Starring: Adam Sandler, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Eric Bogosian, Judd Hirsch, Paloma Elsesser, Keith Williams Richards, Mike Francesa, Jonathan Aranbayev, Noa Fisher, The Weeknd, Pom Klementieff



Crime comedy drama directed and co-written by Josh and Benny Safdie. Set in the diamond district of New York City, the story follows Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a jewelry dealer to the rich and famous with a gambling addiction while trying to handle two relationships and debts at once. When he makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime, Howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides, in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win.



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[going through Julia’s photos]
Howard Ratner: And who is this guy?
Julia: It’s this guy, The Weeknd.
Howard Ratner: What the f**k is The Weeknd?
Julia: He’s going to be major, even though he’s from Canada.
Howard Ratner: This guy looks stupid.


[basketball player Kevin Garnett visits Howard’s shop]
Howard Ratner: KG, doc know you’re here, by the way?
Kevin Garnett: No, he doesn’t. And let’s keep it that way. Alright?
Howard Ratner: It’s game night. You should be stretching out.
Demany: He’s f**king insane.
Kevin Garnett: I was about to say, what is he, your coach?
Demany: No, he’s just a f**king crazy-a** Jew.


[as Howard is distracted by the opal he’s received]
Yussi: There’s a lot of people I could be doing business with other than you, Howard. You’re falling apart. You’re looking like a fool out here in the Diamond District.


[referring to the opal in Howard’s jewelry store]
Kevin Garnett: Why has it got so many colors in it, man? What is this?
Howard Ratner: That’s the thing. They say you can see the whole universe in opals. That’s how f**king old they are.
Kevin Garnett: Holy sh*t.
Howard Ratner: I’ve been telling you. That’s why I wanted you to see it.
Kevin Garnett: How do I get it? I’ve got to have it.
Demany: Your a** is crazy, man.
Howard Ratner: F**king from stone to stone. Garnet is a stone. You know that.


Howard Ratner: That’s a million dollar opal you’re holding. Straight from the Ethiopian Jewish tribe. I mean, this is old-school, middle-earth sh*t.
Kevin Garnett: You got a m*therf**king dinosaur gem in this b**ch.
Howard Ratner: The dinosaur, that’s right. The dinosaurs are f**king staring at this thing. It’s a hundred and ten million years old, at the least.


Gary: What do you know?
Howard Ratner: I don’t know. I just know.
Gary: Well, I tell you what I know. That’s the dumbest f**king bet I ever heard of.
Howard Ratner: I disagree. I disagree, Gary.


[after Arno and his men grab hold of Howard for failing to pay his loan]
Howard Ratner: What’s happening right now?
Arno: I told you how things were going to go if you didn’t start to behave.
Howard Ratner: What? How was I not behaving? Explain to me. I’m sorry.
Arno: I think I was very explicit on the phone about how things were going to go. You like the way things are going now, huh?


Arno: I heard you’ve resurfaced your f**king swimming pool! Do you know how that makes me feel?!
Howard Ratner: I never resurfaced anything!
Arno: You think your life is more important than mine?
Howard Ratner: I don’t know who said that!


Arno: You think I’m stupid, Howard! You and your whole f**king family!
Howard Ratner: I’ll call the book right now. You can get on the phone with him, he’ll tell you.
Phil: I saw your bookie! You’re talking about Gary?
Howard Ratner: You spoke to Gary about what? About what?
Arno: About you. About how you’re taking my money all over town, placing bets. You know what that does to me? You know how offensive that is to me?
Howard Ratner: What? You stopped the bet?
Phil: What do you think, a**hole?
Howard Ratner: You stopped the bet?
[hits Howard]
Phil: Shut the f**k up!


[after Howard’s doctor calls him to confirm his cancer test results are clean]
Dr. Blauman: I didn’t mean to scare you, but, you know, given your family history, this is something you got to stay on top of.
Howard Ratner: I know. I know. Jews and colon cancer. What is that? I thought we were the chosen people.


[as they are watching Garnett play basketball on the TV]
Howard Ratner: That f**king guy tried to steal an opal from me.
Gooey: Your opal? Your opal came? Yeah?
Howard Ratner: The opal came, yeah. Yeah. Stupidly I lent it to this m*therf**ker.
Gooey: No. What do you mean? He took it? He stole it?
Howard Ratner: He didn’t steal it. He got carried away. He thinks it has magic powers to help him.
Noah: Magic powers?
Howard Ratner: Yeah.
Gooey: No, really?
Howard Ratner: Look. Look at him tonight without it. He didn’t have it tonight. Look how f**king bad he played. He wants to own it. So I tell him come to the auction, and f**king make a bid for it, like everyone else.


Howard Ratner: I made a crazy risk, a gamble, and it’s about to pay off.


Howard Ratner: I’m having very serious second thoughts. And we’re all together right now. We’re all so comfortable. It’s, I… Is it too late? Should we maybe, what do you think? Am I crazy?
Dinah Ratner: Are you serious right now?
Howard Ratner: Yeah, I know. I know I f**ked up. I know it.
Dinah Ratner: Yeah, you f**ked up.
Howard Ratner: I have no right.
Dinah Ratner: You are a f**k-up, and I’m not having this conversation.


Howard Ratner: Look in my eyes, and they’ll tell you what I’m feeling. Please. Please.
[Dinah looks into his eyes for a moment and starts laughing]
Howard Ratner: Okay. What are you thinking?
[Dinah continues to laugh]
Howard Ratner: What? Tell me. Tell me. I want to know.
Dinah Ratner: [laughing] Oh, my God.
Howard Ratner: I know. What?
Dinah Ratner: Your face is so stupid.


[referring to his affair with Julia]
Howard Ratner: It means nothing. It meant nothing. Please. I’m begging you. Just give me another shot.
Dinah Ratner: You know what, Howard?
Howard Ratner: Say yes. What?
Dinah Ratner: I think you are the most annoying person I have ever met. I hate being with you. I hate looking at you. And if I had my way, I would never see you again.
Howard Ratner: That’s because you’re mad. You’re mad, and it makes sense. You can punch me if you want.
Dinah Ratner: Oh, thanks.
[she goes to punch him, but Howard pulls back]
Dinah Ratner: Hey!
Howard Ratner: I was ready for it.
Dinah Ratner: I don’t even want to touch you.


[Howard breaks down after he gets beaten up by Arno and his men]
Howard Ratner: Don’t look at me, please.
[he starts sobbing]
Howard Ratner: I don’t know what I’m thinking. I don’t know what everybody is… It’s not ever going right.
Julia: [comfortingly] I know. I know.
Howard Ratner: I’m so sad. I’m so f**ked up! I’m so f**ked up.
[Julia starts crying too]
Julia: Hey, I’m really upset too. I’m sorry if this has anything to do with me. But I swear I really didn’t do anything.
Howard Ratner: I wish you were nicer to me though. It was not nice what you did to me.
Julia: I try, but it’s really hard.
Howard Ratner: I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any place to go. I don’t have anywhere to get better.
Julia: But you do. Like really, Howard. You’re my home. You could come to me.
Howard Ratner: I can’t figure it out. I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do! Everything I do, it’s not going right! Everything I do, it’s not going right, and I don’t know what to do. I really don’t, and I don’t want anymore of this sh*t. I really don’t. I got to figure this out. I got to figure this out. I really do.


[after Garnett comes to Howard’s store wanting to buy the opal again]
Kevin Garnett: Ever since I met you, man, you’ve been giving me the run-around with everything, man.
Howard Ratner: What do you mean?
Kevin Garnett: And I feel like you’re f**king with my emotions! You just playing with me at some point. This hasn’t been straight since I came here. You understand?
Howard Ratner: Why are you saying that?
Kevin Garnett: Since I borrowed the opal. It’s just one thing. You know, I come back over here. I brought it back. Howard, I brought it back. I didn’t have to bring it back. Do you understand? You know, I show up at the auction. You had somebody bid against me. All these f**king games. Like, what the f**k are you doing, man? Like, you don’t know. You don’t think I know this? You don’t think I know none of this?
Howard Ratner: It’s complicated, KG.
[takes off his glasses to show his bruised and beaten face]
Howard Ratner: You see this face? You see this?
Kevin Garnett: Man, there’s a hundred and sixty-five thousand right here. Cash.
Howard Ratner: I’m showing you because it wasn’t easy, man.


[as Howard becomes obsessed with betting on Garnett’s game that night]
Howard Ratner: Come on, KG. This is no different than that. This is me. Alright? I’m not a f**king athlete. This is my f**king way. This is how I win. Alright? All the f**king hard work I do. All the f**king a** kicking and the dues I pay? You’re not going to score on the big one on game seven? F**k these people, right? That’s how you feel. I know you do. So, look, let’s f**king bet on this. Let’s bet on this sh*t.
[referring to the money Garnett paid him for the opal]
Howard Ratner: I’m f**king going to bet all this money on you tonight, KG. You’re here to win, KG. These f**kers don’t know. Them out f**king west? Do you think they f**king know you? They don’t know you. They don’t know us. It’s about f**king winning. It’s about you, and I saw your f**king conviction, your f**king honesty, and your f**king magic.
Kevin Garnett: Howard, you’re talking crazy, man.
Howard Ratner: Listen, you even understand how f**king great of a game you’re going to have tonight? I know it.
Kevin Garnett: Listen.
Howard Ratner: We’re a team tonight, KG. This is a f**king lock. It’s a f**king feeling. We both have it. They don’t know. You and I know. Alright?


[as Phil and Arno come to collect Howard’s debts]
Howard Ratner: Arno, you’re never going to believe this sh*t.
Arno: Believe what?
Howard Ratner: We’re about to hit so goddamn big. KG was just here. You saw him, right? I gave him the gem. He’s going to f**k up the moneyline so bad tonight.
Arno: Howard, where is the money right now?
Howard Ratner: It’s on the way right now. It’s on the way to the casino.
Arno: What? What the f**k are you talking about, Howard?


[Howard calls Dinah after he locks Arno and his men in the security vestibule in his store]
Dinah Ratner: You are not making any sense, Howard.
Howard Ratner: I’m not here to argue with you! Dinah, get the kids out of the house! I’m frightened, okay?
Dinah Ratner: You’re freaking me out.
Howard Ratner: Just get out. Go to Amy’s, and do not leave there until I get home.
Dinah Ratner: Oh, my God.
Howard Ratner: You promise me? Stay at her house, okay?
Dinah Ratner: Okay. You’ll meet us there?
Howard Ratner: Yes!


[to Julia as he’s taking her to the casino in his helicopter]
High Roller: Last year I made a hundred and twenty-five million dollars, and I don’t even know what to do with my money anymore. I have nobody to spend it with, nobody to enjoy my life with anymore. It’s horrible. Today is the big day for me. I met you. You’re hot. You want to have a drink when we get there?


[looking at Howard through the security vestibule he’s locked them in]
Phil: You having a good time?
Howard Ratner: [smiles] Yes.


Howard Ratner: This is the beauty of betting. This is the beauty of betting, you know? I’m f**king pulling for the Celtics. I’m a Knicks fan. If the f**king twelve year-old version of me saw me right now, he’d be like, “What the f**k?”


[giving a speech in the locker room to the players]
Doc Rivers: If you want to go quickly, do it alone. But if you want to go far, you do it together. We’re like roaches, and you can’t kill us.


[after Howard wins his bet on Garnett’s game, he let’s Arno, Phil and Nico out, but Phil shoots him in the head, killing him]
Arno: What the f**k did you just do?! What the f**k?
Phil: Shut up!
[as Arno tries to escape, he then shoots Arno, then Phil and Nico loot the store]


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