Starring: Betty Gilpin, Emma Roberts, Hilary Swank, Ike Barinholtz, Amy Madigan, Justin Hartley, Glenn Howerton, Ethan Suplee, Jim Klock, J. C. MacKenzie



Action horror directed by Craig Zobel in which the story follows twelve strangers who wake up in a clearing. They don’t know where they are, or how they got there. In the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory, a group of elites gathers at a remote Manor House to hunt humans for sport. But their master plan is about to be derailed when one of the hunted, Crystal (Betty Gilpin), knows The Hunters’ game better than they do. She turns the tables on the killers, picking them off, one by one, as she makes her way toward the mysterious woman (Hilary Swank) at the center of it all.


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[we see a group of wealthy people on a private plane]
Richard: You like working for Athena?
Flight Attendant: Yes, she’s sweet.
Richard: She’s sweet? Don’t let her hear you say that.


[after a drugged man, Randy, bursts into the cabin looking distressed]
The Doctor: Oh, uh, may I use your pen?
Flight Attendant: Pen. Yes.
The Doctor: Thanks. Okay, Randy. I’m going to put you back to sleep now.
Randy: What?
The Doctor: Because you woke up before you were supposed to.
[he then viciously stabs him in the neck with the pen]


[after Athena has stabbed Randy in the eye with her high heeled shoes]
Athena: Put him in the back with the rest.
Richard: This isn’t right. I mean, he doesn’t even know. I mean, it hasn’t even started yet.
[Athena removes the heel of her shoe out of Randy’s eye popping his eyeball out]
Athena: No sentimentality, comrade. War is war.


[after he’s dragged Randy to another part of the plane]
The Doctor: F**king redneck.


[after a gagged woman wakes in a field and finds other gagged people]
Yoga Pants: What is happening? What is all of this?
Don: Yeah, f**k if I know. Here.
[offers her a gun]
Yoga Pants: I can’t use that.
Don: Can you do this?
[motions with his finger]
Yoga Pants: Yeah.
Don: Well, you can squeeze a trigger then. Take it.


[as they are being shot at]
Yoga Pants: That almost hit me!
[suddenly a bullet hits her in the head and she dies]


Target: Road means civilization.
Staten Island: What?
Target: Civilization’s our f**king friend.


[as he’s hit by an arrow whilst trying to climb the gate]
Target: What is this Avatar sh*t?!


[as they hear an explosion]
Big Red: What was that?
Staten Island: That’s another one of us getting blown the f**k up!
Big Red: F**k.
Staten Island: We got to find shelter! Come on!


[after they find a gas station ran by an elderly couple]
Staten Island: Where are we?
Ma: What?
Pop: Look, son, we don’t want no trouble. Just take the money.
Staten Island: I don’t want your damn money! Where the f**k are we?
Ma: Well, Route 31, right outside of Elaine.
Staten Island: Elaine, where? Which state?
Ma: Arkansas.


Staten Island: You got a phone?
Ma: Please, we have children. We have grandchildren.
Staten Island: Oh, you have grandchildren? Can I see a picture of them? I’m just kidding. I give a f**k. Give me the phone.
[Ma gives him the phone]
Pop: Son, whatever’s going on here…
Staten Island: What’s going on is we’re getting goddamn hunted.
Ma: But y’all have guns.
Staten Island: Yeah, to defend ourselves.


[after calling 911]
Staten Island: There’s been a killing spree. You got to come here right now.
Operator: Can you repeat that, sir?
Staten Island: There’s been a murder spree in the woods, a f**king massacre. It’s Manorgate!
Operator: I’m sorry, sir. I’m having trouble understanding you.
Staten Island: Manorgate. Just f**king Google it!
Operator: I can’t Google it right now.


Staten Island: We woke up with these gags in our mouth, and they had these locks on them, and…
Operator: Sir, I need the address of your emergency.
Staten Island: Do you want my address in Staten Island, New York, where I went to a bar after work, and I don’t remember anything because they drugged me, they drugged all of us?
[to the other two]
Staten Island: Where did they get you from?
Big Red: Wyoming.
Vanilla Nice: Orlando.
Staten Island: F**k!


Staten Island: Alright, listen to me. They grabbed us from all over, and they brought us here to kill us, and they’re still trying to kill us. And they’re coming down the f**king road, and they’re going to be here any f**king second!
Operator: Okay. What is your current location, sir?
Staten Island: I am at a gas station! Could you please just trace the call?
Operator: Of course. That’s a great idea. We’ll trace you, sir. Sit tight.
Staten Island: Okay.
Operator: Help’s on the way.
Staten Island: Good.
[the line goes dead]


Pop: Son, would you mind putting your gun away? You seem a little worked up, and you don’t want it to go off by accident.
Staten Island: It‘s not going to go off on accident. I own seven guns.
Ma: Why?
Staten Island: What?
Ma: Why do you own seven guns?
Big Red: “Stand your ground.”
Staten Island: Because it’s my constitutional right to protect myself if I should ever happen to be getting f**king shot at, which is exactly what’s happening right now. Is that okay?


Ma: So those people that are shooting at you, they’re just exercising the very same right?
Staten Island: What the f**k are you talking about?
Ma: Will there be sugar after the Rebellion?
Staten Island: Is she okay?
Pop: Oh, sure, she’s fine. How are you?
[as Big Red is eating some doughnuts, she starts convulsing]
Vanilla Nice: What the f**k?


[after Ma and Pop have gas poisoned Big Red, gas bombed Vanilla Ice and shot Staten Island]
Ma: Don’t make a mess!
Pop: What?
Ma: I’m not cleaning him up!
[Vanilla Nice is gasping from being gas bombed]
Vanilla Nice: You’re going to hell.
Pop: I don’t believe in hell. As you so eloquently posted, I’m a godless elite. For the record, a**hole, climate change is real.
[he viciously hits Vanilla Ice in the face with the back of his gun ]
Pop: Hit the vent, honey!
[Ma switches the vent on, then they both stand over the three dead bodies]
Pop: I’ll get a mop.


[over the radio]
Ma: We got three of them. Mollie, Moses, and Mr. Whymper.
Athena: That’s great. Liberty got Boxer. Stuck him full of arrows, and then blew him to pieces. It was brutal. Anyway, Snowball’s headed toward you now. She’s maybe five minutes out. You going to be ready, or do you need us to slow her down?
Pop: We’re good.
Ma: No need. We’re ready.
Athena: Great. She’s unarmed, so have some fun with it.
Ma: Roger that. Over and out.


[as Pop is about to drink some soda from their store fridge]
Ma: Honey, that’s poison!
[spits out the soda]
Pop: You rigged the soda?!
Ma: No. There are forty-three grams of sugar in that bottle.
Pop: Oh, good God, Miranda. You really scared me.
Ma: I am not going to apologize for caring.
[he goes to her and kisses her]
Pop: Alright, then. Let’s get some more!
Ma: Okay.


[after Crystal comes to the gas station and buys a pack of cigarettes and matches]
Crystal: What state is this?
Pop: Sorry?
Crystal: You don’t understand the question?
Pop: Oh, no. I did. Just most people know where they are.
Crystal: Well, I ain’t most people.
[we see Pop touch his rifle under the counter]
Ma: You’re in the glorious state of Arkansas.
[Crystal looks down at the change Ma gave her]
Ma: Is there anything else that…
[Crystal suddenly smacks Ma’s head on the counter, jumps over the counter, grabs the rifle, shoots Pop, then turns to shoot Ma]
Ma: No! No, please! No!
Crystal: Cigarettes in Arkansas only cost six bucks. You f**ked up, b*tch!
[she shoots Ma]


[Crystal overhears on the radio]
Athena: Turn your radio off.
Richard: What?
Athena: Turn your f**king radio off, now!
[the radio turns off]
Crystal: At least one of you is smart.


[after Crystal comes across another escapee, Gary, who’s pointing his gun at her]
Crystal: I’m a friendly.
Gary: How do I know that?
[referring to the truck he’s standing next to]
Crystal: Why don’t you pull that door handle? Then you’ll blow the f**k up, and then you’ll know.
Gary: Oh, sh*t.


Crystal: You should not have shot that drone.
Gary: But now they can’t see us.
Crystal: Don’t need to. You just told them we’re here.


[referring to Ma and Pop]
Gary: Why didn’t they just kill you when you came in?
Crystal: Don’t care.


[after he’s told his theory that they’re in Vermont being hunted by wealthy elites]
Gary: I forwarded that to fifty friends. It’s not like I believed it. You believe it?
Crystal: That you have fifty friends?
Gary: No, the rest of it.


Crystal: [to Gary] This ain’t Vermont.


Gary: I’m Gary.
Crystal: Shut the f**k up, Gary.


[after jumping onto a passing train and coming across a group of refugees]
Gary: Oh, come on.
Crystal: What?
Gary: They’re not real. Uh-uh. You know what we have here? Crisis actors. What are the chances, the one train car with the open door, is full of illegals? I mean, will you look at these f**ks? A little obvious, don’t you think?


[after the train is stopped by Croatian soldiers and one of refugees reveals he’s a hunter]
Gary: You’re all fake! You’re all fake!
Crisis Mike: Gary, you have just got to chill. Okay, buddy? Now, those other refugees, they weren’t part of this. They’re real. I know. I have been embedded with them, okay? And those soldiers, well, they’re f**king real too. That train wasn’t supposed to be stopped. So just calm the f**k down, and we will get through this, alright? And you know what? I’ll even give you guys a head start before I come after you. How’s that sound? You good? Come on, buddy.
[as she sees Gary loosing it]
Crystal: Gary, Gary, Gary, don’t.
Gary: [yells] I am not your buddy!
[Gary knocks Mike down, takes one of his grenades]
Gary: Sayonara, sugar tits.
[he drops the grenade in Mike’s pants]


[after Crystal is detained by the Croatian authorities]
Dino: You have papers?
Crystal: Where are we?
Dino: Where you think?
Crystal: Well, I was, uh, eating in Mississippi when I got knocked out, for what was at least eighteen hours. So, taking that kind of into account, along with your accent, and the license plate I f**king saw, I’m guessing I’m probably in Bosnia.
[Dino snickers]
Crystal: Serbia? Croatia?
[Dino looks at her]
Crystal: I’m in Croatia then.


Dino: You are hunted?
Crystal: Who said I was hunted?
Dino: Don. Hm? You hunted like Don?
Crystal: Who the f**k is Don?
Dino: [to his colleague] Bring Don.


[after they bring Don to show Crystal]
Dino: Don.
[they take off the sack over Don’s head]
Don: Howdy.
Crystal: Yeah, hunted like Don.
Don: Yeah. I told you, a**holes.


Don: You want to share what you’re thinking, sweetie? Hmm? Come on. You don’t care why they’re doing this to us?
Crystal: Well, they’re trying to kill me. I don’t give a sh*t why.


[after Fauxnvoy, from the US embassy, arrives to take Crystal and Don out of the detention center]
Fauxnvoy: So you’re telling me that they built an entire gas station out here just to convince you this was the middle of Arkansas? What kind of sick individual even comes up with that? It’s horrifying.
Don: You f**king said it, junior.
Fauxnvoy: Okay, we’re going to get back to the embassy. I’m going to contact the State Department. We’re going to get military support out here. We’re going to find these animals.
Don: Attaboy.


Fauxnvoy: Why would they do something like that?
Don: Same reason elites do anything, because they think they’re better than us.
Fauxnvoy: Yeah, but why you? I mean, it seems so personal, right?
Don: What?
Fauxnvoy: No, no. I mean, I’m just asking. Why pick you of all people? You must have done something to pop up on their radar somehow. Otherwise, why target you so specifically?
Don: We didn’t do sh*t.


Don: So what, you think this is our f**king fault?
Fauxnvoy: No. No, no. That’s not what I’m… No, I would never blame the victim.
Crystal: Yeah.
Fauxnvoy: There’d have to be a reason, is all. Can you think of anything, anything at all, no matter how minor, that might make somebody want to try something as…
[suddenly Crystal kicks Fauxnvoy out of his car, then drives over his body to kill him]


[referring to killing Fauxnvoy]
Don: Why did you do that? He was trying to save us. He was…
[Crystal opens the boot Fauxnvoy’s car to reveal Gary’s dead body]
Don: Oh, Jesus.
Crystal: Nope, that’s Gary.
Don: How did you know he was lying?
Crystal: Because everyone is lying.
Don: Well, maybe you should’ve waited to kill him until he told us why they’re doing this.
Crystal: Pretty sure he wanted us to tell him.


[after realizing they are the last two remaining to be hunted; referring to the map]
Don: What is that?
Crystal: It’s where Mr. Bullsh*t was taking us.
Don: This seems a little obvious, like maybe they wanted us to find it.
Crystal: Depends on whether they’re smart pretending to be idiots, or idiots pretending to be smart.


Crystal: [to Don] My mama used to tell me this story, about the jackrabbit and the box turtle. The jackrabbit is a real d*ck, because he brags all the time. Says nobody’s faster than him. And, well, it’s true. Because every time he races, the jackrabbit always wins. The whole f**king forest has to put up with his sh*t, day in, day out. F**ker always wants to race just to rub it in some more. So the box turtle figures, “Why not? I’ll give it a try.” And the jackrabbit like laughs. Like, “Okay, this’ll be fun. So let’s f**king go.” So bang! Jackrabbit leaves the box turtle in his f**king dust. I mean, he is way out in front. Of course he is, because jackrabbit always wins. But he wants to put on a show, and make it seem close. So he stops, and he takes a nap. He sleeps longer than he wanted to. By the time he wakes up, I mean, he knows he’s f**ked. Jackrabbit goes full tilt, but it’s too late. The box turtle crosses the finish line first, and the crowd’s like goes f**king wild.


[as Crystal continues her story about the jackrabbit and box turtle]
Crystal: Later that night, box turtle’s having dinner with his family. He’s telling his little box turtles how he did it. “I mean, never give up. Just keep crawling forward, and you can overcome just about anything.” Door smashes in. It’s the jackrabbit. And he has a hammer. Smashes up the wife and kids first, so the box turtle has to watch them die. And then it’s his turn. Once the whole family’s broken into little pieces, he sits down and eats their dinner. Every last bite. Because the jackrabbit always wins.
Don: Your mama told you that story? Uh, so wait. So who’s the rabbit? Is it us or them?


[as they see a pig with a shirt on coming out of the woods]
Crystal: You see a pig with a shirt on, right?
Don: Yep. A little pig.


[in a bunker, where the hunters are waiting]
Martin: Oh, wow. Ava DuVernay just liked one of my posts.
Richard: You’re friends with Ava too?
Martin: No. Maybe. We met at a Time 100 dinner. This is the photo that she liked. It’s from when I was in Haiti.
Richard: [laughing] Wait a second. Wait. You were in Haiti? Remind us, what were you doing there again?


[referring to Martin’s time in spent in Haiti]
Richard: Well, I just heard that you got a girl pregnant down there.
Liberty: Ooh.
Martin: I fell in love.
Richard: Hope she was pro-choice.
Peter: Don’t joke about choice, man, please.


Peter: Guys, we’re all on the same team.
Liberty: Did you say “guys”?
Peter: I’m sorry. I gendered it.


[to their military consultant]
Martin: What was the name of that movie you did again?
Sgt. Dale: Tears of the Sun.
Martin: I mean, that’s actually what they called it? Tears of the Sun?
Peter: Why is the sun crying?
Martin: It came out? I mean, like in theaters and stuff?
Sgt. Dale: Bruce Willis was in it.
Martin: What?
Liberty: I love Bruce.
Richard: He’s cool.


Richard: Well, I’m going to go take a pi**. Who has the hand sanitizer?
Liberty: Oh, Christ. Richard, just rough it.


[after they break into the bunker and kills everyone inside]
Crystal: Don, is there anything you would like to ask her?
Don: What?
Crystal: You got mad that I killed the f**ker in the car before you could ask him anything, and I thought, you know, now’s your chance.
Don: Why are you doing this to us?
Liberty: Because Jesus told me to.
Crystal: Well, there’s your answer.


[as she’s about to shoot Liberty]
Don: Woh! Hey, hey. Come on, you can’t just… She’s a woman.
Crystal: Hey, miss, do you think you should be afforded mercy just because you’re a girl?
Liberty: No.
[Crystal shoots her]
Don: What the f**k is wrong with you?!


[over the radio; to Don]
Athena: You don’t have to pretend anymore. She’s figured it out.
Don: I don’t know who the f**k that is.
Athena: Shoot her!
Crystal: Drop the gun.
Athena: F**king shoot her, Don!
Don: They’re playing you. They’re f**king with you. I’m on your side here.
Crystal: Just drop the gun.
[as Don goes to shoot her, Crystal shoots back and kills him]


[over the radio]
Athena: Don? Is she hurt?
Crystal: Don’s dead. Because of me.
Athena: Then I guess you’d better come and get me.


[referring to Athena]
Sgt. Dale: You have no idea what you’re up against. She’s been training for eight months. She’s going to rip you into pieces.
Crystal: We’ll see.


Sgt. Dale: You were in the service?
Crystal: Uh, yes. Afghanistan. Were you?
Sgt. Dale: National Guard.
Crystal: So you were never in the sh*t.
Sgt. Dale: I’m in it now.
Crystal: That’s a nice way of looking at it. Hey, thank you for your service.
[she shoots him]


[one year before, we see Athena is an executive at a corporation being reprimanded over some leaked texts]
Athena: Oh, well, last I heard, free speech still exists.
Paul: Don’t do that. Don’t First Amendment me, please. It’s not a country. It’s a business. A business, and there are optics.


Paul: Are you aware there’s an active group of people out there who believe this is a real thing?
Athena: Believe what’s a real thing?
Paul: That you’re hunting human beings for sport.
[Athena laughs]
Paul: Yeah, not funny.


Paul: I’m sorry, you got to go.
Athena: Paul, it was just a joke. One joke.
Paul: Wasn’t funny.
Athena: It wasn’t real!
Paul: I mean, I wish this didn’t happen. I really do, but this idea is out there, and these people believe it, and they’re not going away.
Athena: What people?
Paul: Sorry?
Athena: What people believe I’m hunting human beings at my manor? What f**king people?!


[eight months before, we see the group of elites in a meeting choosing who to hunt]
Crisis Mike: I’m playing an Arab refugee. I’m from Connecticut. Isn’t that a little problematic?
Pop: [to Ma] That was your idea.
Fauxnvoy: It was your idea. It was weird when you said it.


[back to present day, after Crystal finally meets Athena]
Athena: It’s amazing to me. People go their entire lives without realizing the most simple obvious truth. The only way to properly slice tomatoes is with a bread knife.


Athena: Did you kill Don?
Crystal: Uh-huh.
Athena: Because I convinced you he was one of us.
Crystal: Was he?
Athena: Maybe. Maybe not.


Athena: Who am I?
Crystal: Huh?
Athena: Who am I?
Crystal: Lady, I don’t know who you are. I just know that you’re crazy.
Athena: I am crazy. But I know I’m crazy. And if you know you’re crazy, then you’re not crazy. So that just makes me really, really mad.
Crystal: Okay. So who am I?
Athena: Crystal May Creasey.


[to Crystal as she makes a sandwich]
Athena: You know, most people think that you should use cheddar in a grilled cheese, but I use Gruyère. Nothing else has that kind of melt.


[after Athena has explained why Crystal was one of the chosen ones to be hunted]
Crystal: Huh.
Athena: Huh? That’s all you have to say for yourself?
Crystal: Everybody you kidnapped and killed, that’s because they busted you, and your friends, and put it on the Internet?
Athena: No one busted us. We were joking. But you ignorami took it literally. You actually believed we were hunting human beings for sport.
Crystal: But you are.
Athena: What?
Crystal: Hunting human beings for sport.


Athena: It wasn’t true.
Crystal: This is your manor, isn’t it?
Athena: It’s not a f**king manor. It’s a house I rented in Croatia and had decorated.
Crystal: Okay. Right, but it’s yours, and you’re hunting people. So it’s, mean, it’s true.
Athena: Now. Now it’s true, because you made it true. You people, you take anything you want, and you twist it around until it fits into your backwards f**king worldview. You wanted it to be true, so you decided it was.


Athena: This was your idea.
Crystal: Well, not my idea. Ooh, I did not want to mess up your big grilled cheese speech. But, oh, you done f**ked up, lady. See, you got the wrong Crystal. There’s another Crystal May Creasey back home. But she spells May with an E. Hey, I get her mail sometimes.


Crystal: Hoo, you don’t really care about the truth, do you?
Athena: Of course I do. The only difference is I’m right.
Crystal: Hey, maybe. Maybe not. Now, do I have to keep listening to Beethoven, or can we f**king get on with it?
[Crystal grabs a knife and attacks Athena]


[after their big battle and they’ve both stabbed each other]
Crystal: Hey, can I ask you a question? Why did you call me Snowball?
Athena: It’s a reference, to George Orwell’s Animal Farm. He’s a pig.
Crystal: Yeah, but why am I Snowball? Snowball is an idealist. He wants to make the world a better place. That’s why the other pigs make up lies about him, turn him into the enemy. I think you should be Snowball.
Athena: You read Animal Farm?
Crystal: Yes, ma’am, I did.


Athena: Can I ask you a question? Are you Justice4Yall? Come on. We’re both dead. Just tell me. I got the right Crystal, didn’t I?
Crystal: No, ma’am. You did not.
Athena: Whoops.
[she takes her last breath as she dies]


[after she sees a hare enter the house, Crystal patches up her wound, puts on one of Athena’s dresses and goes to the plane]
Crystal: The, uh, a**holes you work for tried to kill me, so I killed them instead. Now I want to go home. That going to be a problem?
Pilot: Certainly not, ma’am.


[last lines; as the flight attendant is serving her champagne and caviar]
Crystal: You ever had caviar?
Flight Attendant: No, I don’t think I’m really allowed to.
Crystal: Well, you are now. Have a seat. Dig in.
[Crystal takes the champagne bottle and starts drinking from it]
Flight Attendant: How is it?
Crystal: It’s f**king great.


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