Our list of the best quotes from Season 1 of Disney+’s MCU spin-off series based on the character Loki. Set after the events of the Avengers: Endgame (2019), we follow an alternate version of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) created in a new timeline, where he is is brought to the mysterious Time Variance Authority organization after stealing the Tesseract, where he uses it to travel through time altering human history, ending up trapped in his own crime thriller.


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We’ll add the best quotes once the series is released and we’ve had a chance to watch it, but for now here’s a small selection.




Loki: You’re taking me somewhere to kill me.
Mobius M. Mobius: No, I’m taking you some place to talk.
Loki: Well, I don’t like to talk.
Mobius M. Mobius: But you do like to lie, which you just did. Because we both know you love to talk. Talky talky.


Loki: How long have you been here?
Mobius M. Mobius: I don’t know, it’s hard to say. You know, time passes differently here in the TVA.
Loki: What does that mean?
Mobius M. Mobius: You’ll catch up.


Loki: I know what this place is. The timekeepers have built quite the circus. And I see the clowns are playing their parts to perfection.
Mobius M. Mobius: Big metaphor guy. I love it. Makes you sound super smart.
Loki: I am smart.
Mobius M. Mobius: I know.
Loki: Okay.
Mobius M. Mobius: Okay.


TVA Agent: Please sign to verify this is everything you’ve ever said.
Loki: This is absurd.
[the printer prints out a page]
TVA Agent: Sign this too.


Mobius M. Mobius: We protect the proper flow of time.


Mobius M. Mobius: You picked up the Tesseract, breaking reality. I want you to help us fix it.
Loki: Why me?
Mobius M. Mobius: I need your unique Loki perspective.


Loki: Do I get a weapon?
Mobius M. Mobius: No.


Ravonna Lexus Renslayer: You really believe in this Loki variant?
Mobius M. Mobius: Luckily, he believes in himself enough for the both of us.


Loki: It is adorable, that you think you could possibly manipulate me. I’m ten steps ahead of you.
Mobius M. Mobius: You’re not big on trust, are you?
Loki: You can trust me.
Mobius M. Mobius: Loki, I have studied almost every moment of your entire life. You’ve literally stabbed people in the back like fifty times.
Loki: Well, I’d never do it again!


Mobius M. Mobius: Maybe Loki wants to mix it up. Is that possible? He can change?


Ravonna Lexus Renslayer: This variant is insubordinate, stubborn, unpredictable.


Mobius M. Mobius: He’s doing great. But he’s really arrogant.


Loki: You need the God of Mischief.


Loki: I am Loki, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.


Mobius M. Mobius: Unbelievable. Wherever you go, it’s just death, destruction, the literal ends of worlds.
Loki: I know.


Loki: Glorious.


Loki: Brother. When I’m down, you better be ready.


Loki: Come on. What did you expect?