Starring: Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Hayden Rolence, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Ty Burrell, Kaitlin Olson, Ed O’Neill, Willem Dafoe, Vicki Lewis, Idris Elba



Disney Pixar’s animated sequel to Finding Nemo, written and directed by Andrew Stanton and co-directed by Angus MacLane. The story picks up six months after the first movie, with Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) living a quiet life among the clown fishes. After going with Nemo on a class trip to see manta rays migrate back home, her home sickness leads the forgetful Dory recalling her childhood memories with her parents, Jenny and Charlie (Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy), and remembering something about “the jewel of Monterey, California”.

So accompanied by Nemo and Marlin, she sets out on a quest to find her family and where she came from. when she arrives at the Monterey Marine Life Institute, she meets Bailey (Ty Burrell), a white beluga whale; Destiny (Kaitlin Olson), a whale shark and Hank (Ed O’Neill) the octopus, who becomes her guide.


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Young Dory: Hello?
Wife Fish: Did you hear that?
Husband Fish: What was that? Hear what?
Wife Fish: Stan, I just heard someone say hello.
Husband Fish: Yeah, there’s a lot of fish here. Anybody, literally anybody could have just said hello.
Young Dory: Hello?
Wife Fish: There.
Husband Fish: Where am I looking?
Wife Fish: There!
Husband Fish: Oh.
Young Dory: Hi, I’m Dory.
Husband Fish: Yeah, well where are your parents?


Dory: Hi, I lost my family.
Large Fish: Where did you see them last?
Dory: I forgot. I was looking for something and I… Okay, totally get it, date night.


Dory: I suffer from short-term memory loss, it runs in my family. At least I think it does.


[teaching the kids]
Mr. Ray: Today’s the day! Our field trip to the stingray migration.
Dory: Stingray migration.
Mr. Ray: Migration is about going home.
Dory: Home.
Mr. Ray: Which is where you’re from.
Nemo: How do the stingrays all know where to go?
Mr. Ray: Instinct, something deep inside you that feels so familiar that you have to listen to it.


[talking in her sleep]
Dory: Don’t cry, mommy. Don’t cry
[Nemo and Marlin wakes to find Dory sleep swimming]
Nemo: Dory? Dory?
Marlin: Dory, it’s the middle of the night!
Nemo: Dad, Dory’s sleep swimming. She’s talking in her sleep.
[Marlin pulls Dory back into her sleeping spot]
Marlin: Dory says a lot of things in her sleep. Okay?
[Dory talks in her sleep again]
Dory: Hand me the ratchet wrench. No, I can fix it.
Nemo: But, dad, what if she starts sleeping swimming again?
Marlin: I’m sure this was a onetime thing, so can we just all go back to…
[they hear something, turn and see Dory swimming off]
Nemo: Dory?
Marlin: Dory! Dory!


Dory: [to Nemo] I remembered something! That’s not possible, is it? Okay, is it like a picture in your head and then you think I’ve seen this before? I’ve just used the word before which means I’m remembering something! What was I talking about?


Dory: I remember it like it was yesterday. Of course, I don’t really remember yesterday all that well.


Dory:  [to Nemo and Marlin] My family! They’re out there somewhere. I have to find them!


Dory: And I remembered something important!
Marlin: Something important? What?
Dory: Something about a clam or…?
Marlin: No.
Dory: No, an oyster.
Marlin: No.
Dory: Mollusk?
Marlin: No.
Dory: Something?
Marlin: No.
Dory: I don’t know. No?
Marlin: No clam.


Marlin: Our friend got taken into whatever this place is.
Fluke: It’s a fish hospital.


Dory: My mom, my dad! I have a family!


[Dory has a flashback memory of her mother]
Jenny: We will never forget you.
Dory: What if I forget you?


Dory: I miss them. Do you know what that feels like?
Marlin: Yes.
Dory: Then we better get going!


Crab #1: [to Dory] Well, I guess you’re stuck here.
Crab #2: You’re not helping, Bill.


[riding on the back of a turtle]
Marlin: Totally sick!
Crush: Isn’t it great?
Marlin: No! I’m going to be totally sick!


[running into a whale shark]
Destiny: Sorry, not a great swimmer.
Dory: I think you swim beautifully.
Destiny: Thank youuu.
Dory: Youuuu welcome.
Destiny: Wait, Dory?
Dory: Yes.
Destiny: Dory?
Dory: Yes.
Destiny: You and I were friends!
Dory: No.
Destiny: It was so much fun because I’d tell you a story and then you’d completely forget it about, and then I’d get to tell it to you over and over again.


Dory: I lost my family.
Destiny: That is so sad. You’ve always been…
[as she’s swimming along suddenly she head butts straight into a wall]
Destiny: Not a great swimmer.


[to the dead fishes]
Dory: I’m sorry, I got to blink. How do you keep your eyes open that long?


[Dory ends up in a fish tank]
Dory: What’s happening? Hello? Hello?
[an octopus, Hank, has camouflaged himself against the wall]
Hank: Hey, you!
Dory: Hi, can you help me?
Hank: Shh!
[Hank drops himself into the sink and uses one of his tentacles to reach for the light switch but instead turns on the dispenser]
Hank: Aah!
[he quickly stops it]
Dory: Mm-mm. not good.


Hank: My name’s Hank.
Dory: I have to find my family.
Hank: That’s a hard one, kid.


Dory: My friend, Sigourney, once said, “Rescue, rehabilitate, release!”


Marlin: Our friend is in there, lost, alone.


[to a pack of Pacific regal blue tangs]
Dory: Mom, dad!
Marlin: She should just pick two and let’s go.
Nemo: Dad.
Marlin: What? I’m kidding.


Marlin: I get the feeling that they’re shushing us for a reason.
Dory: Like something with one big eye, tentacles and a snappy thing?
Marlin: Well that’s very specific but something like that.
[suddenly the octopus behind them goes to attack them]


Dory: Somewhere out there is my family. I can’t find them on my own.


Hank: I don’t want to be touched!
[a kid touches the top of Hank’s head and he squirts out black ink in the water  making the kids yell and run off]
Hank: Sorry.
Dory: That’s okay. Everybody does that, nothing to be ashamed of.


Hank: You know something? I have no idea why you’re even doing this.
Dory: What do you mean?
Hank: It seems like a lot of trouble just to find some more fish. If I had short-term memory loss, I’d just swim off into the blue and forget everything.
Dory: Well I don’t want to do that. I want my family.
Hank: Not me, kid. I don’t want anyone to worry about. You’re lucky. No memories. No problems.
Dory: Huh. No memories. No problems.


Nemo: I trust Becky.
Marlin: You trust Becky. Becky’s eating a cup.


Dory: I don’t know why I thought I could do this.
Marlin: Dory, you are about to find your parents and when you do that, you’ll be…
Dory: Home.


Marlin: Sea lions, they’re natural predators, they could pounce at any moment.
Fluke: Hah! Mate, don’t you worry…
[suddenly another sea lion jumps onto their rock, Fluke and Rudder suddenly pounce and yell at the other sea lion to get off their rock, as the other sea lion jump back into the water Fluke and Ruddy turn back to Marlin and Nemo]
Fluke: Don’t you worry about a thing.


Dory: For a guy with three hearts, you are not very nice.


Hank: I just want to live in a glass box alone. That’s all I want.


Dory: No, you listen to me. What is so great about plans? I never had a plan. Did I plan to lose my parents? No. Did I plan to find Marlin? No. Did you and I plan to meet? Wait. Did we?
Hank: Are you almost done?
Dory: Well, I don’t think we did. And that’s because the best things happen by chance, because that’s life. That’s you being with me out in the ocean, not safe in some glass box.

Total Quotes: 33