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“You’re a miracle elephant, Dumbo.”

The Beach Bum

“I write poetry.”


“They look exactly like us.”

Pet Sematary

“There’s something up there.”


“You have super strength!”


“You have to start acting like a kid.”


“You made me a goddamn weapon.”

The Curse of La Llorona

“The weeping woman.”

Long Shot

“‘This has been the best few weeks of my entire life.'”

Avengers: Endgame

“Some people move on, but not us.”


Here are some of the quotes from recent top box office contenders and soon to be released movies listed in alphabetical order…


New Movie Quotes

The Aftermath (2019)

Rachael Morgan: [to Stefan] I never thought I could be happy like this.

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Alita: Battle Angel (2019)   REVIEWS

Alita: I’m not your daughter. I don’t know what I am.
Dr. Dyson Ido: I do. You’re the most advanced weapon ever. But that’s just a shell. It’s not bad or good. That part’s up to you.

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Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Natasha Romanoff: This is going to work, Steve.
Steve Rogers: I know it is. Because I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t.

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The Beach Bum (2019)

[reading his poetry to the crowd]
Moondog: “One day I will swallow up the world, and when I do, I hope you all perish violently.”

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Captain Marvel (2019)   REVIEWS

Nick Fury: So Skrulls are the bad guys, and you’re a Kree, a race of noble warriors.
Carol Danvers: Heroes. Noble warrior heroes.

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Captive State (2019)

Rafe: Harmony. Peace. It’s a lie. Everything they’re telling you is a lie. They’re going to take everything.

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Cold Pursuit (2019)

Nels: I’m going to kill these guys.
Nel’s Wife: Really?

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The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

Man: It’s La Llorona.
Chris: Is she coming?
Man: She’s already here

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A Dog’s Way Home (2019)

Bella: [voice over] Whenever life gets hard, it’s our loved ones that help us get through it, and I was never going to stop searching for mine.

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Dumbo (2019)

Milly Farrier: You’re a miracle elephant, Dumbo.

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Fighting with My Family (2019)   REVIEWS

Dwayne Johnson: Paige, I myself have come from a wrestling family too. I know exactly what it means to you. But don’t worry about being the next me, be the first you.

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Five Feet Apart (2019)

Stella: Human touch, we need that touch from the one we love almost as much as we need air to breathe. I never understood that until I couldn’t have it.

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Glass (2019)    REVIEWS

Elijah Price: Belief in oneself is contagious. We are part of something larger. We are fighting for the broken.

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Green Book (2018)

Tony Lip: You know, the world’s full of lonely people afraid to make the first move.

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Happy Death Day 2U (2019)    REVIEWS

Tree Gelbman: Oh, my God. Everything is different. This time it’s coming after all of us.

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Hellboy (2019)

Nimue the Blood Queen: Out of the ashes, a new Eden will emerge.
Hellboy: Okay, I’d appreciate a prophecy with more relatable stakes.

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High Life (2018)

Dr. Dibs: There is nothing to fear. Everything is going to be fine.

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Hotel Mumbai (2018)

David: My kid is upstairs. Do you have a family?
Arjun: Yes, and I need to stay alive and see them.

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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)    REVIEWS

Hiccup: This is a new kind of enemy. We need to find the hidden world.

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The Hummingbird Project (2019)

Vincent Zaleski: Tell me your dream, buddy.
Anton Zaleski: A country home on a hill, a small road, hummingbirds.

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The Intruder (2019)

Charlie Peck: I you lost everything that was important, and then you had a chance to get it back, wouldn’t you just go for it?

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Isn’t It Romantic (2019)

Whitney: Natalie’s saying that romantic comedies are bad.
Natalie: All those movies are lies that’s terrible pop songs.

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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)   REVIEWS

Lucy Wyldstyle: Emmet, you’ve got to stop pretending everything is awesome. It isn’t.
Emmet Brickowoski: Yeah, I get it. And that’s why I’ve cultivated a totally hard-edged side that’s super tough and, look, look, a shooting star!

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Little (2019)

April: You have a chance anyone would kill for. Maybe you have to do something differently at this age.
Young Jordan: [confused] Botox?

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Little Woods (2019)

Deb: Where are you going to get the money, Ollie?
Ollie: I’ll figure something out.

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Long Shot (2019)

Fred Flarsky: Do you like date?
Charlotte Field: I mean who wants to follow me around the world and hope I have five minutes to be affectionate?
Fred Flarsky: Yeah.

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Missing Link (2019)

Adelina Fortnight: So let me see if I understand. You plan to travel around the world to the home of the yeti. I know the secret ways to the mountains.

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The Mustang (2019)

Psychologist: You’ve been in isolation. What do you think about that?
Roman Coleman: I’m not good with people.

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Pet Sematary (2019)

Jud Crandall: [to Louis] I know what you’re thinking of doing, but they don’t come back the same.

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Shazam! (2019)

The Wizard: Billy Batson, I choose you. Say my name so my powers will become yours.
[we see Billy jumping off a building rooftop]
Billy Batson: Shazam!

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)    REVIEWS

Miles Morales: How many more Spider-People are there?
Peter B. Parker: Save it for Comic-Con.
Miles Morales: What’s Comic-Con?

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UglyDolls (2019)

Ugly Dog: Are we really not good enough for the big world?
Moxy: No, our flaws make us unique. Those are all worth fighting for.

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Under the Silver Lake (2019)

Sam: I found some kind of code, or like a secret message in her apartment.
[he draws the symbol]
Sam’s Friend: It means stay quiet.

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The Upside (2017)

[as they are paragliding]
Phillip: Just relax!
Dell: I am relaxed! This is me being relaxed!

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Us (2019)

Adelaide Wilson: They look exactly like us. They think like us. They know where we are.

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What Men Want (2019)

Psychic Lady: I can help you connect with men. Why don’t we have some tea?
Ali Davis: This smell like dirt.
Psychic Lady: No, that’s just jasmine tea, if you don’t count the weed, and the peyote, and the crack.

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Where’d You Go, Bernadette (2019)

Bernadette Fox: Something unexpected has come up. There’s much more explanation coming, but I have this one shot.

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Wonder Park (2019)

June: What happened here?
Boomer: The darkness happened. They brought an army of chimpanzombies.
Steve: So cute, but so naughty.

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