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Avengers: Infinity War

“The end is near.”


“We’ve created the next chapter in natural selection.”

A Quiet Place

“We have to protect them.”


“I’ll do anything for my daughter.”


“Mom, what’s wrong with your body?”


“I want a fake husband.”

Life of the Party

“I regret not getting my degree.”


“Follow me down the rabbit hole.”

Book Club

“I would like to introduce you to Christian Grey.”

Deadpool 2

“Pump the hate brakes, Thanos.”

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Acrimony (2018)

Melinda: You don’t know what he did to me. You don’t know. He was so charming, so slick. “Forever,” that’s what he said. Do you know the last thing a woman wants to hear about her man is that he’s cheating on her. Every time a black woman gets out of hand she’s a stereotype. I’m sick and tired of hearing that.

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Annihilation (2018)    REVIEWS  

Scientist: Can you describe its form?
Lena: No.
Scientist: Was it carbon based?
Lena: I don’t know.
Scientist: Did it communicate with you?
Lena: It reacted to me.
Scientist: You really have no idea what it was.

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Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Gamora: The entire time I knew him, he only ever had one goal. To wipe out half the universe. If he gets all the Infinity Stones, he can do it with a snap of his fingers.
[snaps her fingers]
Gamora: Just like that.
Tony Stark: Tell me his name again.
Gamora: Thanos.

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Black Panther (2018)    REVIEWS  

T’Challa: If anyone found out what we truly are and what we possess, it could destroy the world. It is my duty to protect it.

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Blockers (2018)

Lisa: Julie left her laptop open.
Hunter: You guys are snooping on our kids.
Mitchell: No!
[referring to their daughters emoji conversations]
Lisa: We don’t understand what they’re saying so it’s not snooping.
Hunter: Oh, my God. I love puzzles.
Lisa: Something about an eggplant.
Hunter: In teenage emoji eggplants are dicks.
Mitchell: Wait, what?
Lisa: All emojis have a secret meaning, so like trees are weed and this thing is “yasque”.
Hunter: “Yasque.”

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Book Club (2018)

Vivian: Hi, beautiful friends. I would like to introduce you to Christian Grey.
[hands out Fifty Shades of Grey books]
Sharon: Oh, no. We started to stimulate our minds.
Vivian: From what I hear, this book is quite stimulating.

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Breaking In (2018)

Shaun Russell: I’m just a mom. You have no clue what I’m capable of.

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Dark Crimes (2018)

Tadek: I think the book is your confession.
Kozlow: You think.

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Deadpool 2 (2018)

Cable: You’re no fucking hero. You’re just a clown, dressed up as a sex toy.
Deadpool: It’s so dark. Are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?

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Death Wish (2018)    REVIEWS  

Paul Kersey: Someone took my wife, everyone involved is going to pay.

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First Reformed (2018)

Esther: You think what we did together was a sin?
Toller: I’ve seen enough sin to know the real difference.

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Game Night (2018)    REVIEWS  

Brooks: Someone in this room is going to be taken and it’s going to be up to you to find them.
Male Guest: It’s a murder mystery party.
Brooks: Whoever finds the victim wins the grand prize. You’re not going to know what’s real and what’s fake.

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The House of Tomorrow (2018)

Josephine Prendergast: Welcome to the future.
Sebastian Prendergast: That’s my nana. She says there’s the traditional way to live, and then there’s the dynamic independently, the way Buckminster Fuller did.

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I Feel Pretty (2018)

Renee Barrett: I have a crazy idea, let’s be honest for a minute. No matter how many times we hear, “It’s what’s on the inside that matters,” women know deep down it’s what’s on the outside that the whole world judges.

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I Kill Giants (2017)

Sophia: What are you doing? What’s it for?
Barbara: There’s some serious stuff going down. I find giants, I hunt giants, I kill giants.
Sophia: Cool.
Barbara: Yeah, that’s it. Dark omens are totally cool.

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Isle of Dogs (2018)

Rex: I don’t think I can stomach anymore of this garbage.
King: Exactly.
Boss: The same here.
Duke: Words out of my mouth.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)     REVIEWS  

Moose Finbar: Who are you?
Dr. Smolder Bravestone: Who are you?
Moose Finbar: Who is she?
Ruby Roundhouse: Who are you guys?
Moose Finbar: Okay, what in the hell is…
[just then Oberon lands on Moose]

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