Starring: Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta, Brett Azar



Sci-fi action serving as sequel to only The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day directed by Tim Miller. Set more than two decades after the events of Judgment Day, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) sets out to protect a young woman, Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), and her friends as a new type of liquid metal Terminator (Gabriel Luna) is sent from the future to terminate them.



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Sarah Connor: [voice over] There once was a future, in which humankind was hunted, by a machine that could think, and terminators built to kill. A future without hope. That future never happened, because I stopped it to protect my son, and to save us all.
[in 1998 in Guatemala we see Sarah and John Connor attacked by a T-800 Terminator, which murders John before disappearing]


Sarah Connor: [voice over] Once, I saved three billion lives, but I couldn’t save my son. A machine took him from me, and I am terminated.


[after Grace teleports and fights the cops that were about to arrest the couple that had found her]
Man: Thanks, lady. You just saved our a**es.
[Grace walks up to the man and looks him up and down]
Grace: Don’t thank me yet.
[we then see Grace wearing the man’s clothes and driving off in his car]


[after Grace shoots at Rev-9 Terminator, who had transformed himself as Dani’s father and tried to kill Dani]
Grace: That is not your father. That is a machine that was sent here to kill you.
Dani Ramos: No!
Grace: Come with me, or you’re dead in the next thirty seconds. Come on!


[as they are trying to get away from the Rev-9]
Dani Ramos: Who are you?
Grace: I’m the first mistake in your life.


[as Grace is fighting with Rev-9]
Diego Ramos: Hey, lady!
[just then Diego presses the button that brings down the hydraulic press on top of Rev-9]
Grace: Grace. My name is Grace.
[referring to the Rev-9]
Grace: That won’t kill him. We got to go. Move!
Dani Ramos: What?!
Grace: Go!


[as they are trying to get away from the Rev-9]
Diego Ramos: Hey! Please, lady, tell us what that thing is?
Grace: It’s a terminator. A Rev-9. He was sent here from the future. I was too.
[referring to the truck]
Grace: Get in.
[Diego and Dani just look at her]
Grace: Get in!
[she pushes them into the truck]


[as Diego sees the wound on her arm]
Diego Ramos: Are you a machine too?
Grace: No, I’m human.
Diego Ramos: But your arm.
Grace: I’m augmented.
Diego Ramos: Augmented?


[as the Rev-9 is chasing after them]
Grace: [to Dani] I know you’re scared, but I’m here to protect you.
Dani Ramos: Why us?
Grace: You, Dani. You’re my mission.
Dani Ramos: Me?


[as she sees the Rev-9 approaching them in a car]
Grace: Dani, you have to go.
[referring to Diego, who has been fatally wounded from the Rev-9 chasing after them]
Dani Ramos: I’m not leaving him!
Diego Ramos: Take her. Save her.
Dani Ramos: No!
Grace: I’m sorry.
[Grace takes Dani just as Rev-9’s car hits the truck, which explodes, killing Diego]


[after Diego is killed]
Grace: Dani, stop!
Dani Ramos: Why did you do that?
Grace: We have to go, or he died for nothing.
Dani Ramos: No!
[Grace drags Dani away]


[as the Rev-9 and its split cybernetic endoskeleton have cornered Grace and Dani]
Grace: When they try to kill me, run.
Dani Ramos: What?!
[just then Sarah arrives and with an RPG and explosives temporarily disables the Rev-9 and its split endoskeleton]


[to Grace and Dani]
Sarah Connor: I’ll be back.


[referring to Sarah after she’s saved them from the Rev-9]
Dani Ramos: Who the f**k is that?
Grace: I don’t know.


[as she sees Grace and Dani drive away in her truck]
Sarah Connor: Son of a b*tch!


Dani Ramos: I want to go home. Take me home.
Grace: We’re not doing that.
Dani Ramos: I have to tell my father about Diego.
Grace: That’s not possible.
Dani Ramos: He doesn’t know about Diego. I need to see my father!
Grace: Your father is dead!
Dani Ramos: What?
Grace: It needs physical contact to copy people. And you don’t survive.
Dani Ramos: [crying] No. No.


[as Grace looks like she’s going to pass out]
Grace: I’m crashing.
Dani Ramos: You’re burning up.
Grace: My metabolism was tooled for short, intense bursts. You either stop a terminator in the first few minutes, or you’re dead.


[after Grace stops the truck, Dani gets out of the car and starts walking off]
Grace: Get back in the car. I have to protect you!
[Dani stops and turns to face Grace]
Dani Ramos: You can’t even walk! I’m going to the police.
Grace: You do that, it’ll find you. You bring a hundred cops between you and a terminator, you’ll get a hundred dead cops.
[Dani looks at the cops ahead]
Grace: Dani, please.
[Dani walks back to Grace and helps into the backseat of the truck]
Grace: Wait. You can’t drive.
Dani Ramos: I’ll figure it out.


[after Grace has given him a list of medicines to give her]
Pharmacist: Do you have a doctor’s prescription?
[Grace puts her gun on the counter]
Grace: Here’s my prescription.
Dani Ramos: What are you doing?
Grace: Ah, f**k it. Move. Move.
[she goes into stockroom and takes the medicine]


[as Dani is dragging Grace’s unconscious body out of the pharmacy]
Sarah Connor: I save your a**, and you steal my truck. Nice.
Dani Ramos: I, I, I…
Sarah Connor: Never mind. It’s burnt.


[referring to an unconscious Grace]
Sarah Connor: What’s wrong with her?
Dani Ramos: I don’t know. She’s sick, or something.
Sarah Connor: Well, I need answers from you two. So let’s get her in the car.
[takes the gun from Dani]
Sarah Connor: Give me that, before you hurt yourself.


Sarah Connor: So, who are you?
Dani Ramos: I’m Daniella Ramos. Dani. Nobody.
[referring to Grace]
Sarah Connor: Well, Dani, you must be somebody, or they wouldn’t have sent, whatever she is, to protect you.


[to Dani, after getting rid of her phone]
Sarah Connor: You might as well be wearing a tracking bracelet. When I’m ready to kill that thing, then I’ll let it know where we are.


[as Dani goes to take a bag of chips]
Sarah Connor: Uh-uh. I keep my cellphone in a chip bag. The foil blocks the GPS signal, so they can’t track me.
Dani Ramos: Who’s trying to track you?
Sarah Connor: I’m wanted in a couple of states. Fifty, actually.
Dani Ramos: But why ten bags?
Sarah Connor: Because I really like potato chips.


[as Sarah injects an unconscious Grace]
Dani Ramos: Her meds, how do you know how much of each to use?
Sarah Connor: I don’t.


Dani Ramos: My brother, he was in the truck when…
[she starts to cry]
Dani Ramos: Who will be there to bury him? Or my father? No funerals. No one there to say goodbye.
Sarah Connor: Funerals don’t help them. And goodbyes don’t help you. You just have to learn to live with it.


[Grace wakes to find Sarah pointing a gun at her]
Sarah Connor: Talk. Talk fast.
[Grace quickly gets up, disarms Sarah and pushes her against the wall]
Grace: You first.
Sarah Connor: Get off of me.


Dani Ramos: You locked me out of the room?
[referring to herself and Grace]
Sarah Connor: Sometimes mommies and daddies have to have grownup discussions.


[referring to Dani]
Sarah Connor: So you’re here to protect her. What are you? I’ve never seen one like you before. Almost human.
Grace: I am human. Just enhanced. You know, increased speed and strength, a microreactor. Which means, I can rip your throat out if you p*ss me off, so don’t.


Sarah Connor: When are you from?
Grace: 2042. Your turn.
Sarah Connor: My name is Sarah Connor. When I was about her age, a terminator was sent to kill me, to stop the birth of my son, John, leader of the resistance.
Grace: Which resistance?
Sarah Connor: The human resistance, against Skynet. The AI that’s trying to wipe us all out.
Grace: I’ve never heard of it.
Sarah Connor: Good. John and I changed that. We changed the future, saved three billion lives. You’re welcome.


Grace: Where’s your son now?
Sarah Connor: Skynet had sent several terminators to hunt him. One finally caught up with us, and carried out orders from a future that never happened. Since then, I hunt terminators, and I drink until I black out. Enough of a resume for you?
Grace: No. How did you know we’d be on that freeway?
Sarah Connor: Interview is over.


Sarah Connor: We got to move.
Grace: We? There is no we. Dani’s with me, it’s my mission to protect her.
Sarah Connor: Oh, yeah? How’s that working out for you? Clearly, you don’t know everything about this time. Now anyone with phones is a walking sensor platform. How every intersection, or a gas station and 7-Eleven has cameras. Nobody walks in this world without leaving a digital trail a mile wide. And my guess is that terminator, hunting her, can access that data anytime. You two won’t last ten hours.


Grace: Let’s get something straight.
[referring to Dani]
Grace: If you put her in danger, or if you get in my way, I will f**k you up.
Sarah Connor: Right. I drive.


Sarah Connor: So, that machine, who sent it?
[Grace doesn’t reply]
Sarah Connor: I can’t fight it if I don’t know what we’re up against.
Grace: It’s a Rev-9 model. You don’t fight it. You run from it.
Dani Ramos: Yeah, but who sent it?
Grace: Not who, what. And it wasn’t some Skynet thing. In the future that actually happened, it’s called Legion.
Sarah Connor: Legion.
Grace: An AI built for cyberwarfare.
Sarah Connor: Those a**holes never learn.
Grace: And it attacked.
Dani Ramos: Attacked who?
Grace: Us. Everybody. Humanity.


Dani Ramos: Sarah, how did you know we would be on that bridge?
Sarah Connor: I get these texts. Precise GPS coordinates. Dates, times, down to the second. They always end with the same two words, “For John.” So I pack up every weapon I’ve got, and I head to those coordinates to kill whoever is messing with me. The air splits open above a parking lot, and a terminator drops out. So I destroy it. And then two years later, same thing. Location, time, date, “For John.” I fired that one too. And last week, I get two texts, both in Mexico City.
Dani Ramos: Do you ever find who sends those texts?
Sarah Connor: No. They’re always encrypted.


[after Grace finds out the location of where the texts about the terminators are coming]
Dani Ramos: What’s wrong? What is it?
Grace: These texts came from outside radar. Two days ago, my Commander Admiral tattooed these coordinates on me, because I can’t remember sh*t. Told me to go here in case anything went sideways with my mission.
[to Sarah]
Grace: It’s the same location your texts come from. Whoever sent you these texts is the same person I was told to go to for help.
Dani Ramos: What does it mean?
Grace: It means we’re going to Texas.


Sarah Connor: [to Grace] You want to cross the US border with an undocumented Mexican national, and a woman who had her own episode on America’s Most Wanted?
Dani Ramos: I know someone who can get us across.
Grace: Someone you trust?
Dani Ramos: Yes, my uncle.
Sarah Connor: We’ll need to ditch the car, get off the grid.


[referring to Dani]
Grace: Why do you care what happens to her?
[Dani calls out to them]
Dani Ramos: Hey, ladies!
Sarah Connor: Because I was her, and it sucks.


Sarah Connor: This is off the grid alright. But I wish it wasn’t so crowded here.
Dani Ramos: Well, I wish you two weren’t so white.


Dani Ramos: Grace, tell me what happens, when this all falls apart.
Grace: Nothing happens. There’s no war. They won, everything just stops. No phones, no power. Cities go dark. They told us we need to leave, just until things got back to normal. But normal was never coming back. Day two, they launched nukes. They felt they thought contain Legion with practical EMP strikes. And by day three, the whole world was at war. Millions died. And when the food ran out, billions. Some men killed my dad over a can of peaches.
Dani Ramos: I’m sorry.
Grace: When we thought the worst was over, then Legion started to hunt survivors.


[Grace continues to recall what happens after Legion wins the war]
Grace: I don’t know how I made it through the next few years. I just tried not to think about it. Then I got lucky. Someone found me. Saved me. And then we started fighting back.
Sarah Connor: And let me guess, Dani gives birth to the one man that can stop it.
Dani Ramos: What?
Sarah Connor: The future wants you dead for the same reason it wanted me dead.
Dani Ramos: But I’m nothing, I’m nobody.
Sarah Connor: Yeah, you’re not the threat. It’s your womb.


Sarah Connor: Fine, let’s someone else be Mother Mary for a while.
Grace: If you’re Mother Mary, no wonder I so want to beat the sh*t out of you.


[as they are trying to cross the border]
Grace: There’s a drone up there.
Sarah Connor: I don’t hear anything.
Grace: No, well, you’re not an augmented super soldier from the future, are you?


[after Dani, Grace and Sarah have been caught and detained at the border, Rev-9 shows up disguised as a border agent]
ICE Officer: Expect a big ping, brother.
Rev-9: My whole body is a weapon.
US Border X-Ray Officer: Save it for the ladies.
[he walks through the metal detector and the alarm goes off]
Rev-9: Sorry. Metal hip. Two tours in Afghanistan.
US Border X-Ray Officer: Alright. Thank you for your service.


[after they’ve managed to get away from the border authorities and Rev-9]
Grace: Dani, you need to understand something. You can’t do stupid sh*t like that. Dani Ramos: You cannot put yourself at risk!
[referring to saving Sarah from Rev-9 killing her]
Dani Ramos: He would have killed Sarah!
Grace: That doesn’t matter! When are you going to get it? Everybody dies if you don’t make it!
Sarah Connor: She’s right.
Dani Ramos: What?


[they arrive at the location of where the texts are being sent form and see a truck with the sign Carl’s Draperies]
Dani Ramos: So Carl, that’s the plan. Carl’s the mystery texter.


[they knock on Carl’s door and an aged T-800 terminator answers the door]
T-800: Sarah Connor.
[Sarah goes to shoot T-800, but Grace stops her]
Grace: Stop!
Sarah Connor: She’s I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!
Grace: What the f**k are you doing?


[referring to her gun]
Sarah Connor: She’s Let me have it!
Grace: No! Sarah, you need to calm down.
Sarah Connor: She’s That thing killed John!
Grace: Is that true?
T-800: Yes. But I’m not what you think I am.
Sarah Connor: I’ll kill you, you m*therf**ker!


Dani Ramos: Sarah, if this man can help…
Sarah Connor: She’s He’s not a man. A terminator. Shoot him in the face and see what’s underneath!
Dani Ramos: I don’t care what he is! Please.


Grace: So, you’re a…
T-800: Yes. Cyberdyne Systems Model 101. May I ask what you are?
Grace: No.


Sarah Connor: I don’t have a photograph of John. I never took any. I thought that they couldn’t find him if they didn’t know what he looked like. But now I’m forgetting his face.
Dani Ramos: I’m sorry.


T-800: So why is the girl targeted?
Grace: You don’t need to know.
T-800: Well, can you at least tell me how you found me?
[she lifts up her shirt and shows him the tattooed coordinations]
T-800: Who gave you that?
[after Sarah enters his house and refuses to take the drink he offers her]
T-800: Please sit down.
Sarah Connor: Cut the sh*t.


[referring to the photos of his family]
Sarah Connor: Nice family. Is she a terminator too? That’s your little terminator kid?
T-800: His name is Mateo. I met his mother, Alicia, a few months after I killed John.
Sarah Connor: Oh, you don’t get to say his name, ever.


[referring to his wife]
T-800: Her husband had beaten her. He was trying to kill her child. She had nowhere to go. Caring for this family gave me purpose, because without purpose we have nothing.
Sarah Connor: Touching story. Does it have a point?
T-800: Well, raising Mateo, my son, I became to understand what I had taken from you.
Grace: Wait, you grew a conscience?
T-800: The equivalent of one, yes.
Sarah Connor: It’s an infiltrator. It’s lying.


T-800: When my mission was completed, there were no further orders. So for twenty years I kept learning how to become a human.
Grace: So what about the texts?
T-800: When chrono-displacement occurs, there’s a shockwave through time, measurable before the event.
Sarah Connor: That’s how, not why.
T-800: To give you purpose, Sarah. I thought it would bring meaning to your son’s death.
Sarah Connor: You know what would give meaning to his death?
[she takes out her gun and points it at him]
Grace: Sarah!
[she shoot at him, which has no effect other than put holes in his chest]


[referring to the bullets in his chest]
T-800: This will be very hard to explain to Alicia.
Sarah Connor: It’s a terminator!
Dani Ramos: And we are fighting a terminator. One that we can’t stop.


T-800: Do you believe in fate, Sarah? Or do you believe that people can change the future every second by every choice that they make? You chose to change the future. You chose to destroy Skynet. You set me free. And now, I’m going to help you protect the girl, because I choose to.


Dani Ramos: So, you’re Carl.
T-800: That’s what everyone calls me, yes.
Sarah Connor: I’m never going to f**king call you Carl.


[referring to Alicia and Mateo]
Grace: They don’t know.
T-800: No.
Sarah Connor: She doesn’t notice that you weigh four hundred pounds? That you never sleep?
T-800: Our relationship is not physical. She appreciated that I could change diapers efficiently and without any complaints. I’m reliable, I’m a very good listener, and I’m extremely funny.


Dani Ramos: Okay. How do we stop this thing?
Sarah Connor: We choose our weapons, and our ground. We set up a kill box, and then we use Dani to bring it to us.
Grace: What?
Sarah Connor: And then, we take it down.
Grace: No. No way. Dani is not bate.


T-800: Sarah is right. Our one tactic advantage is that the terminator only sees its mission. Wherever Dani goes, he will follow.
Sarah Connor: Damn right it will. And I will be there.
Grace: Well, I’m not about to stake her out like some goat for you.
Sarah Connor: Well, what’s your plan? More running?
Grace: My plan is to hide her at the bottom of a mineshaft if I have to. At least until…
Dani Ramos: Just stop it! I’m not hiding at the bottom of a mineshaft.


Dani Ramos: I’m not going to live in fear the rest of my life!
[to Sarah]
Dani Ramos: Even if your plan means that might not be long. I want to stand and fight. So we choose our weapons, and our ground. We’re going to set up a…
Sarah Connor: Kill box.
Dani Ramos: Kill box. And then we’re going to use me as bate! And then we kill that thing! Okay?
T-800: This plan has a high probability of success.
Grace: Okay.


[referring to his collection of weapons]
Dani Ramos: You just keep these around?
T-800: Even with other rogue AI taking over, I calculate a seventy-four percent chance that human civilization will collapse into barbarism. In that eventuality, these weapons will be vital to protect my family. Also, this is Texas.


Grace: You know these guns won’t kill it. We’ll only slow him down.
T-800: According to your description of his capabilities, our best option is to secure military grade energy weapon.
Grace: An EMP?
[T-800 nods]
Dani Ramos: What is that?
Grace: Electromagnetic pulse. If we have one close range, it would fry a Rev-9.


Sarah Connor: You’ve been tracking me?
T-800: If you want to keep your phone in a bag of potato chips, then keep your phone in a bag of potato chips.


[after his wife and son leave]
Dani Ramos: What did you tell them?
T-800: I told them you coming here makes this place unsafe for them. Also, the day I warned them would come has come. My past has caught up with me. And, I won’t be back.
Dani Ramos: Do you love them?
T-800: Not like a human can. For many years I thought it was an advantage. It isn’t.
Dani Ramos: I’m sorry.


Sarah Connor: I just want you to know, that when Dani’s safe, and this is all over, I am going to kill you.
T-800: I understand.


[referring to his drapery business]
T-800: There’s much more to it than just picking the right color. It’s the texture, the weight of the material. One wrong choice, it could destroy the look of the entire room.


[referring to his drapery business]
T-800: There was this one customer that came to me. He wanted have solid colored drapes in a little girl’s room. I said, “Don’t do it. You need butterflies, polka dots, balloons.”


[as they are getting a military grade EMP from Sarah’s contact]
T-800: What’s the range of the EMP against a class four hard target?
[to Sarah; referring to T-800]
Major Dean: Bodyguard?
T-800: I do drapes.
Sarah Connor: He’s part of my operations team, and he should just shut the f**k up.


[after a shootout with Rev-9 destroys the EMP]
Dani Ramos: So, if we fight without those, can we win?
T-800: Based on the weapons we have, I estimate our chances at twelve percent.
Dani Ramos: That’s not zero.
Grace: It’s not much better.
Dani Ramos: Then, we have to find some more weapons, and we stick to the plan. We set the trap, and then…
Grace: No, Dani, you can’t do that.
Dani Ramos: Why?
Dani Ramos: Because my son is supposed to save us all? And until then, what? We just keep watching people die?


Grace: The future of the human race depends on you…
Dani Ramos: I don’t give a sh*t about the future! Or that I’m maybe supposed to do something. What matters are the choices we make now.


Grace: I’ve seen that look too many times before.
Dani Ramos: You know me, in the future?
Grace: Yeah. I know you. It was you who found me in the ruins after Judgement Day. You saved me.


Grace: [to Dani] You saved me, and you raised me. And you taught me to hope, like you saved and taught the others. You turned scavengers into militias, and militias into an army. We rose up out of the ashes, and we took our world back. You taught there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.


Grace: Dani, you are not the mother of some man who saves the future. You’re the future. That’s why Legion wants you dead.
Sarah Connor: She’s John. You’re John.
Grace: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this before. But you told me that the Dani I’d meet in the past couldn’t handle it. But you’re not that Dani anymore.


[after the battle with Rev-9, where both Grace and T-800 are injured]
T-800: You look terrible.
Grace: At least I still have all of my face.


Rev-9: Give me the girl.
T-800: No.
Rev-9: You really should. You and I were built for the same purpose. Legion’s the only future.
T-800: I came from a future like that. It failed.


[referring to Dani]
Rev-9: I know she’s a stranger to you. Why not just let me have her?
Sarah Connor: Because we’re not machines, you metal m*therf**ker.


[as Grace is asking Dani to stab her in order to get her power source to destroy Rev-9]
Grace: Dani, this is what you sent me here to do.
Dani Ramos: [crying] No.
Grace: We both know I wasn’t going back.
Dani Ramos: I can’t. No.
Grace: You save me. Let me save you.
Dani Ramos: No.
Grace: Do it. Do it now.
[as she sobs she stabs Grace and pulls out her power source]
Dani Ramos: I’m sorry.


[as Rev-9 is about to kill Dani]
Sarah Connor: Dammit, Carl! Wake up!
[suddenly T-800’s eyes open]


[looking at Sarah as T-800 is about to destroy Rev-9 with the power source]
T-800: For John.
[the power core explodes destroying them both]


[last lines; after they watch over a young Grace playing in the park]
Dani Ramos: I won’t let her die for me again.
Sarah Connor: Then you need to be ready.
[the pair then drive off]

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