?
Robert: Uh, “You Don’t Know What Love Is.”


Eunice: [after Sylvie’s introduced Robert to her] You know, my dear, a young lady should never lavish gushing praise on a young man, especially one who’s beneath her station. It might give off the wrong impression. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?
Sylvie: No, ma’am.


Sylvie: I wanted to tell you that what happened between us last night was a mistake. It was a momentary lapse in judgment on my part, and it can’t happen again. Okay?
Robert: Okay.


Sylvie: The bottom line is you shouldn’t have kissed me last night. I’m engaged.
Robert: You don’t have to keep reminding me that you’re engaged. It’s all you ever talk about. Which is a shame because it’s actually the least interesting thing about you. For the record, it wasn’t just me doing the kissing last night.


Robert: Can I ask you a question? If last night was such a mistake, why you so bent out of shape about me dancing with somebody else?
Sylvie: Because, mistake or not, when a girl is kissed by a guy, she’d like to think that she’s the only girl that guy’s been kissing. So you carrying on with what’s her face doesn’t make me feel very special.
Robert: Well, the only reason I was carrying on with her in the first place is because of you, telling me this was all a big mistake. That doesn’t make me feel very special either. Matter of fact, it made me feel pretty ordinary.
Sylvie: Well, you’re not. Ordinary, to me. In fact, I think you’re one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met.


Robert: “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”
Sylvie: Hey, that’s Shakespeare, isn’t it?
Robert: I don’t know. It’s just something my mother used to say.


Robert: [referring to his mother] She’s the reason I’m here really. Always wanted to be a musician, you know? But after high school, reality set in, and I took a job on an assembly line. And then when my mother passed, it made me realize that life’s too short to waste time on things you don’t absolutely love. So quit the auto plant, joined the band, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Sylvie: But how do you know? If you love something absolutely, I mean.
Robert: I don’t know. I guess when it’s the only thing that matters.


Mona: Tell me everything. How was it?
Sylvie: It was extraordinary.
Mona: Oh. Damn. I’ve done it plenty of times, and it ain’t never been extraordinary. Extraordinary?
Sylvie: Extraordinary.


Robert: The band got offered a gig in Paris, and I’m leaving in two weeks. That’s why I had to see you. Come with me.
Sylvie: To Paris?
Robert: Yes, to Paris.
Sylvie: What if we don’t work out?
Robert: That won’t happen.
Sylvie: How do you know that?
Robert: Because the only thing that matters is us.


Sylvie: [after finding out she’s pregnant, as Robert is leaving for Paris] But I couldn’t let you leave without saying goodbye. And I wanted to tell you that I think you very well could be the next John Coltrane.
Robert: And what are you going to be?
Sylvie: Your biggest fan.
Robert: See you later, alligator.
[he kisses her and walks away]
Sylvie: [to herself] After awhile, crocodile.


Kate: [five years later, interviewing Sylvie] Are you married? Do you have any kids?
Sylvie: Yes, both.
Kate: Producer’s assistants work long hours, and generally speaking, it’s not the best job for a housewife.
Sylvie: Long hours, huh? I suppose that’s code for “the producer would rather hire a gal that doesn’t mind being chased around his office all night long.” Well, if that’s the case, thank you very much.


Kate: I am the producer of the Lucy Wolper cooking show, so I can assure you I have no desire to chase you around my office all night. So why don’t you sit back down and tell me, why should I hire someone with no experience to be my assistant?
Sylvie: Because until about five seconds ago, I didn’t know that a N**** woman television producer even existed. And all my life, that is all I’ve ever wanted to be.


Sylvie: [referring to the beef bourguignon] Say what do you do with the guest of honor when the show’s over?
Lucy: You know, I’ve never really thought about it. You want it?
Sylvie: Would you mind? My husband has a client coming over for dinner in an hour, and they expect a home-cooked meal.
Lucy: Of course. Take it. Enjoy.


Sylvie: Robert?
Robert: Sylvie?
Sylvie: What are you doing in New York?
Robert: We’re recording an album.
Sylvie: That is terrific. Wow. Congratulations.


Sylvie: You know, it just dawned on me. This might possibly be the last time I get to see you without buying a ticket.
Robert: Imagine that.


Sylvie: [Sylvie’s shows up at Robert’s hotel room] You know, when a gal asks a fella out on a date, there’s usually a good night kiss involved.
[Robert pulls her into the room and they start kissing]


Robert: [after they’ve made love] Come with us on tour.
Sylvie: I’m afraid I can’t.
Robert: Because of him?
Sylvie: No.
[shows him a photo of her daughter, Michelle]
Sylvie: No, because of her.
Robert: Oh. The sauce thickens.


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