Starring: Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Frances McDormand, Jeffrey Wright, Marcus Scribner, Sam Elliott, Anna Paquin, A.J. Buckley, Steve Zahn



Pixar’s latest animation in which the story is set in a world where dinosaurs have never become extinct and follows a young Apatosaurus named Arlo (Raymond Ochoa).

After a traumatic event unsettles Arlo’s family, he sets out on a remarkable journey, and along the way he befriends Spot (Jack Bright), a human cave-boy. While traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of.


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'Sometimes you got to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.' - Poppa (The Good Dinosaur) Click To Tweet 'If you ain't scared, you ain't alive.' - Butch (The Good Dinosaur) Click To Tweet


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Poppa: Arlo, it’s up to us to protect our home.
Arlo: But I’m scared.
Poppa: Sometimes you got to face your fear to get to the other side.


Poppa: Sometimes you got to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.


Butch: You got no business being out here.
Arlo: We’re trying to get home.


Arlo: I miss my family.
Spot: Huh?
Arlo: You don’t understand.


Triceratops: That creature protected you. What is his name?
Arlo: I don’t know.
Triceratops: I name him, I keep him.
[they look over to human boy and start naming]
Triceratops: Killer.
Arlo: Stinky!
Triceratops: Violent.
Arlo: Spike!
Triceratops: Lunatic!
Arlo: Spot
[suddenly the boy looks over to Arlo]
Arlo: Spot! Come here, Spot. Come here!


Arlo: I’m done being scared.
Butch: If you ain’t scared, you ain’t alive.


Arlo: How did you get your scar?
Butch: I don’t know if you’re ready for that story.
Arlo: I can take it.
Downpour: Oh, yeah. You got to tell him, boss.
Thunderclap: That’s a good one!
[Butch clears his throat and begins]
Butch: It was a hundred degrees in the shade and I walked for five days with no water, and then I saw it: a pretty pond. I bent down to take a drink when these crocks launched out of the water! One crock bit me on my face, ain’t no way I wasn’t its supper. Except for one thing…I wasn’t ready for dying that day. I bit one crock in half, tail whipped the other! And the last one, well, I drowned that crock in my own blood.
Arlo: Woh!
Thunderclap and Downpour: Dang!
Thunderclap: Oh, look, look! Gives me the little goosies every time!
Downpour: I love that story!


Arlo: So how far did you say that watering hole was?
Butch: I got a job for you.
Arlo: I’m not really good at jobs.
Butch: I need you keep on the doge and sideslip the loblollyin’ passing horn his, just hootin’ and a hollering’ score of them rustlers. We’ll cut dirt and the get the bulge on ’em.
Arlo: What?!
Ramsey: He just wants you to get on that rock and scream.
Arlo: Uh, but who’s out there?
Butch: They’ll come right at you. You hold your ground, don’t move.
Arlo: Don’t move? What if they have claws and big teeth?
Butch: Don’t over think it.


Forrest Woodbush: This is Dreamcrusher. He protects me from having unrealistic goals.

Total Quotes: 9