Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Joan Cusack, Blake Clark, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Estelle Harris, Jodi Benson, Michael Keaton, Jeff Pidgeon, Kristen Schaal, Bonnie Hunt, Timothy Dalton, Jeff Garlin, Laurie Metcalf, Lori Alan, Tony Hale

Our Rating: ★★★★☆


Animated comedy adventure sequel directed by Josh Cooley. The story follows Woody (Tom Hanks), and the rest of the toys, who welcome new friends to Bonnie’s room, including a reluctant new toy called Forky (Tony Hale). We follow Woody, alongside his old and new friends, as they go on a road trip adventure, where Woody is reunited with an unexpected old friend.



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[nine years earlier; as Andy’s sister Molly is giving Bo Peep away]
Woody: Quick, we’ll sneak in the hedges before he’s back.
Bo Peep: Woody, it’s okay.
Woody: What? No! No, no, no. You can’t go! What’s best for Andy is that…
Bo Peep: Woody, I’m not Andy’s toy.
Woody: What?
Bo Peep: It’s time for the next kid.


Bo Peep: You know, kids lose their toys every day. Sometimes they get left in the yard, or put in the wrong box.
Woody: And that box gets taken away.


[as the toys panic after being put in the closet by Bonnie’s mom as she cleans the room]
Dolly: Sheriff, do I need to be worried?
Woody: No, no. My guys are veterans. They’ll hang in there.
Dolly: Good. Just keep them calm until we get word.
Woody: Yes, ma’am.


Woody: Bonnie had a great day in class, and we’re going on a road trip.
Buzz Lightyear: Road trip?
Buttercup: Vacation!
Jessie: Yee-haw!


Woody: But then something really weird happened. Bonnie made a friend in class.
Buttercup: What a kid.
Dolly: Oh, she’s already making friends.
Woody: No, no. She literally made a new friend.
[he opens Bonnie’s bag and peers in]
Woody: Hey, it’s okay. Come on out. That’s it. Come on, there you go.
[Forky whimpers nervously as he starts to come out of the bag]
Woody: Come on, let’s get you out of there. You got this.
[Woody lifts Forky out of the bag]
Woody: Good. Good. Everyone, I want you to meet Forky!
Slinky Dog: Golly bob howdy!
Mr. Potato Head: Look at that!
Rex: Look how long his arms are!


Forky: Trash?
Woody: No. No, toys. They’re all toys.
Forky: Trash?
Woody: No, no, no. That’s the trash. These are your friends.
Toys: Hi!
[Forky yells and falls back in fright]
Forky: Trash!
Woody: Ssh. No, no, it’s okay.
Forky: Trash!
Trixie: Woody, I have a question. Um, well, actually, not just one, I have all of them. I have all the questions.
Buttercup: Uh, why does he want to go to the trash?
Woody: Because he was made from trash.


Woody: Look, I know this is a little strange, but you got to trust me on this.
[picks up Forky as he tries to run to the trash]
Woody: Forky is the most important toy to Bonnie right now.
Mr. Pricklepants: Important? He’s a spork.
Woody: Yes. Yeah, I know, but this spork, this toy is crucial to Bonnie getting adjusted to kindergarten.
Dolly: Woody, aren’t you being a little dramatic about all this?
Woody: I know this is new to everybody, but you should see how much this little guy means to Bonnie. When she started playing with him, she had the biggest smile on her face. I wish you could have seen it. Bonnie was really upset, and I swear, once she made Forky, it was a complete transformation.


Jessie: Uh, Woody?
Woody: Just a second, Jessie. So we all have to make sure nothing happens to him.
Jessie: Something happened to him.
[Woody turns to see Forky laughing as he throws himself into the trash]
Woody: Oh, Chutes and Ladders!
Forky: Ah, trash.
[Woody leans into trash to get Forky out]


Bonnie’s Dad: Who wants to go on a road trip?
Bonnie: Me! I’m going to bring Dolly, and Buttercup, and Forky, and… Forky? Where are you?
Bonnie’s Dad: He’s got to be here somewhere.
[Woody finds Forky on the floor and quietly throws him up to Bonnie’s bed]
Bonnie: Forky? Forky!
[Bonnie picks up Forky]
Bonnie’s Dad: Come on. Let’s eat some breakfast and hit the road!
[Bonnie’s dad picks her up, and then steps on Woody’s head as he leaves the room]
Bonnie: Let’s go, Forky!
[Woody feels the pain of his squished head]
Woody: Oh.
Buzz Lightyear: Woh. He’s quite a handful, Woody.


Buzz Lightyear: Hey, buddy.
Woody: Hey, Buzz.
Buzz Lightyear: You doing okay?
Woody: I don’t know, Buzz. I know you weren’t around when Andy was little, but I don’t remember it being this hard.


Buzz Lightyear: Where’s Forky?
Woody: Oh, no! Forky! Forky!
Forky: I am not a toy. I’m a spork!
Woody: Be quiet!
Forky: I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili, and then the trash! I’m litter!
[he jumps out the RV caravan window]
Forky: Freedom!


[after Forky jumps out the RV window]
Woody: Hamm, how far to our next stop?
Hamm: Five point three-two miles, give or take.
Woody: I can make that. I’ll meet you at the RV park.
Buzz Lightyear: Woody, hold on a minute.
[Woody jumps out the window to go after Forky]
Buzz Lightyear: Woody!


[after Woody finds Forky, they are walking on the side of the road, Forky is struggling to walk]
Forky: Carry me?
Woody: No.
Forky: Why do I have to be a toy?
Woody: Because you have Bonnie’s name written on the bottom of your sticks.
Forky: Why do I have Bonnie’s name written on the bottom of my sticks?
Woody: Because she… Look, she plays with you all the time, right?
Forky: Ugh. Yes.
Woody: And who does she sleep with every night?
Forky: The big white fluffy thing?
Woody: No, not her pillow. You.


Woody: Alright, Forky, you have to understand how lucky you are right now. You’re Bonnie’s toy. You are going to help create happy memories that will last for the rest of her life.
[Forky looks distracted]
Forky: Huh? What?
[Woody groans in frustration]


Woody: Okay, like it or not, you are a toy. Maybe you don’t like being one, but you are one nonetheless. Which means you are going to be there for Andy when he…
Forky: Who’s Andy?
Woody: I mean, Bonnie. You have to be there for Bonnie. That is your job.
Forky: Well, what’s your job?
Woody: Well, right now, it’s to make sure you do yours.


[as they continue to walk on the side of the road]
Forky: Carry me?
Woody: No!
Forky: Who’s Andy?
Woody: Andy was my other kid.
Forky: You had another kid?
Woody: Yeah, yeah. For a long time. And it was pretty great. I was a favorite toy, actually. Running the room was my job. Keeping all the toys in place.


[referring to a toys kids]
Woody: Well, then you watch them grow up and become a full person. And then they leave. They go off and do things you’ll never see. Don’t get me wrong, you still feel good about it. But then somehow you find yourself, after all those years sitting in a closet just feeling…
Forky: Useless?
Woody: Yeah.
Forky: Your purpose fulfilled?
Woody: Exactly.


Forky: Woody, I know what your problem is.
Woody: You do?
Forky: You’re just like me. Trash!
Woody: What is it with you and trash?
Forky: It’s warm.
Woody: Ew.
Forky: It’s cozy.
Woody: I guess.
Forky: And safe! Like somebody’s whispering in your ear, “Everything’s going to be okay.”
Woody: Forky, that’s it. That’s how Bonnie feels when she’s with you.
Forky: She does?
Woody: Yes!
Forky: Wait a sec. You mean she thinks I’m warm?
Woody: Yep.
Forky: And cozy?
Woody: Uh-huh.
Forky: And sometimes Kind of squishy?
Woody: Well, that too, yes.


Forky: I get it now. I’m Bonnie’s trash.
Woody: Yes! Wait, what?
Forky: I am Bonnie’s trash!
Woody: No, no, no, not exactly.
Forky: She must be feeling awful without me. Woody, we got to get going, she needs me!
[Forky starts to run off]
Woody: Yeah. Woh, woh.
[Woody chases after Forky]
Forky: Hey, Bonnie, I’m coming!
Woody: Forky, slow down! Forky!
Forky: Bonnie, I’m coming!


[Woody notices Bo Peep inside an antique store window]
Woody: Bo?
[he starts walking towards the door]
Forky: Woody? Aren’t we going to Bonnie?
Woody: I know, I know. But my friend might be in there.
Forky: Friend?
Woody: Oh, a friend. Uh, well, a friend is… Well, a friend is like you and me.
Forky: Trash?
Woody: Trash, like… Yes. And I’m very worried that she might be lost.
Forky: But, Woody, Bonnie’s right there.
Woody: Yeah, we’ll have you back before she wakes up. Come on.
[Woody grabs Forky and enters the store through the mail box slot]


[Woody and Forky run into Gabby inside the antique store]
Woody: Hey, there. Uh, sorry to bother you, but…
Gabby Gabby: Why, you’re not a bother at all. We were just out for my early morning stroll. And look, we met you! My name is Gabby Gabby. And this is my very good friend Benson.
Woody: Oh, uh, Woody. Pleasure to meet you.
Gabby Gabby: Well, it’s nice to meet you, Woody.
[to Forky]
Gabby Gabby: And you are…?
Woody: This is Forky.
Forky: I’m trash.
Woody: Our kid made him.
Gabby Gabby: Kid? Toys around here don’t have kids. Are you two lost?
Woody: Lost? No, no. But we are looking for a lost toy. She’s a figurine. Used to be on that lamp in the window? Name’s Bo Peep?
Gabby Gabby: Bo Peep? Oh, yes, I know Bo.
Woody: You do?
Gabby Gabby: Hop on in. We’ll take you to her.
Woody: Oh, you don’t have to do that.
[Benson picks him and Forky up]
Woody: Well, okay.
[Benson dumps Woody and Forky in Gabby’s stroller]
Gabby Gabby: Benson, be careful with our new friends.
Forky: Wow, what service.


Gabby Gabby: Oh. The store is about to open. Don’t worry, we’ll take you where no one will see us.
Woody: Oh, no. We can’t stay.
Gabby Gabby: [giggles] Yes, you can.
[Woody then nervously notices three more ventriloquist dummies like Benson surround them]
Woody: We got to go.
Gabby Gabby: You can’t leave yet. You have what I need.
[referring to Woody’s voice box as she points to his chest]
Gabby Gabby: Right inside there.


Bonnie: I can’t find Forky! He’s missing!
Bonnie’s Mom: Oh, Bonnie, it’ll be alright. I’m sure he’s here somewhere. You know, if you don’t find him, you can make a new one.
Bonnie: No! There’s only one Forky!


[referring to Forky]
Bonnie: We have to find him, mom. He needs me.


Trixie: Why isn’t Woody back yet?
Rex: Oh, do you think he’s lost?
Buttercup: Buzz, what do we do?
Trixie: What do we do, Buzz? Buzz, what do we do? What do we do, Buzz? What do we do, Buzz? Buzz!
Buzz Lightyear: I, uh…
Trixie: Buzz.
Rex: What would Woody do?
Hamm: Uh, jump out of a moving vehicle.
Buzz Lightyear: What would Woody do?
[Buzz presses his voice box]
Buzz’s Voice Box: It’s a secret mission in uncharted space. Let’s go!
Buzz Lightyear: I think I have to go.
Rex: Where?
Slinky Dog: Where you going? Why?
Trixie: Should we all go? Are we going?
Hamm: And then what?
[Buzz presses his voice box]
Buzz’s Voice Box: No time to explain! Attack!
Buzz Lightyear: No time to explain!
[Buzz jumps out the window]
Hamm: Oh, no!
Jessie: Buzz!
Dolly: Okay, what is with everyone jumping out the window?


Buzz Lightyear: Woody and Forky were last seen on the highway. But where is the highway?
[Buzz presses his voice box]
Buzz’s Voice Box: The slingshot maneuver is all we’ve got. Full speed ahead!
Buzz Lightyear: Thanks, inner voice!


[after he finds Buzz, he straps him to his toy prize stall in the amusement park]
Axel: Hey! Step right up! Put your money down! Get yourself a real Buzz Lightyear!


Woody: Bo Peep!
Bo Peep: I never thought I’d see you again!
[they both chuckle awkwardly]
Bo Peep: So which kid is yours?
Woody: Which one is yours?
Bo Peep: None.
Woody: No one. Wait, you’re a lost toy?
Bo Peep: You’re a lost toy?
Woody: That’s awful!
Bo Peep: That’s great!
[realizes Woody said]
Bo Peep: Huh?
Woody: [awkwardly] I mean, awfully great that you are lost out here.


Woody: How long have you been out on your own?
Bo Peep: Seven fantastic years!
Woody: Seven?
Bo Peep: You would not believe the things I’ve seen.


Bo Peep: So, you’re, uh, with a kid? It’s not Andy, is it?
Woody: No. No, no, no. He went off to college. But he gave us to Bonnie.
Bo Peep: You have a little girl?
Giggle McDimples: No way!
Woody: Yeah, yeah. It’s why I’m out here. Her other toy is trapped in this antique store, and I have to…
Bo Peep: Second Chance Antiques? We know that store.
Woody: That’s great. That is great! If you know the store, you could really help me find him.
Bo Peep: No way. We wasted years there, just sitting on the shelf, collecting dust.
Woody: Oh, Bo, that’s awful. But I don’t have a choice. I have to get that toy from Gabby.
Giggle McDimples: Woh. Steer clear of that weirdo.
Bo Peep: If I were you, I’d cut my losses and go home.
Woody: But Bonnie needs him to get through kindergarten.
Bo Peep: Kids lose toys every day. Bonnie will get over it.
Woody: No, no. But, you see, Bonnie needs him just like Molly needed you.


Woody: Bo, my kid really needs this toy. Will you help me? For old times sake.
Bo Peep: Alright, alright.
[he embraces Bo]
Woody: Thank you! Oh! Oh, thank you!


Gabby Gabby: Now, about our friend Woody. I want to know everything about him.
Forky: Oh, yeah, Woody. I’ve known that guy my whole life. Two days.


[Buzz is strapped to the wall at the toy prize stall in the amusement park]
Bunny: Psst. Hey, Lightyear.
Ducky: Hey, up here, Astro boy.
Bunny: If you think you can just show up and take our top prize spot, you’re wrong!
Ducky: Dead wrong!
Buzz Lightyear: You don’t understand. I’m trying to…
Ducky: Cheat the system and get with a kid? Yeah, we know.
Buzz Lightyear: No, I need…
Bunny: A child to shower you with unconditional love? Join the club, pal.
Ducky: Yeah, join the club.


Buzz Lightyear: Come on, help me get out of here.
Ducky: Oh, I’ll help you. With my foot!
[Ducky tries to kick Buzz, but can’t reach him]
Bunny: Get him. Get him.
Ducky: Bunny, what are you doing?
Bunny: Hm?
Ducky: I can’t reach him. Help me out here, come on.
Bunny: Oh, sorry, Ducky. I’m not a mind reader, you know.
Ducky: What’s not to understand, hmm? You going to make me say it?
Bunny: What?
Ducky: With these tiny legs, I cannot reach without your help.Uh-huh. Okay? This is what I’ve been talking about, Bunny. You need to work on paying attention and your listening skills.


[Buzz gets hit in the head by Ducky’s foot]
Ducky: Ha! Ha-ha! How you like that, cheater? Huh?
[Bunny swings Ducky and hit foot hits Buzz in the head]
Ducky: Yeah! Ha-ha! Oh, to infinity and my foot! Boom!
[Ducky hits Buzz in the head again with his foot]
Ducky: In a galaxy far, far away, you got kicked in the head!
[Buzz gets hit in the head again]
Ducky: Boom!
Buzz Lightyear: How do I get out of here?
[he presses the button on his voice box]
Buzz’s Voice Box: This planet is toxic. Closing helmet to conserve oxygen.
Ducky: In the vacuum of space, they cannot hear you scream!
[as he goes to kick Buzz, Buzz brings down his helmet squashing Ducky’s foot]
Ducky: [screams] Ow! Let go of me! Get off of me!


[as Buzz, Ducky and Bunny fall to the ground]
Ducky: Ooh! So that’s what gravity feel like.
Bunny: Yeah, that’s it.
[to Buzz as he runs off]
Ducky: Hey, where you going? You better get over here, spaceman!
Bunny: Yeah, put us back up there!
Ducky: Bunny, what are you doing? He’s getting away, let’s go!
Bunny: I’m trying!
Ducky: Come on!


Woody: How did you end up here? I thought you were given to a new family.
Bo Peep: Oh, you know how it goes. Their little girl grew up and didn’t need me anymore, so…
[blows a raspberry]
Woody: Oh, I’m sorry, Bo.
Bo Peep: Eh, who needs a kid’s room when you can have all of this?
[they look out at the amusement park]


[referring to Bonnie and her parents]
Jessie: They’re about to leave!
Trixie: Leaving?
Hamm: They can’t do that!
Rex: The panic is attacking me!
[he screams and turns, his tail hits Mr. Potato Head and his face falls off]
Mr. Potato Head: Hey! Watch it, buddy!
Mrs. Potato Head: What do we do?
Jessie: We have to stop them!
Dolly: How?
Buttercup: We could frame dad for a crime so he goes to jail.
Rex: Or go back in time and warn Woody about the future.
Trixie: That’s crazy. Time is a flat circle.
[suddenly Jessie jumps out the RV window]
Rex: Jessie!


[after the cat has ripped a toy in half leaving it’s stuffing popping out]
Bunny: [shocked] Is that how we look on the inside?
Ducky: There’s so much fluff.


[as they are trying to get to Forky in the antique store]
Woody: So how do you propose we get up there?
Bo Peep: We could go straight across.
Woody: How?
Buzz Lightyear: That’s quite a jump.
Bo Peep: We know the perfect toy to help.


Bo Peep: What did I say? I lead. You follow.
Woody: Bo, I’m so sorry. Really. Just tell me how to help.
Bo Peep: You really want to help? Then stay out of my way! I’m getting my sheep back.
Woody: What about the others?
Bo Peep: Giggle knows what to do.


[referring to the antique store owner’s key for the locked cabinet]
Giggle McDimples: That’s our objective. We have to get that key. It’s the only way inside the cabinet.
Buzz Lightyear: You can’t be serious. How are we supposed to do that?
Ducky: [laughs] Okay. You know what, leave that to us.
Bunny: We know exactly what to do.
Ducky: Mm-hmm.


[we see the store owner noticing Bunny and Ducky on the shelf]
Margaret the Store Owner: Aw. Where did you two come from?
[as she goes to pick them up, Bunny and Ducky jump onto her trying to get the key from her]
Bunny: Get the keys!
[back to Buzz talking out the plan with Bunny and Ducky]
Buzz Lightyear: Well, we’re not doing that.
Ducky: Yeah, yeah, I agree, too visible.
Bunny: It’s a good point. Something more subtle.
Ducky: Ooh, what about “winner, winner, chicken dinner”?
Bunny: Yes.


[we see the store owner peering into the dark shelf, when Ducky and Bunny jump onto her to get the keys]
Ducky: The keys! Give them up now! Where are they?
[back to Buzz talking out the plan with Bunny and Ducky]
Buzz Lightyear: Uh, you’re kidding.
Bunny: Really? Okay, okay. You just… Alright. Well… Oh, what about the old Plush Rush?
Ducky: There you go!


[after Bunny and Ducky’s Plush Rush scenario of scaring the store owner in her sleep to get the cabinet keys]
Buzz Lightyear: Not going to happen. N-O.
Bunny: Okay, do you want the key or not?
Giggle McDimples: What is wrong with you?!
Ducky: What is wrong with…? We just gave you three brilliant ideas.
Bunny: It’s one thing to say no. It’s another to offer a reason…
Buzz Lightyear: How do we get that key?


[referring to Woody; to Tinny]
Bo Peep: Yeah, he’s with me. My friend? No, no, no. He’s my accessory.


[as Bo brings Woody to meet Duke]
Duke Caboom: Look who jumped forty school buses and landed back into my life.
Bo Peep: Hi, Duke!
Duke Caboom: Who’s the cowboy?
Bo Peep: Duke, meet Woody. Woody, meet…
Duke Caboom. Canada’s greatest stuntman.


[as they watch Duke pose on his bike]
Woody: Huh?
Bo Peep: He’s posing. Duke? Duke, we need to…
Duke Caboom: Hold on. One more. Oh, yeah! What brings you back, Peep?
Bo Peep: We need your help. Gabby Gabby has his toy, and my sheep.
Duke Caboom: No. Billy, Goat, and Gruff? Those are my girls. What were you doing getting tangled up with Gabby Gabby? You know better.
Bo Peep: Yeah, some toy thought it would be a good idea to wander into the aisle.
Duke Caboom: That doesn’t make any sense.
Bo Peep: It doesn’t, does it?
Duke Caboom: Everybody knows the best route is behind the shelves.
Bo Peep: That would have been a better route, wouldn’t it?
Duke Caboom: Wow, this toy sounds like a complete idiot.
Bo Peep: He does!
Woody: Oh.
[to Woody]
Duke Caboom: Wait, are you that toy?


Bo Peep: So here’s the plan. We need to jump over the aisle to Gabby’s cabinet, and you are the toy to do it.
Duke Caboom: No.
Bo Peep: Duke.
Duke Caboom: Nope.
Bo Peep: Duke?
Duke Caboom: Nuh-uh.
Bo Peep: Duke?
Duke Caboom: No way!
Bo Peep: Duke.
Duke Caboom: Pass.
Bo Peep: Duke!
Duke Caboom: Negative.
Bo Peep: Duke.
Duke Caboom: Rejected!
Woody: Oh, please, Mr. Caboom, this is really important. My kid…
[Bo quickly covers Woody’s mouth to stop him speaking]
Duke Caboom: You have a kid?
Bo Peep: Uh… Hey, Duke, show us some more poses, what do you say?


Duke Caboom: I had a kid.
Bo Peep: Oh, no.
Duke Caboom: Rejean. Rejean was so excited when he got me after Christmas. It was the happiest Boxing Day of my life.
[we see flashback of Duke’s kid watching Duke’s toy commercial on TV]
Duke Caboom: I was ready to finally do what I was made to do. But when Rejean realized I couldn’t jump as far as the toy in the commercial… It’s a commercial! It’s not real! Rejean threw me away! It’s not fair! Why, Rejean? Why?
[he starts sobbing]
Bo Peep: Okay. Okay. Calm down, Duke. That was a long time ago.


Bo Peep: Right now, we need the only toy who can crash us onto Gabby’s cabinet.
Woody: Crash?
Duke Caboom: Crash?
Bo Peep: Any Duke Caboom toy can land, but you are the only one that can crash the way you do.
Duke Caboom: I am?
Bo Peep: Yes! Forget Rejean. Forget your commercial. Be the Duke you are right now! The one who jumps and crashes!
Duke Caboom: Be who I am right now.
Bo Peep: Who’s the Canuck with all the luck?
Duke Caboom: Caboom.
Bo Peep: Who’s the greatest of the Great White North?
Duke Caboom: Caboom!
Bo Peep: Who’s the most spectacular daredevil Canada has ever seen?
Duke Caboom: Duke Caboom!
Bo Peep: Can you do the jump?
Duke Caboom: Yes, I Canada!
[he jumps onto his bike and starts posing]
Duke Caboom: Uh-huh.
[to Woody]
Bo Peep: We’ve got our ride.


Woody: So how long were you in here?
Bo Peep: I don’t know, a couple years. I didn’t want to sit on a shelf waiting for my life to happen. So, I left.
Woody: Wow. You’ve handled this lost toy life better than I could.
Bo Peep: Oh, Sheriff. You’re selling yourself short. I think you’d make a great lost toy.


Woody: You really don’t think you’ll ever be in a kid’s room again, huh?
Bo Peep: Nope. And now with the carnival traveling through, it’s our chance to hop a ride and leave town.
Woody: You’re leaving?
Bo Peep: Sure am. You ever think about getting out there, seeing the world?
Woody: Without a kid? No. You can’t teach this old toy new tricks.
Bo Peep: You’d be surprised.


Bo Peep: So how did you end up in this store in the first place?
Woody: Well, I saw your lamp in the window, and I thought, well, maybe, uh, you were inside. And so I, uh…
[he turns and they look at all the lit lamps in the store]
Woody: Wow.
Bo Peep: Yeah.
Woody: Will you look at that?
Bo Peep: This is the only part of the store I ever liked.


Bo Peep: That’s going to be quite a jump for you and Duke.
Woody: For me?!
Bo Peep: Well, didn’t I tell you? You’re going with him.
Woody: I am?


[Woody is sat behind Duke on his bike]
Duke Caboom: Let’s caboom.
Bo Peep: It’ll be fine. Duke’s the best.
Woody: Yeah, at crashing.
Giggle McDimples: And now!
Bo Peep: Go!
Woody: Woh.
[Duke starts to race off he sees Rejean’s face in front of him]
Duke Caboom: Huh? Rejean.
[Duke starts to panic]
Duke Caboom: It’s a commercial. It’s not real! I can’t do this! I’m sorry, Rejean!
[Duke starts to swearve as he makes the jump across to the cabinet]
Woody: No, no, no, no, no!
[Woody manages to grab hold of the cabinet handle, as Duke lands on the ground next to the cat]
Duke Caboom: What’s new, pussycat?


[as Woody is still trying to get Forky back to Bonnie]
Bo Peep: Nobody wants this!
Woody: I do!
Bo Peep: Why?
Woody: Because!
Bo Peep: Why?
Woody: Just because!
Bo Peep: Why?
Woody: Because it’s all I have left to do! I don’t have anything else.
Bo Peep: So the rest of us don’t count?
Woody: That’s not what I meant. Bonnie needs Forky.
Bo Peep: No. You need Bonnie! Open your eyes, Woody. There’s plenty of kids out there. It can’t be just about the one you’re still clinging to.
Woody: It’s called loyalty. Something a lost toy wouldn’t understand.
[Bo gasps lightly]
Bo Peep: I’m not the one who’s lost.


[after Woody sneaks back into the antique store to get Forky]
Gabby Gabby: Hello, Woody. I knew you’d be back.
Woody: You don’t know me.
Gabby Gabby: But I do. You were left in the closet, feeling useless, wondering if you’ll ever get played with.
Woody: I’m not leaving without Forky.
Gabby Gabby: Can we agree on just one thing?
Woody: What?
Gabby Gabby: That being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do.
Woody: Okay.


Gabby Gabby: I was defective right out of the box. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you. All that time you spent with Andy, riding a bike with him for the first time, comforting him when he skinned his knee, proudly watching him grow up. And then you got a second chance with Bonnie, giving her comfort when she’s scared at school, helping her when she needs it most. You’ve been there through all their ups and downs. Please, be honest with me. Was it as wonderful as it sounds?
Woody: It was.
Gabby Gabby: All I want is a chance for just one of those moments. I’d give anything to be loved the way you have.
Woody: Just leave me Forky. Bonnie needs him.
Gabby Gabby: Of course.


[as Buzz gets back into the RV]
Dolly: Where’s Woody?
Hamm: And Forky?
Buzz Lightyear: We have a situation. They need to be extracted from the antique store.
Rex: How do we do that?


Giggle McDimples: He only cares about himself.
Bo Peep: No! You’re wrong. Woody’s always trying to do right by his kid.
Giggle McDimples: By putting everyone in danger. Ugh, that kind of crazy loyalty just…
Bo Peep: You got to love him for it.
Giggle McDimples: Woh, say what now?


Woody: A friend once told me, “There are plenty of kids out there.” And one of them is named Bonnie. She’s waiting for you, right now. She just doesn’t know it yet.
Gabby Gabby: What if you’re wrong?
Woody: Well, if you sit on a shelf the rest of your life, you’ll never find out, will you?
Bo Peep: He’s right.
Woody: I learned that from the best.
Bo Peep: Come on, Gabby. Let’s get you to Bonnie.


Gabby Gabby: Will we make it to the carousel in time?
Bo, Woody: Yes, we Canada!


Duke Caboom: Nope. Forget it. Never. No. No way. Declined. No dice. Rejected.
Bo Peep: Duke, Duke, you got this.
Woody: This is the fastest way to the carousel. You made the last jump.
Duke Caboom: Yeah, but that was four feet. This is forty!
Bo Peep: Exactly! Duke Caboom would never repeat a stunt.
Duke Caboom: No. He’d never do that.
Woody: No, no, no. He’s the toy that went on to crash forty feet into that target.
Duke Caboom: Yeah, he is. I’m Duke Caboom! Oh, man. I can do this!
Woody: Yes, you Canada!
Duke Caboom: I can do it with my eyes closed.
[he closes his eyes]
Bo Peep: Yes, you… What?
Duke Caboom: Three, two, one. Go!
[he shoots off on his motorcycle]
Woody: What? No, wait!
Gabby Gabby: What is he doing?
Bo Peep: Oh, no.
[they watch as Duke jumps off the ferris wheel]
Duke Caboom: This is for you, Rejean.
[he makes the landing]
Duke Caboom: Caboom.


[as they see a crying girl lost in the carnival and Gabby decides to become that child’s toy]
Gabby Gabby: I’m so nervous. What if she doesn’t like me?
Woody: Gabby.
Gabby Gabby: I don’t know if I can do this.
Woody: Gabby, it’s just like you said. This is the most noble thing a toy can do.
Bo Peep: Okay. Just edge yourself a bit into the light.
[Gabby comes out of the corner and shifts herself into the light]
Bo Peep: Not too far. That’s it. Perfect.
[Woody gives the signal to Bunny and Ducky]
Bunny: Winner, winner.
Ducky: Chicken dinner.
[they roll a ball out, it attracts the lost girl’s attention as it rolls over to where Gabby is sitting]
Lost Girl: Are you lost too?
[the girl pulls on Gabby’s voice cord]
Gabby’s Voice Box: I’m Gabby Gabby. Will you be my friend?
[the girl hugs Gabby]
Lost Girl: I’ll help you.


[Woody, Bo, Duke, Bunny and Ducky watch as girl approaches a security guard]
Lost Girl: Excuse me, can you help us?
Security Guard: Oh, honey, what’s wrong?
Lost Girl: I can’t find my mom and dad.
Security Guard: It’s okay. I’ll help you find them. I’m sure they’re not far.
Lost Girl’s Dad: She was right next to us.
Lost Girl’s Mom: She was right here!
Lost Girl’s Dad: And I looked away for one second.
[Woody and the rest of the team watch as the lost girl is reunited with her parents]
Lost Girl: Mommy! I couldn’t find you, and then I found this doll.
Lost Girl’s Mom: You did?
Lost Girl: Her name is Gabby Gabby.
[Gabby smiles up at Woody and the others as the little girl holds her tight]


[to Woody, as he’s deciding to stay with Bo]
Woody: Buzz, I, I…
Buzz Lightyear: She’ll be okay. Bonnie will be okay.
Woody: You sure?
Buzz Lightyear: Hey, listen to your inner voice.
[Woody turns and runs into Bo’s arms]


[last lines; watching Woody and Bo as they are driving away]
Rex: Does this mean Woody’s a lost toy?
Buzz Lightyear: He’s not lost. Not anymore. To infinity…
Woody: …and beyond


[mid-credit lines]
Duke Caboom: Do you really have laser eyes?
Bunny: Yeah.
Duke Caboom: Woh.


Woody: We are all toys. Unique, beautiful toys.

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