Comic Book / Superhero Movie Quotes

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It seems like you can’t go anywhere nowadays without a comic book/superhero being released, so we just couldn’t ignore it any longer and had to jump on the bandwagon and start our list of comic book and superhero movie quotes. This list will grow as and when comic book movies are released.


A – Z Comic Book and Superhero Quotes

Justice League (2017) Movie Review

By Aaron Rourke – After what seems like an eternity, the long-in-gestation Justice League has finally hit the big screen, but the end…

Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Review

By Shelby Fielding – The DC cinematic universe has struggled to land a competent film that transcends the genre and launches this…

Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Review

By Jonathan DaSilva – Wonder Woman has a lot riding on its iconic shoulders. It’s not only one of the most anticipated releases for…

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