Baby Driver

“This business is a world consisting of three things: money, sex and accident.”


Despicable Me 3

“Face it, Gru, villainy is in your blood.”


The House

“If you want to make money like Vegas you got to look like Vegas.”


The Little Hours

“These girls can be tough.”


Transformers: The Last Knight

“You want to know, don’t you, why the keep coming here, to earth?”


The Beguiled

“The enemy is not what we believe.”


The Big Sick

“Can you imagine a world in which we end up together?”


The Bad Batch

“Being good or bad mostly depends on who you’re standing next to.”


Rough Night

“This is going to be the biggest weekend of our lives.”
Review By: Aaron Rourke


Cars 3

“You will never be the racer you once were.”


All Eyez on Me

“I want the people to know the real story.”


The Mummy

“Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.”


It Comes at Night

“If you’re lying to me, I will kill you.”


Megan Leavey

“That dog saved my life.”


Wonder Woman

“If no one else will defend the world, then I must.”
Review By: Jonathan DaSilva



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