Starring: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, Anna Paquin, Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano, Sebastian Maniscalco, Stephen Graham, Domenick Lombardozzi, Jeremy Luke, Joseph Russo, Stephanie Kurtzuba, Kathrine Narducci, Aleksa Palladino, Jack Huston



Bio-crime drama directed by Martin Scorsese in which the story centers on Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), a labor union official with mob connections, who recalls his involvement in the slaying of Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino), an American labor union leader.



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[first lines; Frank is sitting in a wheelchair in a nursing home recounting his life]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] When I was young, I thought house painters painted houses. What did I know? I was a working guy, a business agent for Teamster Local 107 out of South Philly. One of a thousand working stiffs, until I wasn’t no more. And then I started painting houses myself.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] In this particular matter, the whole thing was built around the wedding. Bill Bufalino’s daughter was getting married in Detroit. Bill was a Teamster lawyer, but more important, he was Russell Bufalino’s cousin.


[referring to Russell]
Frank Sheeran: I mean, I thought maybe he owned the gas station. Because he owned something, you could tell. Yeah, it turns out he owned the whole road.


[after getting accused by his company of theft, Frank visits lawyer, Bill]
Bill Bufalino: Okay, Frank Sheeran. Am I saying that right?
Frank Sheeran: Yeah, you said it right.
Bill Bufalino: Uh, under the contract, thanks to Jimmy Hoffa, management can only fire a driver on very specific charges. So, you ever show up late?
Frank Sheeran: No.
Bill Bufalino: Do you have any moving violations?
Frank Sheeran: No.
Bill Bufalino: Do you drink on the job?
Frank Sheeran: No.
Bill Bufalino: Do you ever hit anybody?
Frank Sheeran: On a job?
Bill Bufalino: Yeah.
Frank Sheeran: No.
Bill Bufalino: Okay.
Frank Sheeran: What about stealing, that ain’t grounds?
Bill Bufalino: Well, can they prove it?
Frank Sheeran: I don’t think so.
Bill Bufalino: Alright then, we don’t have nothing to worry about. If they can prove it, they’re just going to want names from you. Accomplices. That’s all. You give them a couple of names, you go home. Keep your job. What do you think about that? Would you do that?
Frank Sheeran: No.
Bill Bufalino: Would you give them names?
Frank Sheeran: No. No names.


Bill Bufalino: You know, I don’t, uh, I don’t care whether you did it or not. That makes no difference to me.
Frank Sheeran: Yeah, I know.
Bill Bufalino: I’m here to defend you. Right?
Frank Sheeran: Right.
[pause as Bill looks at Frank and indicates for Frank to tell him]
Frank Sheeran: What do you want to know? Do you want to know if I did it or not?
Bill Bufalino: Well…
[Frank chuckles]
Bill Bufalino: I’m going to defend you either way.
Frank Sheeran: Yeah, alright, but I work hard for them when I ain’t stealing from them.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] I don’t know how he did it, and I ain’t going to ask. All I know is that Bill Bufalino got me out of a case where I should never have gotten away with it. I should’ve been down for the count. Instead, we went out celebrating, and I met what was going to turn out to be the rest of my life.


Bill Bufalino: Frank, I want you to meet my cousin Russell Bufalino.
[Frank and Russell shake hands]
Frank Sheeran: How are you?
Russell Bufalino: Hi. Nice to meet you.
Frank Sheeran: You helped me with my truck a couple of months ago.
Russell Bufalino: Oh, yeah, yeah. That’s right. The timing chain.
Frank Sheeran: Yeah.
Russell Bufalino: Did you get it fixed?
Frank Sheeran: I fixed it the next day, yeah.
Russell Bufalino: Attaboy.


[referring to Bill]
Russell Bufalino: You better watch. There’s a lot of tough guys around here. Did he tell you? You’re not afraid of tough guys, are you?
Frank Sheeran: No.
Russell Bufalino: I didn’t think so. I’ll see you around.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Maybe I didn’t know who Russell Bufalino was back then, but I’d seen enough pictures and stories in the newspapers to know he was eating with Angelo Bruno. I mean, Bruno, he was just made the new boss of Philadelphia. He took care of everything from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. That, I knew.
[then it’s quoted that in 1980 Angelo was shot in the head sitting in his car outside his house]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] And that was all I had to know to know that Russell Bufalino was no truck mechanic from Canada Dry.


[referring to Frank’s time in the army fighting in the Second World War]
Russell Bufalino: [in Italian] Were you afraid of dying?
Frank Sheeran: [in Italian] Always afraid.
[in English]
Frank Sheeran: And don’t let anybody tell you that they weren’t afraid. That’s a lot of bullsh*t. You know?
Russell Bufalino: Yeah.
Frank Sheeran: Everybody’s afraid. And you pray a lot. I prayed a lot. I prayed that I’d never sin again as long as I live, if I could just get out of here. But then the fighting starts, and then you forget about everything. You’re just trying to survive, stay alive. Once I saw that I was getting through the war, I looked around me, I said, “From now on, whatever happens, happens.”
Russell Bufalino: Che successe successe. F**k it.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Russell, he took a shine to me right away. After a while, he started giving me little things to do. But then Angelo, himself, he started giving me little things to do too.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Russell had a piece of everything. He had this store in Pittston called Penn Drape & Curtains. And he ran everything out of there. Who knew what it all was? I mean, I’m sure the man had partners. They always have partners. Nobody keeps all the money. But everybody listened to Russ, that I can tell you. You wanted to bribe a judge, you asked Russell. You didn’t know how much to bribe him, Russell was going to tell you.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] You want to promote one of your guys, Russ would tell you you could or you could not.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] You want to make somebody disappear, you got to get Russell’s permission. You know, no two ways about it.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] And when you did something for Russ, you did it yourself. Like Russ used to say…
Russell Bufalino: When I ask somebody to take care of something for me, I expect them to take care of it themselves. I don’t need two roads coming back to me.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] You’d never know it by looking at this guy, but all roads led back to Russ.


[referring to his laundry business]
Whispers DiTullio: [to Frank] They’re trying to take our customers from us. To tell you the truth, I’m a little concerned.
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Whenever anybody says they’re a little concerned, they’re very concerned.
Whispers DiTullio: [to Frank] As a matter of fact, I’m really more than a little concerned.
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] And when they say they’re more than a little concerned, they’re desperate.
Whispers DiTullio: [to Frank] I want this f**king place bombed, burnt, torched, whatever the f**k you have to do.


[referring to Russell]
Angelo Bruno: You got a good friend here. You don’t know how good a friend you got.
Frank Sheeran: Oh, I know.
Angelo Bruno: No, you don’t know.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] In a case like this, the best thing to do is you use something brand new. Right out of the box. Otherwise, you don’t know where it’s been. You don’t know who’s used it, what crime it was connected to. That’s suicide. So I recommend something new, straight out of the box. Stone cold. Clean.
[we see Frank walk up to meet Whispers, but he shoots him in the head and just continues walking on]


[referring to the gun he used to kill Whispers]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Naturally, the next thing you want to do is throw the thing away. You want to get rid of it. There’s a spot in the Schuylkill River everybody uses. If they ever send divers down there, they’d be able to arm a small country.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] For me, everything changed after Whispers. It was like the army. You followed orders. You did the right thing. You got rewarded. And when I handled things for Russell, it was never for money, but as a show of respect. When you ran a little errand, you did a little favor, you got a little favor back if you ever needed it. And you always hurried back.


[referring to young Peggy]
Russell Bufalino: I get the feeling she don’t like me. Like she’s afraid of me.
Frank Sheeran: No, no. That’s the way she is. She’s afraid of me at times too. So, uh, it’s just she’s a sensitive kid, but that’s all it is.
Russell Bufalino: I can understand her being afraid of me, but she shouldn’t be scared of you, Frank.
Frank Sheeran: No, well. And then she hears about me in the papers sometimes…
Russell Bufalino: Really?
Frank Sheeran: Yeah.
Russell Bufalino: You got to be close to your kids, Frank.
Frank Sheeran: I am. I am.
Russell Bufalino: You’re blessed to have them. I mean, Carrie and I can’t have kids. I told you. But you’re blessed. You’re blessed.


[on the phone]
Russell Bufalino: Hiya, my friend. How are you? Listen, I got that kid I was talking to you about here. I’m going to put him on the phone, and let you talk to him, okay? Alright.
[he gives the phone to Frank]
Frank Sheeran: Hello?
Jimmy Hoffa: Is that Frank?
Frank Sheeran: Yes.
Jimmy Hoffa: Hiya, Frank. This is Jimmy Hoffa.
Frank Sheeran: Yeah, yeah. Glad to meet you.
Jimmy Hoffa: Well, glad to meet you too, even if it’s over the phone. I heard you paint houses.
Frank Sheeran: Yes. Yes, sir, I do. I do. And I, uh, I also do my own carpentry.
Jimmy Hoffa: Oh, I’m glad to hear that.


Jimmy Hoffa: I understand you’re a brother of mine.
Frank Sheeran: Yes, sir. Local 107, since 1947.
[referring to Russell]
Jimmy Hoffa: Yeah. You know, uh, our friend speaks very highly of you.
Frank Sheeran: Well, thank you.
Jimmy Hoffa: He’s not an easy man to please.
Frank Sheeran: Well, I do my best.
Jimmy Hoffa: Well, you know, there’s a situation…
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Nowadays, young people, they don’t know who Jimmy Hoffa was. They don’t have a clue. I mean, maybe they know that he disappeared, or something, but that’s about it. But back then, there wasn’t nobody in this country who didn’t know who Jimmy Hoffa was.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] In the ’50s, he was as big as Elvis. In the ’60s, he was like the Beatles. And next to the president, he was like the most powerful man in the country. Bar none.


[over the phone]
Jimmy Hoffa: Well, you know, there’s a situation going on now, Frank, that needs to be attended to. You know, they’re trying to tear the union apart. Big business and the government working together, trying to pull us down.


[over the phone]
Jimmy Hoffa: You want to be a part of this fight?
Frank Sheeran: Yes, I do, sir.
Jimmy Hoffa: Would you like to be a part of this history?
Frank Sheeran: Yes, I would. Whatever you need me to do, I’m available.
Jimmy Hoffa: Can you come to Chicago tomorrow?
Frank Sheeran: Yes, I can, sir.
Jimmy Hoffa: Alright, then. See you then.
[Jimmy ends the call]


[after Frank has finished his call to Jimmy]
Russell Bufalino: He likes to talk, don’t he?
Frank Sheeran: Yeah. Thought I was talking to General Patton.


[meeting with Jimmy in Chicago]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Jimmy, he didn’t make me stay in his suite because he liked me. He made me stay with him because he didn’t want me registering in my name at the hotel. This way, there was no proof I was even in Chicago.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] After Chicago, Jimmy and I got close. The wives hit it off. And with Jimmy and Josephine’s kids mostly grown up and out of the house, they got a kick out of our kids too.


[referring to why Peggy liked Jimmy]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] And also, to her, he was helping people. He was helping them make more money, live better lives. He wasn’t stomping on somebody’s hand.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Back then, you couldn’t go to regular banks because the money was for gambling. God’s truth, that’s what it was. I’m serious. You couldn’t. So the mob, what did they do? They went to the Teamsters for the money. It was the Teamsters that stepped in and lent the money that built Las Vegas.


[watching Kennedy on the TV]
Jimmy Hoffa: We’re going to war with these people. War! If I said it once, I said it a thousand times, I don’t care they’re Irish. I don’t care they’re Catholic. If there’s one person you can’t trust in this life, it’s millionaires kids.


[referring to Robert Kennedy]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] With Bobby as attorney general, I mean, they were all over us. I mean, we couldn’t talk on the phone because we knew it was being bugged. You couldn’t do nothing. You couldn’t go nowhere. You couldn’t do anything. It was a bad, bad, bad situation. And then Jimmy, forget it. Bobby, now as attorney general, he has the power to send anybody to jail, and no question about it. And Jimmy was at the top of Bobby’s hit list. He even set up a special “Get Hoffa Squad”, where he had his own guys from the FBI, the IRS working around the clock. Their only job was to put Jimmy Hoffa in jail. I’m serious. That’s all they did.


[giving instruction to Frank]
Russell Bufalino: You drive the truck down to Florida. A dog track outside Jacksonville. You leave it there. A guy with big ears named Hunt will meet you there. He’s going to give you a car to drive back to Philly.
[we see Frank meeting Hunt, he stares at him]
E. Howard ‘Big Ears’ Hunt: What are you looking at? You looking at my ears?
Frank Sheeran: Sorry?
E. Howard ‘Big Ears’ Hunt: My ears. Are you looking at my ears?
Frank Sheeran: Your ears? No.
E. Howard ‘Big Ears’ Hunt: I had an operation, so there’s no need for anyone looking at my ears anymore.
Frank Sheeran: Yeah, well, I ain’t looking at your ears.
E. Howard ‘Big Ears’ Hunt: Right.


[late at night]
Young Peggy Sheeran: Where are you going?
Frank Sheeran: I’m going to work. Go back to sleep.


[after Frank agrees to Jimmy’s offer to run for president of Local 326]
Jimmy Hoffa: I love you. I just love you, you know. Come here. I love you, man. I can’t tell you. Oh, jee. Oh, this is so good, you know. I feel like I can breathe again. It’s so funny. Somehow, I don’t know. I thought you would’ve said no.
Frank Sheeran: Oh, um…
Jimmy Hoffa: I’m glad you said yes. I mean, Frank, you never reveal how you feel, you know. It’s hard to tell.
Frank Sheeran: I’m honored, Jimmy. I don’t know. It’s just I don’t know what to say, you know, but I’m honored.
Jimmy Hoffa: Well, that’s good. That makes me feel good. Oh, I can breathe. That is so great.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] What can I say? I mean, I owe it all to Jimmy. He took me out of a meat truck, he gave me my start. He gave me my first charter. He gave me my first union.


[as Chuckie is beating up the guy that was going to shoot Jimmy while in court]
Jimmy Hoffa: Get the gun out of his hand!


[after the attempted shooting in court]
Jimmy Hoffa: He shot at me, and it was like a pellet or something. I didn’t feel it, I just felt a little impact, like I was shot not even with a BB gun. Something even lighter. But I charged him. I charged him, and so did Chuckie, if you noticed. I taught him well. You charge a guy, always charge a guy with a gun. With a knife, you run away. Run away from a knife. So you charge with a gun, with a knife, you run.


[after Kennedy’s assassination]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Jimmy was right. Almost. That was the end of it with Bobby. So much for him being the attorney general. That was done. Bobby’s vendetta was over, with us.


[Jimmy is serving his prison sentence for fraud, along with Provenzano for extortion]
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: Look, you’re here for fraud. You stole money.
Jimmy Hoffa: I stole money?
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: Yeah, I stole money. Okay, fine, in a different way, but still, I want what I’m f**king owed.
Jimmy Hoffa: You people. You people.
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: What did you say?
Jimmy Hoffa: Oh, my God!
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: What did you say?
Jimmy Hoffa: Oh, come on, what I said. What the f**k did I say?
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: “You people.” You said “You people.” What does that f**king mean, “You people”?
Jimmy Hoffa: I’m done talking about this.
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: “You people”?
Jimmy Hoffa: I’m done!
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: You’re done? I’ll rip your f**king head off!
[he suddenly starts beating up Jimmy and the prison guards have to pull them apart]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Right then, you knew it was all going to fall apart.


[referring to Crazy Joe]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] I mean, who the hell else runs around with show business people like that, getting his picture taken in the papers all the time, drawing attention to himself and everybody. What is that? Who does he think he is, Erroll Flynn? He went against everything and everybody. Just didn’t give a sh*t. And, growing up, he kidnapped his own bosses. I don’t know how he got away with that. You don’t get away with that. You do that, you die. That simple.


[referring to his preparation to kill Crazy Joe]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Now, for something like this, you’re going to need two guns. The one you’re going to use and a backup. You want something with more stopping power than a .22. You definitely don’t want a silencer. You want to make a lot of noise to make the witnesses run away so they ain’t going to be looking at you. But not the noise a .45 makes, because that makes too much noise, and a patrol car can hear it a few blocks away at least.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] You never got a lot of advance notice. All you knew was your part of it. John the Redhead knew only one thing, he was going to drop me off, circle the block, and pick me up. You want to take out the bodyguard first. Not kill him. Don’t kill him, just disable him. You got no argument with him, so, not in the face, or the chest. Sometimes, with something like this, you might want to go to the bathroom first. It gives you a chance to make sure nobody followed you in. It also gives you a chance to make sure nobody is in the bathroom you have to worry about. It also gives you a chance to go to the bathroom. You don’t want to be uncomfortable. But I went before, and in a place this small, this late, you might as well just get to work.
[we then see Frank enter the restaurant, pull his guns, and start shooting at Crazy Joe until he finally kills him]


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Four years later and a half a million dollars under the table to Nixon’s re-election committee, Jimmy finally got what he wanted. A presidential pardon and his parole.


Jimmy Hoffa: I want you to endorse me, for you know what.
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: Before we get to that, let’s straighten that other thing up.
Jimmy Hoffa: No, the other thing is none of my business. I can’t do anything about your pension. I can’t. Not with Fitz in there. Fitz is in there, you know. You go to Fitz.
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: I did.
Jimmy Hoffa: He’ll help you out.
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: I did. He said he’ll take care of it,no questions asked. You wouldn’t do that, but he will. I meant the other thing.
Jimmy Hoffa: What other thing?
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: You know.
Jimmy Hoffa: I don’t know.
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: Your apology.
Jimmy Hoffa: My apology? My apology for what?
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: For what you said when you were sitting there eating your ice cream like some f**king king. That was an ethnic slur. “You people”. Did you know what he said?
Frank Sheeran: No, I mean, I heard you had an altercation in the can, but I don’t know.
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: Yeah. Yeah, “you people”. That’s what you said. Right, Jim? “You people”. Am I beneath you?
Jimmy Hoffa: Definitely.
Frank Sheeran: Jimmy, what are you doing?
Anthony ‘Tony Jack’ Giacalone: Jimmy, come on.
Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano: Don’t forget, “you people” got you where you are.


[looking at the news on TV]
Jimmy Hoffa: What are you looking at?
Frank Sheeran: Uh, it’s Big Ears.
[they watch E. Howard ‘Big Ears’ Hunt on the news]
Jimmy Hoffa: Big Ears?
Frank Sheeran: That’s somebody I met a long time ago. Just…
Jimmy Hoffa: His ears ain’t so big.


Frank Sheeran: I just want to say, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. But there I was with some people, and they were saying, and you know who they are. They were saying, “Please tell Jimmy we love the guy. We don’t want any problem. We just think that he should maybe enjoy his grandchildren, enjoy his pension, enjoy his life as is.”
Jimmy Hoffa: Go no further, Frank. Who said it?
Frank Sheeran: It don’t matter who said it.
Jimmy Hoffa: Oh, it matters. Was it Russell?
Frank Sheeran: No.
Jimmy Hoffa: No. Of course it’s not Russell. It’s that little c*cks**ker from the Miami fiasco? No?
Frank Sheeran: No.
Jimmy Hoffa: Not him. No? Then who?
Frank Sheeran: I’m going to tell you. Tony.
Jimmy Hoffa: Tony? Which Tony? They’re all named Tony. I mean, what’s the matter with Italians? They can only think of one name.
[he chuckles]
Frank Sheeran: The other Tony.
Jimmy Hoffa: What Tony?


[referring to the Local’s testimonial dinner and presenting and award to Frank]
Frank Sheeran: I was going to ask you if you would present the award to me.
Jimmy Hoffa: Well, That’s nice of you, Frank. Really. That’s nice of you. And, you know, who’s going to be there?
Frank Sheeran: Everybody.
Jimmy Hoffa: Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, and Tony, huh?
[both laugh]


Russell Bufalino: You don’t need money, do you?
Jimmy Hoffa: It’s not about money.
Russell Bufalino: Oh, if it’s not about money, then I’m really having trouble understanding, because I don’t know what all the talk is about.
Jimmy Hoffa: It’s my union. Is that hard to understand?
Russell Bufalino: No, no. It’s your union, that’s right. It’ll always be your union. You could step down and still run it.
Jimmy Hoffa: No, you don’t step down.
Russell Bufalino: What do you mean?
Jimmy Hoffa: Russ, you don’t step down to run a union. You step down to go to your grave.


Russell Bufalino: Listen, some people, not me, but some people, they’re a little concerned. Some people, not me, they think that you might…
Jimmy Hoffa: I might…
Russell Bufalino: You might be demonstrating a failure to show appreciation.
Jimmy Hoffa: I’m not showing appreciation?
Russell Bufalino: According to, you know, some people.


Jimmy Hoffa: I’m not showing appreciation.
Russell Bufalino: It’s not me. According to some people.
Jimmy Hoffa: No, I know it’s not you. Some people, some people say I’m not showing appreciation. Well, then f**k them.
Russell Bufalino: I’m trying to help you, Jim.
Jimmy Hoffa: I know you are. But nobody threatens Hoffa.


[referring to the gold signature ring]
Russell Bufalino: Only three people in the world have one of these, and only one of them is Irish. I have one. Angelo has one. Now you have one.
[Frank takes the ring and looks at]
Frank Sheeran: This is beautiful. I don’t know what to say, Russ. It’s…
Russell Bufalino: Slip it on. See how it looks.
[Frank puts the ring on his finger]
Russell Bufalino: Feel good?
Frank Sheeran: Yeah.


[after giving Frank the ring]
Russell Bufalino: You know how strong I made you? You know how strong?
[he kisses Frank on the cheek]
Russell Bufalino: You’re my kid. Nobody can f**k with you. Nobody.


[referring to Jimmy]
Russell Bufalino: Listen, Frank. Things have gotten out of hand with our friend again. And some people are having serious problems with him. And, uh, it’s at a point where you’re going to have to talk to him and tell him, it’s what it is.
Frank Sheeran: What it is?
Russell Bufalino: Yes. It’s what they want. It’s where it’s gotten. You’re close to him. Maybe he’ll listen to you.
Frank Sheeran: You know I talked to him. He’s a tough guy to talk to. You know him.
Russell Bufalino: He has no choice. He has no choice. These are the higher-ups.
Frank Sheeran: Well, he’s a higher-up too. I mean, no?
Russell Bufalino: Not like this. You know that. Oh, come on now, Frank.
[leans in closer to Frank]
Russell Bufalino: If they can whack a president, they can whack a president of the union. You know it and I know it.


Jimmy Hoffa: What’s the matter with you? You look…
Frank Sheeran: I’m concerned.
Jimmy Hoffa: Yeah, I know. You look concerned. What are you concerned about?
Frank Sheeran: I’m, I’m…
Jimmy Hoffa: They should be concerned.
Frank Sheeran: They are. They are.
Jimmy Hoffa: Well, let them be.
Frank Sheeran: They’re more than a little concerned. There’s widespread concern. It’s a big problem. Tony told the old man, to tell me, to tell you, “It’s what it is.”
Jimmy Hoffa: What it is?
Frank Sheeran: It’s what it is.


Jimmy Hoffa: [to Frank] If something funny happens to me they’re done. You understand that? And they know it. Because I got files. I got proof. I got records. I got tapes. Any time I want, they’ll be gone.


Jimmy Hoffa: [to Frank] What I’m saying is I know things. I know things they don’t know I know.


Frank Sheeran: Jimmy, I’m trying to tell you something.
Jimmy Hoffa: I know you are. You’re telling me that they’re threatening me, and I got to do what they say.
Frank Sheeran: It’s more than a threat. It’s the bottom line.
Jimmy Hoffa: The bottom line.
Frank Sheeran: It’s what it is.
Jimmy Hoffa: They do something to me, I do something to them. That’s all I know. I don’t know anything else. Do you?


Frank Sheeran: I’m worried.
Jimmy Hoffa: Tell Russ I got nothing but respect for him. I got a little trouble with him. We were talking before, and I just got a little crazy. You know how I am. I just blow, sometimes.
Frank Sheeran: Yeah.
Jimmy Hoffa: I just walked away like that. But I get that way. I get abrupt. Maybe you could tell him how much I respect him. I have nothing but respect for this guy. I would never hurt him, no matter what I do with files, or whatever I do with anything.
Frank Sheeran: No, but you should tell him, yourself.
Jimmy Hoffa: No, I’m not going to tell him myself.
Frank Sheeran: Please.
Jimmy Hoffa: Oh, come on.
Frank Sheeran: It would go a long way.
Jimmy Hoffa: He’s your rabbi. Because of him, you’re here. You tell him.


Jimmy Hoffa: [to Frank] Listen to me. At the end, there’s only one thing that’s real. This is my union. This is my union, Frank. Very simple when you say it that way.


[referring to Jimmy meeting with Tony Pro; on the phone]
Jimmy Hoffa: I can’t do it, Frank!
Frank Sheeran: You have to. No, Jimmy, you got to sit down with him.
Jimmy Hoffa: We don’t got to do anything. This is a courtesy with these people. A complete courtesy. You know that.
Frank Sheeran: I understand. But you got to try and move past that.
Jimmy Hoffa: Get past it? I am past it! I’m never seeing that m*therf**ker again.
Frank Sheeran: Jimmy, you got to sit down. Everybody says so.
Jimmy Hoffa: But there’s no point. There’s only one point, I don’t want to do it, and I’m not going to do it. Frank, I’m going to hang up on you now. Please. Understand this. Okay?
[he hangs up the phone]


[referring to the hit on Jimmy still going ahead]
Russell Bufalino: Frank, I had to put you into this thing, or you would never let it happen. And I know you wouldn’t. But it’s going to happen. Either way, he’s going. I know how you feel, Frank. Trust me, I know how you feel. I told you before, we tried everything to help him. You know that. You tried. He brought this on himself. And it’s landing on us. The only reason they agreed to this was out of respect to me. But you and Reenie will be okay, because you’re with me. You’re with me.


[as they are driving to pick up Jimmy]
Sally Bugs: What kind of fish?
Chuckie O’Brien: What?
Sally Bugs: What kind of fish?
Chuckie O’Brien: I don’t know. The kind you eat. A fish.
Sally Bugs: But you don’t know what kind?
Chuckie O’Brien: No, I don’t.
Sally Bugs: Where did you get it?
Chuckie O’Brien: What the f**k? At a fish place.
Sally Bugs: What, you just go in there and say, “Give me a fish?”
Chuckie O’Brien: Pretty much. Yeah.
Sally Bugs: You didn’t say you want a salmon, you want a haddock, you want a f**king cod?
Chuckie O’Brien: What the f**k does it matter what kind of fish it was? Why are you so concerned about this fish?
Sally Bugs: I’m just trying to understand how a person can buy a fish and not know what kind it was.
Chuckie O’Brien: There was a fish waiting for me there. I didn’t ask what kind of fish it was. I’m sorry.
Sally Bugs: So your friend had already ordered this fish.
Chuckie O’Brien: Right.


[after Jimmy was supposed to have a meeting Tony Pro, but finds Frank, Chuckie and Sal drive up to his house]
Jimmy Hoffa: Frank.
Frank Sheeran: Jimmy.
Jimmy Hoffa: What the f**k is going on? I was waiting for you. I was there at two o’clock. You were supposed to show. What happened?
Frank Sheeran: I’m sorry. But McGee’s here, he decided to come. But he ain’t comfortable here. He don’t want to come here. He’s at the house.
Jimmy Hoffa: McGee’s in Detroit?
Frank Sheeran: Yeah, he’s here. He decided to come.
Jimmy Hoffa: Oh.
Frank Sheeran: Yeah, he came to help straighten this all out.
Jimmy Hoffa: The house?
[Jimmy hesitates]
Sally Bugs: We’ll bring you back after to get your car.
[Jimmy looks at Frank]
Frank Sheeran: Yeah.
Jimmy Hoffa: Okay.
[Jimmy gets into backseat of the car next to Frank, who hugs him before they drive off]


[as they are driving up to the house they’re supposed to be meeting Tony Pro]
Frank Sheeran: Yeah, it’s right up here. Right up, that building with the staircase.
[referring to Frank’s gun]
Jimmy Hoffa: You got your friend with you?
Frank Sheeran: Right here.
Jimmy Hoffa: Good. You never know with this c*cks**ker, with or without Russ there.
[the drive up and enter the house, there’s no one there and Jimmy realizes it’s a setup]
Jimmy Hoffa: Let’s get out of here, Frank. Come on.
[as Jimmy turns to leave suddenly Frank shoots him twice, leaves the gun on the body and leaves]


[as Frank’s family are watching the news on TV about Jimmy’s disappearance and probable death]
Frank Sheeran: She stopped talking to me that day, August 3rd, 1975. She’s got a good job now and lives just outside Philly. But my daughter, Peggy, disappeared, from my life that day.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Everybody who ever had anything to do with Jimmy was hauled in and questioned.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] And everybody took the Fifth. I mean, in that situation, that’s what you do. What else are you going to do? Still, everybody got indicted or convicted on one thing or another, but not that. Not about Jimmy. Nobody, as you know, even went to jail for that. And nobody talked, which is unusual, because usually, three people can keep a secret only when two of them are dead.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Jimmy’s son, Chuckie, you know, his foster son, was in the thing too, but he didn’t know it. All Chuckie knew was he was picking up one of Pro’s guys and me, and we was all going to pick up his dad at the Red Fox for a meeting. Well, I mean, he was in it, yeah, you could say that, but stupidly. I always felt sorry for Chuckie in this whole thing, and I still do. And the Feds gave him ten months for some bullsh*t thing about a car, and that’s about it.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Now, Russell, he got pinched for telling Jimmy the Weasel to strangle Jack Napoli over some beef about twenty-five grand of jewelry that Jack took on credit from Russell, and then he never paid for. Now, with Russ, you don’t do that. So, only thing is, the Weasel, he flipped. He had a wire on him. They called it “conspiracy to kill a witness”. It was obvious to everybody else that Napoli was clearly in the wrong. I mean, how could you not see that? He set him up. It was entrapment. What else could you call it? But that’s another thing I don’t want to get into now.


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] They brought me up on bribery and labor racketeering charges, and some other bullsh*t things, I don’t know.
[we see on the screen the charges are Murder, Attempted Murder, Intimidation, Embezzlement, Arson]


[as we see Frank, Russell and Fat Tony in prison]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Russell, he had a stroke. Fat Tony, he couldn’t control his urine no more. And my arthritis, that started in the foxholes of Anzio, was eating away at my lower back now, and I couldn’t feel much in my feet no more. I needed a cane. But, you know, they’re not going to give you a cane in the can because they say you’re going to use it as a weapon. There was this medicine, Neurontin, it helped me a little bit, but it also made you loopy. We were all falling apart right there in the freezing f**king cold.


[as they are having dinner in prison]
Russell Bufalino: Jimmy was a good man. You know? He had a nice family too, huh? Yeah.
Frank Sheeran: Yeah. I know.
Russell Bufalino: I never wanted it to go that far. I picked us over him. F**k them. F**k them. F**k them.


[in prison]
Frank Sheeran: Hey, Russ.
Russell Bufalino: Hey, Frankie.
Frank Sheeran: Where you going?
Russell Bufalino: What?
Frank Sheeran: Where you going?
Russell Bufalino: I’m going to church.
Frank Sheeran: Church?
Russell Bufalino: Don’t laugh, you’ll see. Don’t laugh. You’ll see.
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Russell went to church. Then he went to the prison hospital. And then he went to the graveyard.


[referring to Peggy]
Frank Sheeran: I just want to talk to her.
Dolores Sheeran: Talk to her and tell her what?
Frank Sheeran: I just want to say I’m sorry, that’s all.
Dolores Sheeran: For?
Frank Sheeran: Look, I know I wasn’t a good dad. I know that. I know that. I was just trying to protect her. Protect all of you. I mean, that’s what I was doing. That’s…
Dolores Sheeran: From what?
Frank Sheeran: Well, everything. I mean, you had a sheltered life, in a way, because you didn’t see what I see, what I’ve been through. And there’s a lot of bad people out there. What else am I going to do?
Dolores Sheeran: Daddy, you have no idea what it was like for us. I mean, we couldn’t go to you with a problem, because of what you would do. You know, we couldn’t come to you for protection, because of the terrible things that you would do.
Frank Sheeran: I was just, I didn’t want to see you get hurt, that’s all. Um, I know you read a lot of things about me, or heard about. I’m sorry. I, um, can I do anything now to make it up to you? Huh?
[Dolores just looks at him as she cries]


Frank Sheeran: [voice over] Sooner or later, everybody put here has a date when he’s going to go. That’s just the way it is. And I think there’s got to be something when you go, because, I mean, how the hell did this whole thing start? People smarter than me can’t figure it out. That’s why I would never go for cremation, because it’s so final.


[we see Frank picking out his crypt]
Frank Sheeran: [voice over] That’s the hardest part of anybody when they bury you is when they go into the ground, because it’s so final. If you go into a building, the building’s there. The crypt is there. It has to be a metal casket, and they have you in the room. And all that there. It’s just not as final. You’re dead, but it ain’t that final.


[two FBI agents visit Frank at his nursing home]
FBI Agent: Everybody’s dead, Mr. Sheeran. It’s over. They’re all gone. Russell, Angelo, Salerno, Pro, Dorfman, Sally Bugs. They’re gone. Who are you protecting? You know who’s not gone? Mr. Hoffa’s family. His children. They’re here. And they got to live not knowing. That’s hard to do. I mean, you got kids, Frank. Can you imagine? Frank, it’s time. It’s time you say what happened.
[Frank chuckles]
Frank Sheeran: You seem like nice fellas. I appreciate you coming to see me. But I can’t help you.
FBI Agent: That’s it?
Frank Sheeran: That’s it.


[after Frank prays with a priest]
Priest: Do you feel anything for what you’ve done?
Frank Sheeran: I don’t. I mean, maybe that, because I’m here now talking to you, that in itself is, you know, an attempt to…
Priest: But you don’t feel anything at all?
Frank Sheeran: No. Water under the dam.
Priest: Any remorse for the families?
Frank Sheeran: I didn’t know the families. I didn’t know them. Except one I knew.
Priest: I think we can be sorry. We can be sorry, even when we don’t feel sorry. Well, for us to say, to make a decision of the will, “God, I am sorry. God, forgive me.” And that’s a decision of the will.


Frank Sheeran: What kind of man makes a phone call like that?
Priest: What do you mean? What phone call?
Frank Sheeran: Well, I can’t tell you. I can’t. I got…
Priest: That’s okay.


[to the nurse in the nursing home]
Frank Sheeran: Oh, boy, you don’t know how fast time goes by until you get there. But you don’t have to worry about that, because you have your whole life ahead of you. Forever. It goes fast, time. I’m telling you.


[last lines; after the priest has performed the rite of absolution]
Frank Sheeran: It’s Christmas?
Priest: Almost.
Frank Sheeran: Well, I ain’t going nowhere.
[as the Priest is about to leave]
Frank Sheeran: Hey, Father?
Priest: Yep?
Frank Sheeran: Do me a favor?
Priest: Mm-hmm.
Frank Sheeran: Don’t shut the door all the way. I don’t like that. Just leave it open a little bit.
Priest: Oh, okay.
[the priest leaves with the door ajar and Frank sits alone in his room]


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