Starring: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Rachel Bloom, James Corden, Jamie Dornan, Kelly Clarkson, Ozzy Osbourne, Sam Rockwell



Animated musical comedy sequel directed by Walt Dohrn and David P. Smith. The story follows Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake), who make a make a surprising discovery, there are other Troll worlds beyond their own, each defined by a different genre of music. When a mysterious threat puts all the Trolls across the land in danger, Poppy, Branch, and their band of friends must embark on a quest through unfamiliar terrain to do the impossible, create harmony among the diverse Trolls to unite them against certain doom.



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[first lines]
Cloud Guy: Once upon a time, there were two Trolls. One was named Poppy.
Poppy: Hey. How’s it going?
Cloud Guy: The other was named Branch.
Branch: What’s up?
Cloud Guy: Together, they saved the world.
Trolls: Hooray!
Cloud Guy: Poppy became queen. Branch found his true colors. And the two of them became best friends. Boom. And that was that. Pretty cute, right? Not to me. I’m the type of cloud that goes for this sort of thing.
[we see a puppy barking]


Cloud Guy: Anyhoo, what Poppy and Branch didn’t know is that their world was a lot bigger than they knew. Like, a lot, lot, lot, lot bigger!


Barb: Hey, man. There he is! King Trollex of the Techno Trolls, right?
King Trollex: That’s right. Who’s asking?
Barb: Queen Barb, of the Hard Rock Trolls. And I’m here to take your string, bro.
[she plays ascending chord on her guitar]
King Trollex: No way.
Beat Drop Button: Ooh, don’t do it, man!
King Trollex: If we lose our string, we lose our music.


[referring to Hard Rock Trolls playing their music]
King Trollex: Okay, okay! Enough. Stop! You’re harshing the vibe we worked very hard to build to.
Barb: Oh, but by the end of my world tour, we’re all going to have the same vibe. We’re all going to be one nation of Trolls, under rock!
[plays a loud chord on her guitar]
Barb: Who’s ready to rock?!


Branch: Alright, Queen Poppy. I’ve prepared an agenda for the day.
Poppy: Oh. Well, I hope it says singing, dancing, and hugging. Ow-ow!
Branch: Uh, isn’t that what we do every day?
Poppy: Yeah! Good times!


Guy Diamond: Poppy, come quick! It’s an emergency!
Poppy: Guy Diamond, what’s wrong?
Guy Diamond: I’m having a baby!
[they all scream]
Satin, Chenille: We’re on jumpsuit duty.
Cooper: I get to be a role model.
Smidge: I don’t want to be a big sister!


[after he’s egg hatches]
Guy Diamond: What should I name him?
Poppy: Hmm. How about Tiny Diamond?
Tiny Diamond: [rapping] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tiny Diamond is my name. Come straight from my daddy’s mane. My whole body’s made of glitter. And I’ll throw it in your face. I love when I make music. And the groove is in my bones. Just like my Aunt Queen Poppy. Someday I’ll sit on the throne.


Poppy: Tiny Diamond, welcome to the family, little buddy.
Tiny Diamond: Thanks, Aunt Poppy. And thanks to this silver-haired daddy of mine for bringing me into this world.
Poppy: Aw.
Guy Diamond: I never knew my heart could be so full.
Tiny Diamond: Peace and love. Bless up. Tiny and Daddy out.
Poppy: Oh. Okay, bye.


Branch: Hey, uh, Poppy, there’s something I was hoping to ask you. I mean, I guess it’s something I want to tell you, more so.
Poppy: Uh-huh.
Branch: Uh, but listen. You could feel free to respond to it, uh, with an answer, if you wanted.
Poppy: Sure. What’s up?
Branch: Uh, what’s up is I, uh, I wanted to tell you that, uh…
[sighs as he’s unable to tell her his true feelings for her]
Branch: You’re crushing it at this queen thing.
Poppy: Oh, Branch, thank you. Being a good queen is the most important thing in the world to me. Other than being your friend.
[Branch just hears “friend” echoing in his head]


[as they fail to high five each other]
Poppy: Huh. For some reason, we can’t seem to make a good connection.


[Poppy reads from her invitation]
Poppy: “Barb, the Queen of Rock, announces her One Nation Under Rock World Tour. Bring your string to the biggest party the world has ever seen.” Queen of Rock?
[King Peppy quickly grabs the invitation]
King Peppy: It’s nothing! It means nothing at all. It’s just junk mail. You don’t need to worry about it. I mean, quit looking at it, everyone. Forget what you saw!
[he starts chewing the invitation to destroy it]


Poppy: Dad, what’s going on?
King Peppy: Well, I have long feared this day would come. I was hoping to protect you from this, Poppy.
Poppy: Protect me? I’m not a little kid anymore, dad. I’m the queen now.
King Peppy: You’re right. The truth is, we are not alone in this world. There are other kinds of Trolls.
Poppy: Wow. That’s, dad, that’s great. The more Trolls, the merrier.


King Peppy: You don’t understand. These other Trolls aren’t like us. They’re different.
Poppy: Different how? Different like Legsly?
King Peppy: I love being me.
Poppy: Or Fuzzbert? Or Smidge? Or Skyscraper Troll?
Skyscraper Troll: Yeah, different like me?
King Peppy: No, it’s not that. They’re different in ways you can’t even imagine.


King Peppy: You see, we love music with a hummable hook, with an upbeat melody, with a catchy rhythm that makes you want to snap your fingers, tap your toes, and wiggle your butt. That’s our music. That’s what makes us Pop Trolls.
Legsly: Ooh.
Satin: It is.
Chenille: Yes.
King Peppy: But these other Trolls, they sing different. They dance different. Why, some of them can’t even begin to grasp the concept of Hammer Time!


King Peppy: It’s a story as old as time. In the beginning, there was silence.
Troll: Boring.
King Peppy: Until one day, someone made a sound. Our ancestors were so inspired by the sound, they took six strings. And those six strings had the power to control all music. They could play anything. Techno, funk, classical, country, hard rock, and pop. And every kind of music in between. There was something for everyone. It was one big party. But little by little, Trolls became intolerant of each other’s music.


King Peppy: They fought over what kind of music the strings would play. The elders realized there was but one solution. Each tribe would take a string, and go their separate ways. Those six tribes have lived in isolation ever since. Techno, Country, Rock, Classical, Funk, and us, the Pop Trolls.
Poppy: Now Barb’s announcement makes sense. She wants to reunite the strings so the Troll World can be one big party again.
Branch: Wait, that’s all you heard? One big party?
Poppy: Yeah! It’s when all the Trolls lived in harmony. And what’s more important than living in harmony?
Branch: Well, I heard fighting. The strings together leads to fighting.
King Peppy: Exactly, Branch. That’s why we need to keep our string safe.


King Peppy: Behold. The pop music string.
Poppy: It’s beautiful.
King Peppy: And powerful. Which is why we can’t let it fall into the wrong hands.
Branch: And we won’t. Not on my watch. What we need is a plan.
King Peppy: Don’t worry. I’ve been preparing for this day for years. We run.
Poppy: Run?
King Peppy: And hide.
Branch: On it.
Poppy: But we don’t even know what we’re running and hiding from.
King Peppy: We’re hiding from Barb and all the other different Trolls.


[referring to Barb]
Poppy: You’re assuming the worst about someone you haven’t even met.
King Peppy: You’re not listening to me.
Poppy: You’re not listening to me.
King Peppy: I’m your father!
Poppy: And I’m the queen!
King Peppy: Uh, father trumps queen. Now, there’s no time to debate this. Let’s go. Come along, Branch.
[starts running off]
Branch: Well, I, um…
[Branch follows after King Peppy]
Poppy: We’re all Trolls! Differences don’t matter.


[as Poppy is sneaking out to meet Barb]
Branch: Your dad just told us that Queen Barb is bad news.
Poppy: Well, my dad doesn’t know everything.
Branch: He knows more about this. You didn’t even know there was a string until this morning.
Poppy: He may be fine in a world where everybody lives in isolation, but I’m not.
Branch: Well, but we don’t know anything about the other Trolls.
Poppy: Well, we know they’re Trolls. Branch, look around Troll Village. Everybody’s different, even us.


Poppy: Look, being queen means having a lot of power, and it’s my job to use it for good. I can’t stay home when I know there’s a world full of different Trolls out there just like us.
Branch: This is a terrible idea that will most likely blow up in your face.
Poppy: Okay, bye.
[she cuts the tie to her balloon and it start floating up]
Branch: What?
[Branch then reluctantly jumps onto her balloon]
Branch: I guess I’m coming with you.
Poppy: Oh! Thank you. I really didn’t want to go by myself.
Shelia B the Flowerface Balloon: Road trip!
Poppy: Yeah!


[as he leaves in the middle of the night]
Cooper: Goodbye. I hope I see you again, friends. But even though it’s scary, I have to go out there and see if there’s other Trolls like me.
[shrieks as he scares himself]
Cooper: Oh, man, this is going to be hard.


Barb: Yeah! I got the Techno string! Who knew world domination could be so much fun?


[after putting the Techno string onto her guitar]
Barb: Only four more strings to go until rock unites the world.


[to the Hard Rock Trolls]
Barb: Okay, guys, line up. We’re going to go over the plan again. Okay. We’re on a World Tour. And on each stop, we get a new string. When I have all six strings, I’ll play the ultimate power chord. And I will unite the Trolls under one music. Our music!


[referring to their balloon]
Branch: In a short four hundred and fifty-six pages, I’m going to know how to fly this thing.
Poppy: Oh, Branch, we don’t need a giant, comprehensive manual. How hard can it be?
[she tosses the manual out of the balloon]


[after they find Biggie asleep on the balloon]
Biggie: Poppy, where are you balloon flying us to?
Poppy: We’re on a mission to help Barb unite the Trolls, and I’m so glad you’re coming with us!
Biggie: I did what in the who now?
Branch: Hey, man. Join the club.
Poppy: And I hope you didn’t eat all the cotton candy, because Barb is going to love it.


[after Poppy finds Branch has brought weapons onto the balloon]
Poppy: Weapons? Ugh. For shame. Violence never solves a problem, Branch.
Branch: I’m not saying we have to use them. I’m just saying it’s better to be prepared in case we need them.
Poppy: We won’t need them unless these pointy sticks help you listen, or these rocks help you put yourself in someone else’s shoes!
[picks up a knuckle duster]
Branch: And what about these? Is this some kind of jewelry? Ooh, it’s actually kind of cool looking.
[holds it up to let the gold glisten on the duster]
Branch: Give me that! We don’t even know what’s out there.


[after Poppy kicks Branch’s weapons basket off the balloon]
Branch: Wait! No. Oh, man. By the way, I whittled those for hours.
Poppy: Branch, the only weapons we need are this guy, and this guy.
[holds up her arms]
Poppy: For hugs!
Biggie: Uh, you may want to take a look at this.
[as they float through a dilapidated looking Trolls village]
Branch: This is going to take a lot of hugs.


[as they show up in Symphonyville]
Branch: Identify yourself!
Pennywhistle: Uh, are you nice, or are you mean?
Poppy: We’re nice. We’re really nice.
Branch: Yeah, but not too nice. So don’t even try it.


Poppy: What is this place?
Pennywhistle: It used to be called Symphonyville. Where the Classical Music Trolls lived. But that was in the before.
Poppy: What happened here?
Pennywhistle: Well, it was the most wonderful place you ever did seen. It was a place where all of the Classical Music Trolls could live in perfect harmony. Wherever the conductor led, we followed. But then Queen Barb showed up.


Pennywhistle: She took our string. Our music. She took everyone. We lost everything.
Poppy: Barb doesn’t want to unite us. She wants to destroy us.


Branch: We need to make sure our own string is safe.
Poppy: Uh, our string is safe.
[Poppy takes Pop string out of her hair]
Branch: What?! Poppy, are you crazy?
Poppy: I thought it was a good idea at the time. I can’t believe another queen would use her power for evil.


Branch: Okay. Change of plans. We need to get home as fast as we can and get everyone in the bunker.
Poppy: Uh, no. Change of plans. We have to stop Barb from destroying all music! If we don’t stop her, who will?


Biggie: Poppy, you said this could be handled with hugs. How are we going to hug our way out of this one?
Poppy: It’s okay, Biggie.
Biggie: Really? It’s okay to be terrified? When am I going to learn to stay away from the cotton candy?!
Poppy: No. As your queen, I promise that I will protect you, no matter what. I pinky promise.
Biggie: [gasps] Poppy, you know you can’t go back on a pinky promise.
Poppy: Never did, never will.
[as they pinky promise, an electric vibration is felt through all the troll lands]
Cooper: A pinky promise. Dang.


[after Poppy’s pinky promise]
Poppy: Let it be so.
Biggie: And so it is.
Pennywhistle: [in shock] This just got real.


[Barb reads Poppy’s letter that she sent to her]
Barb: “Dear Barb, can’t wait to meet you. I have tons of great party ideas.”
King Thrash: I like that.
Barb: “Maybe you and I can even be best friends.” Best friends? Is she making fun of me? No one says that. Friendship takes time and years of mutual care and respect. You don’t just become best friends. Plus, everyone knows I already have a ton of friends. Like Carol. Right, Carol?
[Carol is lying on coach, looking bored, and squirting cheeze whiz into her mouth]
Barb: Okay, you’re busy. That’s fine. Love you, Carol!


Barb: Pop music isn’t even real music! It’s bland! It’s repetitive! The lyrics are empty! Worst of all, it crawls into your head like an earworm!
[saws the coach in half out of anger]
Barb: You know, and you can’t get it out. Uh, I’m tired now. Hating things takes a lot of energy.


Barb: And no one makes fun of Queen Barb. Ah! I need that Pop string. And I know who’s going to help me. The most feared bounty hunters in all of Trolldom. Chaz, the Smooth Jazz Troll. The Reggaeton Trolls. The K-Pop Gang. And the Yodelers.


[to Chaz, The Reggaeton Trolls and The K-Pop Gang]
Barb: Okay. As you probably know, I’m bringing a tidal wave of rock across this land of ours. And soon there will be nothing but hard rock as far as the ear can hear. Whoever brings me Queen Poppy, gets to keep their very own music in their very own territory. Right over here.
Tresillo: I don’t know. It looks pretty tiny.
Barb: You want it or not? All you have to do is get me Queen Poppy!


Barb: Dude, where are the Yodelers?
Riff: I heard a rumor, uh, that they yodeled so hard, an avalanche fell on them. Or something.
Barb: Well, I don’t pay you to hear.
Riff: Actually, I’m doing this for college credit.
Barb: If anyone can find me Queen Poppy and her string, it’s the Yodelers.


Poppy: This must be where the Country Music Trolls live.
Branch: Well, it looks like nobody’s here. We’re too late. Time to go home. Come on, guys, let’s go.
Poppy: There is no “I quit” in “team”.


[as they listen to Delta Dawn’s sing]
Poppy: This song is so sad.
Branch: Yeah, it is sad. But life is sad sometimes, so I kind of like it.
Poppy: You do? Huh. But it’s so different. Oh, they must not know that music’s supposed to make you happy. That’s awful.


[referring to Poppy, Branch, and Biggie]
Delta Dawn: I feel bad for them. It looks like they got beat up by a rainbow.


[referring to the Country Music Trolls]
Poppy: First things first, these Trolls need some serious cheering up, and we’re going to have to go top-shelf.
Biggie: Oh.
Branch: Now, when you say top-shelf, you don’t mean…
Poppy: That’s right. We need to sing them the most important songs in the history of music.
Biggie: Yes, but which ones?
Poppy: All of them.
Branch: And when you say all of them…
[we see them singing the Spice Girls “Wannabe”, “Who Let The Dogs Out” and various other popular pop songs]
Tumbleweed: You suck!


[after she locks up Poppy, Branch, and Biggie in jail]
Delta Dawn: Now, I want you three to sit in here and think about what you’ve just done. That was a crime against music.
Poppy: Wait, no. We’re here to warn you about Barb, the Queen of Rock.
Delta Dawn: Sweetie, I already know and have heard about this Queen Barb, and her fancy World Tour. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I got to go wash what you call music out of my ears.


Branch: Well, I knew it. Who Let the Dogs Out. Too far.
Poppy: Okay, Branch. You can say, “I told you so.” I know you want to.
Branch: You did great out there, Poppy.


Poppy: That was such a rad medley. I can’t believe it didn’t work.
Biggie: Tell me about it. I did the splits. No one even clapped. Am I not cute anymore?! Come on!
Poppy: Maybe my dad was right. The other Trolls are different in ways I was not prepared for. Some Trolls, they don’t just want to have fun.


[as he breaks Poppy, Branch, and Biggie out of jail]
Hickory: It ain’t right to put you in jail because your music’s different. It seems some folks round here don’t appreciate a rad medley when they hear one.


[after they’ve escaped from the Country Music Trolls]
Branch: Why are you helping us? What’s in it for you?
Poppy: Hey! Branch.
[to Hickory]
Poppy: I’m sorry about my associate.
Hickory: I loved your message about music bringing Trolls together. You may be Pop, and I may be Country, but Trolls is Trolls.
Branch: [imitating Hickory] “Trolls is Trolls.” Wow. Deep.
Poppy: This is the beginning of a partnership between Trolls that’s going to save all Trolls!
Hickory: You’re darn skippy.


[after Poppy tells him they need to warn Funk Trolls]
Hickory: I’ll build us a raft.
Branch: This ought to be good. Guy probably doesn’t know the first thing about building a ra…
[Hickory quickly and expertly builds a raft]
Hickory: Cappuccino, anyone?
Poppy: Cappuccino? Cappucci-yes!
Branch: [to himself] I do want one. But I am not happy about it!


Branch: Poppy, maybe it’s just me, but are you getting a weird vibe from Hickory?
Poppy: What? No. Why? Are you?
Branch: I just, I don’t know. I don’t trust him.
Poppy: Well, yeah, but you don’t trust anybody, Branch.


Branch: Hey, I just want us to be safe. And you know what’s not safe? Putting too much trust into a complete stranger.
Poppy: Oh, I see. It’s not Hickory you don’t trust. It’s me. Do you not think I’m a good queen?
Branch: Wait, what? I didn’t say that.
Poppy: I thought we were friends, Branch. I’m starting to think you don’t even know what that means.
Branch: We are friends. And sometimes that means speaking up if I think you’re making a mistake.


[as they hear smooth jazz music]
Poppy: Do you hear something?
[as Chaz is playing saxophone]
Poppy: Look at that guy’s chest hair.
[their voices start to get distorted]
Branch: Poppy, I can’t feel my face.
Poppy: It’s like I’m being paralyzed by its smoothness.


Chaz: Got you, Pop babies. Soon, Barb is going to have your string, and the world will be rid of cheesy, pointless pop music, once and for all.
Hickory: Hold it right there, Chaz.
Chaz: And who are you supposed to be, cowboy pants?
Hickory: My name’s Hickory, and I don’t much care for smooth jazz.
Chaz: Oh, yeah? Well, you’ve just never had the Chaz experience.
[he starts playing smooth jazz when Hickory kicks him into the river and pops out grumdrops from his ears]
Hickory: Ooh. Ah. Gumdrops. Soundproof and delicious.


[as he’s sinks under water]
Chaz: Smooth jazz will be heard again! Smooth jazz will never die!


[referring to Chaz]
Poppy: Who was that guy?
Hickory: One of the many bounty hunters out there looking for you.
Biggie: That was awful. So smooth and easy, and awful!
Hickory: I know, big buddy. It’s enough to put you off jazz altogether.


Biggie: Alright, that’s it! We need to go home.
Poppy: Biggie, it’ll be okay.
Biggie: Stop saying that, and listen to me! You only hear what you want to hear, and it puts us all in danger. How are you supposed to save the world if you can’t even keep us safe? You made a pinky promise to me, Queen Poppy. And you broke it.
[he then steps off the raft and uses Mr. Dinkles to jet off down the river]
Biggie: What kind of queen breaks a pinky promise?!
Poppy: Biggie. No.


[as he’s walking in the glittery desert he sees a small lake]
Cooper: I’m saved!
[as he starts drinking from the lake, he sees his own reflection in the water]
Cooper: Are you, now? Because last I checked, I was a mirage.
[the lake disappears and he spits out the glitter sand from his mouth]
Cooper: I’m done for. And on top of that, I never found any Trolls like me.
[he collapses into the glitter desert, then an alien ship appears and takes him]
Desert Sun: Woh!


Hickory: Something tells me your heart ain’t in this mission, Branch.
Branch: What do you mean? I’m here, aren’t I?
Hickory: Yeah, you’re on a mission, alright, but your heart is with Miss Poppy.
Branch: Hey, hold your horses.
[then realizes that Hickory is half horse]
Branch: I’m sorry, is that offensive?
Hickory: Not as offensive as you thinking I can’t see what’s right in front of my eyes.


[referring to how Branch feels about Poppy]
Hickory: Did you tell her yet?
Branch: I tried, but…
[does a descending whistle, and imitates explosion]
Hickory: Well, if you did tell her, who knows if she’d even hear you?
Branch: What do you mean by that?
Hickory: Well, let’s just say only one of you is doing the listening in this relationship, and it’s not her. It’s you.
Branch: Yeah. I got that. Thanks.


[as they see an alien ship appear above them]
Hickory: What in buttered biscuits?!


[after Poppy, Branch and Hickory are then to Vibe City]
Poppy: Cooper?! What are you doing here?!
Cooper: Actually, I’m over here.
Poppy: What?
Hickory: Bacon-wrapped hot dogs!
Branch: Okay. Maybe all the jazz hasn’t left my brain yet.


Cooper: It turns out I’m actually from Vibe City, just like my twin brother.
Prince D: I’m Prince D. What’s popping?
[they both laugh]
Cooper: I got a twin brother!


[referring to Cooper’s twin brother]
Poppy: How is this possible?
Cooper: Well, it’s a very complicated story. When we were both babies, my egg got snatched out of the nest. Mom and dad looked everywhere, but they couldn’t find me, so you guys raised me as one of your own. And then when I went out to go find other Trolls like me, my mom and dad finally found me.
[flashback to when Cooper got sucked into the alien ship]
Queen Essence: Q, is that him? I think our search is finally over.
King Quincy: Our son is finally home.
Cooper: I guess it wasn’t too complicated.


Poppy: Wow, Cooper. You look just like your dad.
King Quincy: Yeah, that must be why he’s so good looking.
Cooper: Was that a dad joke? It was lame!


Poppy: Well, so that means you’re a Funk Troll?
Cooper: You don’t have to be just one thing. I’m Pop and Funk.
Prince D: Or maybe you’re Hip-Hop, like me.


Poppy: Well, Your Majesties, we need your help to save all music from Queen Barb. If we combine our music, she’ll see that music unites all Trolls, and that we’re all the same, and that she’s one of us!
King Quincy: Poppy, I mean no disrespect, but king to queen, anything but that.
Poppy: Why not?


King Quincy: Let’s tell them how it was, Prince D.
Prince D: Sick. Long ago, our world was without song or dance. Then the Trolls found the strings, and life was one big party.
Poppy: Oh, yeah. I’ve heard this story before.
Prince D: That is, until the Pop Trolls tried to steal our strings.
Poppy: Steal your strings? That not what it said in our scrapbooks.
Prince D: Scrapbooks? Those are cut out, glued and glittered by the winners. Let me tell you how it really went down.


King Quincy: And the Trolls never lived in harmony again.
Poppy: So the Trolls live in isolation because of what Pop did?
Queen Essence: Pop tried to destroy our music.
Branch: Just like Barb is trying to do.


Poppy: I can make it right. History’s just going to keep repeating itself until we make everyone realize that we’re all the same.
King Quincy: But we are not all the same.
Queen Essence: It’s why all our strings are different. Because they reflect our different music.
King Quincy: Denying our differences is denying the truth of who we are.
Poppy: I hadn’t thought of it like that.


[as Barb and her Hard Rock Trolls are attacking Frunk Trolls]
Poppy: We have to get back down there! There’s still hope. We can still fix this.
Branch: Poppy, enough. I’ve listened to you, and I’ve done it your way, and now it’s your turn to listen. It’s time to get back home.
Poppy: I’m not like you. I can’t just give up!
Branch: Give up? I want to protect our friends and family.
Poppy: I can’t go home until I’ve proven myself as a good queen.
Branch: So that’s what this is really all about?


Poppy: Why are you so upset?
Branch: Because your dad was right, and Biggie was right, and Queen Essence was right. And I’ve been backing you up even when you ignore them. But you never listen to me.
Poppy: Branch, what are you talking about?
Branch: You want to be a good queen? Good queens actually listen. You know what I heard back there? Differences do matter. Like you and me. We’re too different to get along. Just like all the other Trolls.


Poppy: We are really different.
Branch: So different.
Poppy: Completely out of harmony.
Branch: Completely.
Poppy: I don’t even know why we’re friends.
Branch: Neither do I.
[he starts to walk off, then stops and turns]
Branch: So, why do I care about you more than anybody else in the world? Weird, right?
[he turns and walks away]


[after Reggaeton Trolls and K-Pop Gang capture Branch]
Branch: Why does Barb get to decide which music gets to be saved? All music should be saved.
Tressilo: Alright, okay. I’m listening, Pop Troll.


Poppy: [to Hickory] I was so desperate to be a good queen that I stopped listening to anyone but myself. Including my best friend. And it’s all because of this stupid string.
[she reveals Pop string to Hickory]


Dickory: Show her who you really are, Hickory!
[Dickory reveals Hickory’s yodeling clothes and starts yodeling]
Poppy: Wait. You’re the Yodelers?
Dickory: Yeah. Ya darn skippy, playa-play.
Poppy: And you were going to give our string to Barb?
Dickory: Ding, ding. Give this person a strudel for the correct answer!
[referring to Dickory pretending to be Hicory’s horse legs]
Poppy: And you’ve been in back the whole time?
Dickory: Next subject, please.
Poppy: Why would you do this?
Hickory: So sorry. Uh, it was the only way to save our beautiful yodeling.
Dickory: Hickory!
Hickory: But trust me, you need to get out of here right away.


[after Barb capture her and take her Pop string]
Barb: This is who I’ve been worried about? This little pipsqueak?
Poppy: I’ll never stop fighting until I make things right! And I’m not a pipsqueak!
Barb: Uh, yeah, you are. Because I’m like a whole centimeter taller than you.


[referring to Poppy]
Biggie: I shouldn’t have left her. She wouldn’t have left me. Never, no matter how scared she was. I’ve got to go back.
Legsly: We’re coming with you, Biggie. We got to go save our best friend.
Smidge: But how? We’ll never make it past security.
Tiny Diamond: We’ll overpower them with muscles!
Chenille: Or we could overpower them…
Satin, Chenille: With fashion.


[as the Pop Trolls are sneaking into the Hard Rock Trolls concert]
Hard Rock Troll: Hey. Stop right there.
Biggie: Legsly, I told you not to wear your anklet.
Hard Rock Troll: Only Rock Trolls are allowed back here.
Biggie: Well, it’s funny you should mention that, because we are genuine Hard Rockers.
[they reveal themselves in undercover hard rock clothes and start singing in heavy metal]
Mr. Dinkles: One, two, three, four! Rainbows. Unicorns. Everything nice. Yeah! Sugarplums. Fairy dust. Everything nice. Yeah! Brush your teeth!
Hard Rock Troll: Cool.


[as she’s locking up Poppy]
Barb: So, Popcorn, is being my best friend everything you could have ever dreamed of?
Poppy: I am not your best friend.
Barb: You don’t have to be embarrassed. I get it. Being queen can be kind of lonely.


Barb: There’s all this pressure to be a great queen. And instead of real friends, you’re just surrounded by people who just tell you what you want to hear. You know, other than
your terrible taste in music, and clothing, and general lifestyle, you and me are the same,
Poppy: Uh, no, we’re not!
Barb: We’re both queens who just want to unite the world.
Poppy: You don’t want to unite the world. You want to destroy it!
Barb: Nuh-uh. No way. No. I don’t know who told you that. Music has done nothing but divide us. Now that I have the final string, I can make us all one nation of Trolls, under rock.


[to the Hard Rock Trolls]
Barb: Give it up for your former leaders. Funk, Country, Techno, Classical. And worst of all, Pop.


[as Branch and the other Pop Trolls show up in the Flowerface Balloon]
Barb: Well, isn’t that puke. Poppy’s little boyfriend came to crash the concert. Too late, Branch.


[after Barb turns Branch into a Hard Rock Troll zombie]
Branch: Who’s ready to get ripping tattoos everywhere but our faces in case we still need office jobs? Rah!
Poppy: You’re turning everyone into rock zombies?
Barb: Yep. I can’t wait to party with you, Poppy.


[after Barb failed to turn Poppy into a rock zombie as Poppy had gumdrops in her ears]
Poppy: I’m not going to let you do this to anyone else! A world where everyone looks the same and sounds the same? That’s not harmony!
Riff: Hey, Barb?
[she looks over to him]
Riff: Hi. Maybe Queen Poppy has a point. If we all look the same, act the same, dress the same, how will anyone know we’re cool or something?


Poppy: A good queen listens. Real harmony takes lots of voices. Different voices!
[she then smashes Barb’s guiter with all the different strings]


[after Poppy destroys the strings on her guitar]
Barb: My strings. What have you done? You’ve destroyed music! Give it up, everybody. Thanks to the Queen of Pop, we’ve all lost our music. History repeats itself. Pop has ruined everything.


Queen Essence: Queen Barb can’t take away something that is inside us. Because that’s where music really comes from.
[the trolls starts to vocalize melodically]
King Quincy: It started with the strings, but now it comes from us.
King Trollex: Yeah, it comes from our experiences.
Delta Dawn: Our lives.
Queen Essence: Our culture.
Trollzart: Beautiful.
Poppy: Listen to that. Barb can’t take that away.


Barb: Dad?
King Thrash: It’s alright, Barbara. Just let everyone be what they want to be. Including you.


[after all the Trolls have sung together, including Barb, uniting them all]
Poppy: Dad, I should’ve listened to what you had to say, and not run off like that.
King Peppy: I’m so glad you didn’t listen to me. You weren’t naive about this world. You were brave enough to believe things can change. Braver than me.
[to the crowd]
King Peppy: I raised Poppy to be strong and self-confident! I was a genius.


Poppy: Well, now that you’re not forcing me, I hope we can be friends.
Barb: Yes! Did you hear that, Carol? We have a girl group now!
Carol: A girl group? Nice!


Poppy: Branch, I love that we’re different.
Branch: And I love you, Queen Poppy.
Poppy: I love you too, Branch.
Branch: Shall we?
[they high give each other successfully]
Branch: Yeah!
Poppy: Yes! Now, that’s a good connection!


Poppy: [voice over] In the beginning, we were divided. Our ancestors thought we were just too different to get along. It turns out they were wrong. Very, very wrong.
Troll: We’re sorry.


[last lines]
Poppy: [voice over] You have to be able to listen to other voices, even when they don’t agree with you. They make us stronger, more creative, more inspired. So whether your song is sad and heartfelt, loud and defiant, or warm and funky, or even if you’re a little bit of each, it’s all these sounds, and all our differences that make the world a richer place. Because you can’t harmonize alone.
[Poppy and Branch hold hands lovingly when suddenly Clampers starts eating her book]
Poppy: Clampers! Let’s not eat our history.
Clampers Buttonwillow: Sorry, Miss Poppy.


[mid-credits scene]
Bridget: Oh, Grissy, I guess we’re late to the party.
King Gristle: Oh, balls!
Bridget: Grissy!
Bridget: But who’s going to eat my cheese balls, babe?


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