The Secret Life of Pets

“Liberate forever! Domesticated never!”


Captain Fantastic

“We’ve created a paradise.”


The Legend of Tarzan

“He is no normal man.”


The Purge: Election Year

“We have one goal right now: Survival.”



“What kind of a monster are you?”


Our Kind of Traitor

“Why did you choose me?”


Independence Day: Resurgence

“That is definitely bigger than the last one.”


The Shallows

“I’m not dying here.”


Swiss Army Man

“You’re like the multipurpose tool guy.”


The Neon Demon

“Beauty isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”


Central Intelligence

“I got a plan. Might get us both killed, but if it works
it’ll be a totally bust story.”


The Conjuring 2

“If we keep doing this, you’re going to die.”
Review By: George Nethercott



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