The A-Z Exploration of Movie Quotes


“Whose balls did I have to fondle to get my very own movie?”


The Revenant

“As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight.”


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

 “This will begin to make things right.”


The Hateful Eight

“Let’s slow it down. Let’s slow it way down.”



“One step at a time. One punch at a time. One round at a time.”


The Martian

“In your face, Neil Armstrong”


Inside Out

“On a scale of one to ten, I give this day an F.”



“I look like someone’s homophobic aunt!”


Mad Max: Fury Road

“My name is Max. My world is fire and blood.”


Kingsman: The Secret Service

“Are we going to stand around here all day, or are we going to fight?”


The Dark Knight

“Why so serious?”



“What we do in life echoes in eternity.”


It’s pretty easy to become hooked on movie quotes and lines, so to start you off on your exploration an A – Z manual of all kinds of quotes and lines from a variety of movies have been created here for you, some memorable and some not so memorable!

As this site grows so will this list. To help achieve this goal we are encouraging visitors to send us movie quotes.

Let’s commence your search for movie quotes and lines. Sit back, relax and get comfortable browsing!


Movie Lines A-Z Manual

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